The Leads are Lovely in Additional Script Reading Stills for MBC Drama One More Happy Ending

These four lead stills from the script reading of upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama One More Happy Ending makes me quite happy indeed. The production already released group stills from the script reading but this week followed up with full portraits of leads Jung Kyung Ho, Jang Nara, Yoo In Na, and Kwon Yul, each in quiet and serious study of the script. It’s lovely, whomever took these pictures has a great grasp of framing and stillness, capturing the four in poses that are both frozen in the moment but conveying an innate movement of an actor digesting a role. Doesn’t hurt that the four look really really pretty, and placing them beside each other sells me completely on the visuals in various pairings. I’m interested in this drama for the idea of divorcees getting a second chance at love as well as the strong friendship threads of both the ladies and the bromance.


The Leads are Lovely in Additional Script Reading Stills for MBC Drama One More Happy Ending — 12 Comments

  1. Before I’m not that interested in these drama,but ever since the news broke out that 2ne1 Sandara Park will be having a cameo role and with good words of the casting director for her I’m sure I’ll be waiting for these drama to come out and start showing.

  2. Not interesting in any of the cast except jung kyung ho.I’m checking this drama becos of him.ever since I saw him in “falling for the innocent”,I fell for him.his acting was,he’s freaking handsome.I hope he keeps getting lead roles and become more popular

    • @ dramakid if you are just discovering jung kyung ho. Then you are in for a treat because he starred in two great dramas called cruel city and smile, you.

  3. Thought it was kim so hyun in the first picture…was so confused! The drama doesnt sound particularly new so its up to the actors and screenwriter to show me what theyve got. I know they can all do it cos even though ‘falling for innocence’ wasnt that great, jung kyung ho was fantastic!

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