Outdoorwear CF Conceals Luminous Jeon Ji Hyun’s Pregnancy in New Pictorial

It’s a testament to to top Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun‘s star appeal and selling power that many of her major endorsement deals continue to churn out new CF ads with her despite her pregnancy. Not that I have a problem with pregnant women, stars or not, being in CFs, but with Jeon Ji Hyun the ads have cleverly worked around her pregnancy so it doesn’t show other than showcasing Jeon Ji Hyun’s luminous added pregnancy glow. She cut her hair for the first time in fifteen years, which is a great time to go short since hair grows like crazy during pregnancy so she’ll get her lustrous locks back in no time. I also love the short hair look on her since she went shoulder length only rather than edgier, clearly understanding what styles frame her face best. Love this latest batch of fashion pics, even with her body mostly concealed she conveys so much with her expressions alone.


Outdoorwear CF Conceals Luminous Jeon Ji Hyun’s Pregnancy in New Pictorial — 6 Comments

  1. She’s too overhype! Her one time big time fame in the series “You Who Came from the Stars” didnt really get her that famous outside S.Korea. She definitely dominate S.Korea in terms of Cf deals, but the bulk stops there, she’s not a global Korean sensation material. Real talk!

    • You’re probably new in Korean Entertainment scene in general because Ji Hyun is already popular way before “You who came from the stars”. Producers practically beg her and paid her millions just to get her back in TV because she’d rather do movies than TV dramas. In fact, 2 of her earlier movies catapulted Korean movies in Hollywood where 2 of her movies also became Hollywood remakes. About you’re so called “global Korean sensation material”, Ji Hyun has proven A LOT, she is a sensation, and for someone her pedigree, she doesn’t need to raise the bar.

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