Filming Starts on Kim Soo Hyun’s Noir Thriller Movie Real

Count me in among the group of Kim Soo Hyun fans who are happy that the insane hype around him is slowing down. Even if he’s still crazy popular in Korea and overseas, the intense scrutiny over his next project after the astronomical success of You From Another Star was basically setting him up to not reach anyone’s expectations. Except I really liked Producer and loved his character and performance in there, it was a way better choice than the usual fluff K-drama. Up next for Kim Soo Hyun is the big budget movie Real, which just started filming as the cast gathered for a happy group shot above last week. The supporting cast is strong with the veterans in Lee Sung Min and Sung Dong Il, but seemingly week with the ladies in Han Ji Eun and Sulli. Kim Soo Hyun plays a ruthless criminal world fixer who gets fixated with building a casino empire, and the project is described as a noir thriller with Kim Soo Hyun playing a straight up baddie.


Filming Starts on Kim Soo Hyun’s Noir Thriller Movie Real — 8 Comments

  1. I am one of those terrible people who lose interest in an actor/actress once they get Hallyu-level popular. Like, I really really hate the hype. Kim Soo Hyun is one of very few Hallyu stars who has an actual talent to back up his popularity, but how I wish it never happen to him.

  2. I am one of his fan but i really don’t want him to reach hallyu star status like now. I love him to the piece when he is still be the hidden gem in industry during his early year like will it snow in Christmas, giant n dream high.. That time he is well-known for his acting talent than popularity. I sort of lost interest in him when he reach such high stardom. But his choice lately which show he really want to sharp his acting skill impress me n i can say i start to love him again.

  3. I don’t understand why some want to crucify a popular actor just because his popular? then there is something wrong with you don’t you think so?

    hating someone not because of there personality or anything just because of there popularity and hype which translates to success. think about it for once! ”telling yourself I hate this guy because his popular yada yada” Thats the definition of Jealousy and it’s a bad deed and wrong thing to encourage or even behave upon

    • Lol it always gets me rolling my eyes when someone says they hate a celebrity for being too popular. It’s such an idiotic reason. But in my mind, I’m like; deal with it, whether you like it or not, he’s awesome which is why everyone loves him.

  4. I don’t see his insane hype “slowing down” more than it did last year when he wasn’t doing a project and simply starring in CFs. He’s still in the news almost every day and still wins 99% of popularity polls. Which is why I’m even more impressed that he’s managed to differenciate himself and pick different roles. Baek Seung Chan was so different from Do Min Joon and it’s great to see that despite that, Producer was so insanely popular. And now a villain role; love it! Good for him that he’s being diverse. I don’t mind the hype of he’s talented, it bothers me when someone doesn’t deserve it and still is on the news too often.

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