Moon Chae Won Debuts New Pixie Cut at Movie Press Conference with Yoo Yeon Seok

I hate to sound like one adverse to change, and I certainly appreciate a daring makeover for the willingness to experiment, but in this case can I have old Moon Chae Won back? Jeon Ji Hyun is notable in K-ent among leading ladies for never ever switching up her style of long haired natural sexiness, but aside from her nearly every leading lady has tried out different hair cuts and attire over the years. Moon Chae Won has basically been sporting the same mid-back length hair style since her debut, occasionally going curly versus straight, so it’s a major visual shocker to see her with a pixie cut at the movie press conference for her upcoming movie The Mood of the Day with Yoo Yeon Seok. The short haircut doesn’t suit her, her round adorable face doesn’t have the angles to pull off so much exposed neck, and the look was further marred by being paired with an awful dull outfit that I’ll blame on her coordi. Perhaps with more volume the cut would frame her face better, someone tiny round faced Rainie Yang has been rocking a short hair cut for 4 years and never once do I miss her ten years prior of long hair. Here I just want a rewind for Chae Won-ssshi.


Moon Chae Won Debuts New Pixie Cut at Movie Press Conference with Yoo Yeon Seok — 37 Comments

    • I agree, I actually like her short haircut – it opens up her face and reveals her bone structure, which is so delicate and pretty. The dress, on the other hand, cuts across her legs in an unflattering manner and makes her look stumpy.

  1. not used to see her with short does look different..on another note YYS looks good! it looks like he returned to his previous self..the skinny look he had in warm and cozy didn’t fit him.
    anyway looking forward to their movie. it seems like they have chemistry.

  2. She just needs some volume and to brush more bang/fringe down. Plus she has absolutely nothing going on with her make up. It’s bland all over. I think she’ll look better once the cut grows out a little. I guess her coordi, didn’t understand that a haircut would necessitate different styling. Oh well.

    • Yikes. Haircut and outfit during that interview make her looks like an aged ahjumma. Never did I imagine writing Jun Ji Hyun and ahjumma together in the same sentence. But the first photo is gorgeous when her hair is style like that.

  3. OMG her dress is more distracting than her hairstyle. Still both outfit and hairstyle didn’t look good on her.

    Hopefully beautiful MCW gets better outfits for her new drama with Lee Jin Wook.

  4. Maybe the coordi was trying to make her look like Ha-Ri in She Was Pretty. Ha-Ri had a pixie cut and wore those shirts layered with other tops.

  5. She probably got the new haircut for Goodbye Mr Black as Swan sports a short hair.

    I agree on the outfit though. Kill it with fire – especially the silver top!

    • I too think that the short hair looks good on her. The dress and the styling are not good but her face looks pretty and fresh. I like it.

      • i agree! short hair is cute, outfit horrible in every possible way. for such a beautiful lady, it takes a particular skill to dress her in something so completely unsuited for her. :/

    • I think it’s cute. Different and I’m definitely not used to see her with short hair. But I like it. 😀 I would’ve liked it better though if they had styled it more.

  6. She could easily pull off a pixie cut but whatever hairdresser did this cut butchered her hair. She needs to get a refund! Oh well, it’ll grow out quickly. The outfit is a mess and coupled with the hair she looks like she just came from an all weekend bender. LOL I speak out of love though, we all have our moments.

  7. Awh, so this is for GMB?

    But I agree with most of you, this hairstyle doesn’t suit her. She actually looks older with this style. I hope once the series over she will let them grow long like before.

    • Yeah.. have no doubt that she will grow her hair back. This pixie hair cut is for her role in GMB as the character seems to fit a girl with short hair cut (at least.. that’s what she thinks fit the character. That’s what she said during the press con 2 days ago 🙂 ).

  8. I agree the dress is frumpy. But I think the hair cut is adorable! I love it. But then I like short hair as much as long. But what really stood out to me was the way Yoo Yeon Seok is looking at her in that first pic. Chemistry!

  9. Love the pixie haircut. It frames her face, making her look fresh and cute, and not dated. Also love the matching outfit. Fits the hair cut. She looks fiiiiiine.

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