Adorable Ji Soo Continues Making His Mark as a Rising Young Actor

I think screenwriter Park Hye Ryun has a great eye for casing, with reportedly her getting lots of say in how her dramas are cast. I Hear Your Voice spawned the unlikely onscreen successful pairing of Lee Jong Seok and Lee Bo Young, and then Park Hye Ryun managed to do it again with Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok in Pinocchio. I can’t wait for her next drama Page Turner, even at a short 3-episodes it’s certainly going to be a treat to see talented youngsters Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun act opposite each other. Park Hye Ryun is a total star maker screenwriter, and sometimes her supporting roles get big breakouts like Yoon Kyun Sang in Pinocchio, so while Ji Soo is certainly a rising star this year thanks to Angry Mom and Sassy Go Go, next year might be his big big break if Page Turner starts off the year with a successful mark. Until 2016, I’ll just satisfy myself with cute Ji Soo pictorials like this Star News interview series.


Adorable Ji Soo Continues Making His Mark as a Rising Young Actor — 13 Comments

  1. I actually think Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun will have great chemistry, they have a similar kind of intensity in their acting styles that makes me think they’ll be a perfect fit. Too bad it’s only 3 episodes long, but I hope Ji Soo makes his way to lead roles before long. The boy is really talented!

    I hope he pairs up with Jung Eunji in another project too, some day – as first lead this time. Lee Won Geun and Jung Eunji were beyond perfect together in their drama but she also had great chemistry with Ji Soo and it would be a real waste not to get to see them as first leads together.

    • +1

      Although LWG and JEJ were killer couple together in SGG i would be glad to see her also with ji soo, they had chemistry too and if LWG’s character wasn’t so adorable i would ship her with him.

      Love the pictures! ji soo has a really beautiful smile!!

      • seriously, it says a lot about how good Lee Won Geun is that the audience wasn’t struck down by Second Lead Syndrome the minute Ji Soo started his love line with Eunji.

        I also want LWG to do another project with Ji Soo though, their bromance was absolutely adorable.

      • Thank you for the explanation, although I still dont know how that fingers look like heart. Lol.

      • @Febe – yeah, that’s a ‘money’ gesture here too! This gesture spreading among k-ent stars seems to be a new thing, I’ve never seen it in any pictures before this year.

      • @Gina, I was just watching My Daughter Geum Sa Wol live on mbc this evening, and it was so funny because Yoo Jae Suk kept making these gestures in his cameo appearance. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone doing these gestures in a drama!

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