New TW-drama Be With Me Explores Grown Up Boy Band Second Chances and Romantic Love Triangles


I feel like lately TW-dramas have hit a nice top of the bell curve in watchability, with a steady stream of shows that range from nicely done to spectacularly awesome. I’m watching two in Taste of Love and Marry Me or Not, an will soon add a third in Be With Me (Chinese title Dance Dance Together). Starring Queen Wei, Jason Tsou, and River Huang, the drama previews are what hooked me since the cast is just alright in terms of luring me in on faves alone. It’s the story of a boy band which broke up due to the leader admitting to being in love with the manager, only to have that romance go kaput and everyone heads their separate ways, Cue ten years later and circumstances bring the whole gang back together, with a chance for the romance to rekindle as well as develop into a love triangle with bromance angst on the line. It’s not groundbreaking but the long preview kept my interest, not to mention the three leads are selling their characters in sincere charming ways. Check it out for yourself to see if it piques your interest as well.

Be With Me Opening Theme MV “Fly With You”:

Be With Me Long Preview:


New TW-drama Be With Me Explores Grown Up Boy Band Second Chances and Romantic Love Triangles — 11 Comments

  1. Love the cameo by Annie Chen in the scene with River Huang in the car since she was his last costar. Missing yuan fei and jian ren and their childish ways so much!

  2. With you on the sudden rival on TW dramas of late. I’ve also seen a few TW web dramas that are made just for LINE TV that are quiet good too! Will probably check this one out too.

    • not sure if you can find it other than on LINETV but 同樂會 or “Happy Together” is a cute, witty and down to earth web drama about some young 20 somethings housemates living/working and studying in modern taipei

      • Its honest and down to earth, and actually breaks asian tv convention to include a gay couple that act as the old married couple keeping everyone grounded.

  3. I’ll check it out as I like Jason Tsou. And am currently all into Shinhwa, the long running Kpop idol group, so the former boy band theme caught my attention.

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