MBC Drama One More Happy Ending with Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Nara Hold Script Reading


When I’m busy, and lately I’ve been busier then ever, it feels like currently airing dramas are passing me by and new dramas are arriving way before I’m ready. Script reading took place last week for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama One More Happy Ending, taking over towards the end of January 2016 for Sweet Savage Family. Starring Jang Nara, Jung Kyung HoKwon Yul, Yoo In Na, Yoo Da In, and Seo In Young, the drama is about people getting a second chance at love.

Both leads Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho’s characters will be divorcees, and he’s even got a cute little kid to raise on his own. She runs a remarriage agency to help people find love again, and of course will end up finding her own second time ever after with Jung Kyung Ho when all’s said and done. Kwon Yul plays Jung Kyung Ho’s best friend, while the supporting female leads are all besties with Jang Nara’s character stemming from their teens being in the same idol group Angels. OMG, this is so cribbed right from the subplot of Best Love, and Yoo In Na is in both dramas in similar roles to boot. Cute!

One More Happy Ending is from the PD of Late Night Hospital and Special Investigation Team, while penning the script is the a new writer Heo Sung Hee who doesn’t have any previous K-dramas under her belt. At this point plenty of veteran screenwriters have struggled to keep delivering so I’m open to giving her a chance to show what’s she’s got up her sleeve. Luckily she has a solid cast to act out her material so the new year in 2016 is shaping up quite promising.


MBC Drama One More Happy Ending with Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Nara Hold Script Reading — 7 Comments

    • He should share that sandwich with jang nara! She is disturbingly skinny plus sooo pale.i feel like she is going to faint any minute now!!

      • Not sure if skinny is the right words for JNR but she does look frail. Back in the days, she used to be chubby. I think the effect or the cause might be because of some of her sickness that she has experienced/ still experiencing.

  1. Although, i do hope Jung Kyung Ho eats more especially (He should, he got a beautiful girlfriend afterall). I always find him really skinny in Smile You (particularly). Neverthelss, as long as they are happy and healthy in life. There should not be any problems.

  2. Love the leads and yoo in na, hope this will be good and hope the scriptwriter will deliver since she has great actors it will be shame to waste them..waiting for this drama

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