An Injury, a Car Race, and Some Water Protecting Bring the Marry Me or Not OTP Closer Together

I get super excited during the week lead up to every new Sunday episode of Marry Me or Not. This is one drama that has managed to be the best aspects of Taiwan dramas do the best – silly slap stick blended with nuanced emotional development. Office Girls remains one of my fondest Taiwan drama watches but it was admittedly too cutesy at times as the level of character narrative was intentionally kept at a PG level. Marry Me has the leads acting like kids at time, but it’s buttressed by their mental sophistication at knowing what is going on but still going along with it. That’s brilliantly done, and works even more with the incredible acting by leads Roy Qiu and Alice Ke. I also have Joanne Tseng‘s performance and character but her arc will only get fleshed out once second male lead Harry Chang finally joins the party. I’m not sure if he’ll show up in this Sunday’s episode 5 but for the OTP there will be a classic K-drama water splashing, condo visit, an injury, and car race leading to another brush with the law.


An Injury, a Car Race, and Some Water Protecting Bring the Marry Me or Not OTP Closer Together — 7 Comments

  1. I just about died at the hot springs scenes last episode. It was so funny. I love how roy’s character isn’t being duped too. it makes it easy to just enjoy the banter and antics, knowing they are both in on the game. I cannot wait until Sunday – the preview had a kiss! I also hope they will reveal what actually happened on her wedding night.

  2. I second a recap! It might help us get through the one episode a week format a little easier. Also it’s so much more fun reading recaps where the writer clearly loves the show 😀

  3. Love this drama to bits, the OTP. the sister and the great music! can’t wait for next episode..i wonder when will second lead appear. it seems that next week..

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