Descendants of the Sun Drops Christmas Day Teaser Preview

Is this a Christmas present from KBS? If so thank you KBS Santa! I will not look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when it comes to my most anticipated K-drama of 2016. The first teaser preview is out for high profile Kim Eun Sook written drama Descendants of the Sun. Starring Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, the drama is fully pre-filmed and has a majority of scenes shot on location in Greece as a stand in for a fictional Eastern European country dealing with civil strife and natural disaster.

Song Joong Ki is the commander of a UN peacekeeping force situated there while Song Hye Kyo is a doctor with a Doctor’s Without Borders type agency. One would think no one would have time for romance with so much going on, but clearly there is going to be a plethora of romance with how many charismatic and good looking actors and actresses are packed into this drama. And the first teaser sets the tone with nothing but potential romance, and in a very Kim Eun Sook way as the male lead played by Song Joong Ki takes a very unapologetic and aggressive approach to wooing his lady.

Descendants of the Sun teaser:

Song Joong Ki: Kissing you without your permission….

Song Hye Kyo: That incident, bringing it up before I…..

Song Joong Ki: What do you want me to do? Apologize, or confess my feelings?


Descendants of the Sun Drops Christmas Day Teaser Preview — 28 Comments

  1. Woooots!! Looks good! Love SHG but i wish she will have a different kinda sad expression. Think i have seen this expression in the video in her other works too many times.

  2. I like both leads, but this looks so bloody boring. I know that Kim Eun-Seok is a ratings queen, but she can only write comedy. Which is why A Gentelman’s Dignity is the only one of her dramas that I survived until the end.

    • She’s the rating queen because she chooses leads who are popular af and that’s the whole story.
      I don’t trust her writing at all.

  3. Her eyes look SO naked. And red. I know she’s pretty and all, but those eyes scream “Please put some eyeliner on me, stat!”

    But I’ll never understand makeup trends in Korea, I guess, because it super bugs me every time an actress puts on lipstick in a drama that is the EXACT same shade as her lips. It’s so bizarre. But then, what’s even more so is when someone sees them and goes, “You’re wearing makeup, I see.” LOL

  4. What a strange choice of teaser… They could’ve jolted everyone with some action but chose to go the melodramatic route. Sometimes the unexpected is smart, but this just feels like a couple standing in a big empty world. Honestly, I feel like this would be a lot more exciting if it were a different, quirkier actress. It’s just a teaser, but both characters feel too serious. Granted, that’s probably what they’re going for…

  5. Doesn’t feel like an official teaser since it’s not released by KBS but the production company. Plus there are very minimal edits (even the audio sounds like a rather raw version), probably just the production team feeling merry and decided on something that stirs fangirls’ hearts. I’ll expect the one to be shown at the Drama Awards to be more action-packed.

    That being said Song Joong Ki really has a captivating voice, it reeled me in immediately. Hopefully the drama explores more themes other than just romance (I’m counting on the co-writer for that) as the premise offers much more potential. Can’t wait for end February!

  6. This woman KES is a beast and hardworker. they were filming this thing for 6 months and if they continue to film it large parts of january they may reach close to 7 months and they had the chance to shoot this take on advance. max 4 months was needed or if you are being technical max ultimate 5 months.

    She filmed Heirs for 4-months despite it being on the old-format of live-shooting director-nim started filming to months before air time and took 3 weeks to film only 2 episodes in the US

    • I agreed. She’s so beautiful but I can’t watch any drama with her in it. The last drama of hers I watched was All In and that was because LBH was awesome and a bad ass.

    • I’m not her fan at all. But I’ve watched some of her dramas including the Winter that Wind Blows. I think you just have bias against her without basis. In my honest and fair opinions, she’s an experienced and decent actress. She should know know how to deliver her emotions appropriately, if not to a point to be raved about. So I’ll say it’s purely your personal taste to think she’s boring as I also have my personal preference and think certain actresses are always very boring to watch. ( I don’t want to mention the names lest fan wars be triggered.)

  7. No facial expression ???…How can you say that ?? What about that look in her eyes ? It delivers deep emotions ….the way she looks at him with teary eyes trying hard not to cry infront of him is just perfevt and on point … can tell her feelings from her gaze … come you cant see this guys …..?

  8. I don’t think Joong Ki has that ability to make the character less of a jerk. The only one who could was Cha Seung Won. You will need a stronger actress to make you stop from wanting to slap the female lead too. Heirs was probably the worst because of the leads. Let’s see what SJK and SHG can make of this and whether Kim Eun Sook continues these caveman dragging his woman by the hair kind of dramas.

  9. Personally I am really excited by that short preview. I really missed Song Joong-ki. His voice is indeed very sexy… Song Hye Kyo is a goddess and I like that ‘No-Makeup’-Make up. (and by the way that ‘make up’ includes an eyeliner 😉 )

    I haven’t watched Heirs yet but liked Secret Garden and Gentleman’s Dignity… I hope to watch a very romantic, dramatic drama in beautiful setting with beautiful soundtrack and cinematography.

  10. I like the raw feeling in it, without heavy BGM that makes the scene cheesy. Here we just have two people talking, the quietness of the environment is refreshing in a way. like putting all focus on them solely. and is it me or SJK eyes started filling with tears in the end? damn he always gets me. and I’ve seen enough of SHK and i like her acting. I’m not going to judge the characters without knowing the context of what’s happening to them prior the scene. but as many i’m still wary cause the writer is know for her skeptical main leads. I really hope this time we get sth different.

  11. I didn’t really like the writer thanks to her drama the Heirs. But after watching her early works, my opinions about her script writing changed. Now I’m looking forward to this drama. Tbh, this one is the only K drama I’m still excited about given that my fave Song Joong Ki is the male lead. I’ve lost much faith in K dramas after so many failing attempts to finish through all the eps this year. Hopefully, this one doesn’t disappoint me.

  12. Hahaha is it just me or did anyone groan and moan and expected the song “Love is the Moment” to appear when they were just staring at each other hahaha! You could so tell who the writer is just with that preview alone… (*stillgigglingmyselfsilly*)

  13. I try to have no expectations at all but this conversation looks like it was taken from an old-school k-drama. Definitely going to check it out but I hope this isn’t the “exciting” moment in the drama. 🙂

    But damn Song Joong Ki I’m so happy to see you back on the small screen. 😀

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