TW-Netizens Pick Their Favorite Adorably Drunken Drama OTPs

Agree! Totally 100% agree with this voting result, which is becoming more and more a rarity these days. Sometimes I wonder if my tastes have stayed the same while the newer drama viewers are headed in a different direction, but then a special drama comes along that hits all the right spots for me and then I could care less if my opinion is the minority or majority. A Taiwan publication recently polled Taiwanese drama netizens on what their favorite “OTP drunken hookup” drama was along the popular Taiwanese and Chinese rom-coms of recent years. In a surprise nod, and sign of its enduring affection, Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang walked away the most votes for their 2011 drama Drunken to Love You.

I luff that drama, the the pairing of Rainie and Joseph, so much! The second place votegetters did a flying leap across four years as the currently airing drama Marry Me or Not garnered much love for leads Alice Ke and Roy Qiu drunken antics. I swear Alice and Roy just have to stand there and the screen implodes from the sheer power of their connection. And the third place strong finisher is none other than addicting as all out C-drama My Sunshine (You Are My Sunshine) with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan, with a totally passionate drunken reunion make out scene. I have no quibbles with these three sets of OTPs and their classic drunken moments getting recognition and love from the viewers. Now we just need more of this stuff!


TW-Netizens Pick Their Favorite Adorably Drunken Drama OTPs — 8 Comments

  1. OMG!!! I need to see My Sunshine again. Loved that scene though. Wallace reaction was so painful so see afterwards, I remember crying w/ him. :'(

  2. I totally went crazy with Rainie and Joseph in DTLY! I love their chemistry. I’m also hoping they can work together again. Best drunken couple!

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