Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy Maintain the One-Two Spot in Poll of Fan Favorite Korean CF Stars

The ranking of fan favorite Korea CF stars are out for 2015 as polled by the Korean Advertising Association, and the one-two spots from last year in 2014 remain unchanged. Come hell or high water, at this point Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy are the champions of the domestic Korean CF world, not only ranking high in raking in the most money from endorsements, but also winning the hearts of consumers in how much each remain well liked by the public.

It was a top three of women last year with retired champion figure skater Kim Yuna placing third, but this year the smexiest of all smexy ahjusshi’s Cha Seung Won squeezed in between and took the third spot of fave CF stars. Chajumma rules! And rounding out the top five is also a perennial fan favorite in Kim Soo Hyun. The second half of the top 10 list is also pretty consistent from years before with the only exception being a certain pair of triplets making a wild leap onto the list. Hyun Bin takes the sixth spot followed by the Song triplets, then Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Young Ae in the 8th spot, and finally IU and Kim Tae Hee tie for tenth. This is certainly a nice mix of young and old.

1. Jeon Ji Hyun
2. Suzy
3. Cha Seung Won
4. Kim Yuna
5. Kim Soo Hyun
6. Hyun Bin
7. Daehan/Minguk/Manse
8. Yoo Jae Suk/Lee Young Ae
10. IU/Kim Tae Hee

Men in their 20’s – Suzy is number 1
Women in their 20’s – Kim Soo Hyun is number 1
Men and Women in their 30’s/40’s/50’s – Jeon Ji Hyun is number 1


Jeon Ji Hyun and Suzy Maintain the One-Two Spot in Poll of Fan Favorite Korean CF Stars — 33 Comments

      • nothing wrong with your opinion. But hope someday you will read an article clearly before wrote your opinion about an article, this clearly not about casting news, but CF rank.So give more valueable comment.

      • I think you need watch Suzy new movie’s trailer’Dorihwaga’..I promise that never disappointed. Plus you will amazed by Suzy acting .

      • @Minzy, considering yourself tard of LMH & Suzy, why arent you asking why LeeMinHo is not even on this list??? if you asked me I find this poll bias. what is the sample size or population size of this poll? if JJH is no.1, wtf why she only got 9%, she should have scored higher than 51% at least. they always say it’s domestic poll, when S.Korea already have International taste level, so why the people on this poll are not even famous Internationally??? makes you question more than anything abt this poll!

  1. That’s why Seung-gi needs to be in any drama or variety shows… I’m not surprised that he’s been bumped out of the list this year…

    • He’s ending his CFs endorsements to you-know-what. I know it’s prefered, but he’s missing from TV since his last drama 2014, ofc people move on to trends.
      He’s doing a movie “Marital Harmony” .. the release date is second half of 2016 tho.

      • Preferably he will keep a couple of long standing ones e.g. the deal with samsung, and have a movie released during his time in the army. This way, it seems like he doesn’t go away for too long. Seung-gi is a special case, imo, he is not just a trend, he has a special position in South Korea market (just remember how much 1N2D was loved).

      • I’ve yet to see a movie that gets released while its male lead is in the army (as LSG will probably be by then), ever do well. But it does star Shim Eun-kyung so I hope it doesn’t suck.

      • Wasn’t the samsung one over few years ago? I think he’ll keep the KB bank, that’s one CF I’m sure of since he renewed last month or something like this. I know, since trends are momentary and he proved his longevity. I meant that people are now more into trends: triplet and Kim Soo Hyun ..ect. He just needs to do a good project or a TV varitety show to get back on his feet.

        I hope his movie does well. I like the storyline althought it’s typical revolting princess, and with Shim Eun Kyung on board, I have high expectations -I better lower them tho-

        I wish Seung Gi would do a pre-produced drama before enlisting. Ofc, it should air while he’s serving.

  2. Suzy need to stay as a CF queen to maintain her major source of income as her last movie tanked. hope her upcoming drama won’t disappoint.

    • yeah, without the CFs she wouldn’t be considered for leading roles in anything either – there was all this hype for her movie but then the movie tanked spectacularly and showed she’d bitten off far more than she can chew.

      At least Lee Kyung Hee dramas are usually a success so I hope to god she can pull it off (not super optimistic, since melos require emoting).

      • this is for above reply cuz theres no reply option on your above comments so i reply here lol. i think he will have one last drama comeback before he enlist. so is lee min ho. since both of them havent return to the small screen for a quite long time. he is rumored for Tyrant by Giant and Empress Ki’s writer the last time i heard.

      • @baoxia – I guess it all depends on whether he can squeeze in one last drama before going, next year is when he has to go. But his career won’t suffer even if he doesn’t, he’s earned enough name recognition to have a solid career even after two years of military service.

  3. I guess Seolhyun and Park Shin Hye rank maybe below them. I thought SH will be on the list or something.

    So according to some comments here, if the movie don’t make it to #1 is flop. Well, even it flop still doing better compare to revenue from my country movies that release on the same time.

    • I thought flop or not depends on the admissions. If it’s 3 million, it still counted as success one even though the rank is far.

      • 3 million? According to Korean Film Council figures, Sound of a Flower made barely 300,000 admissions after almost 3 weeks in theatres. And the reviews weren’t good either.

        I think it’s pretty safe to call it a massive flop.

      • yah Suzy movie is a box office bomb, it’s big flop. again, her acting is not impressive as always. she’s all about hype over her. I actually find her mediocre in anything she does, she only excelled in getting a famous boyfriend like Lee Min Ho.

      • @Gina from the reviews I was reading they said the movie was boring but Suzy was good. What review are you reading?

        Park Bo Young films in the same boat.

        a lot of korean domestic films bomb at the cinemas. Very few are actual hits. You obviously don’t know anything about the industry to make a comment. You just want to rag on Suzy.

        Ha Ji Won
        Ha Jung Woo
        Lee Seung Gi
        Kang Don Won
        Song Hye Kyo
        Han Hyo Joo
        Moon Chae Won
        Lee Jong Suk
        Lee Min Ho
        The list goes on…

        All had flop movies within the last 2 years. Viewers are more picky about what they would see in cinemas. They generally only spend the money if their peers says its a good movie.

        The above list of people were in a host of different genre’s so it’s not even the genre that is the problem.

  4. @Stella maris dear don’t act like you know every thing .. People are more smarter then you if you don’t no the correct information then better don’t write like this comment bullshits.. Its clearly seems your a buttheart and diehard hater of Suzy .. Many hit actors also have flop movies .. Suzy is not only the one she is just a beginner have lots of time .. So chill don’t overreact as Lee min ho’ s big fan .. And more ove you agree or not Suzy is on this top list of cf since from 3 years .. That time she was not knowing lmh .. So keep your shit words with you .. !!

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