Puff Guo Stars in Alien Huang’s MV in His Fun New Single “I’m From a Star”

Taiwan entertainment is on the smaller side so there is a good chance everyone ends up working with everyone else at some point. And repeating that if the collaboration works the first time around. Puff Guo appears to be back to her entertainment activities in full force and up next will be starring in the music video for singer-actor Alien Huang‘s upcoming new album. I don’t think they’ve worked together before but I’m sure if they have one of my more knowing readers will point it out. I do know Alien sang the adorable theme song for Puff’s drama Just You with Aaron Yan, it was a duet with Genie Zhuo and is still a song on rotation for me. The song is called “I’m From a Star” (我來自那顆星) and the MV looks to be a fun throwback style from these pretty official stills.

I’m From a Star MV:


Puff Guo Stars in Alien Huang’s MV in His Fun New Single “I’m From a Star” — 9 Comments

    • Haha….you are right. I was about to mentioned the weird stage names that came up with…Fish, Yoga…. my…do they not own a dictionary to actually refer to what the name actually mean?

      • I don’t think it’s stage name kinda thing… I have colleagues from Taiwan and China with english names like Baboon, Puppy, Birdie, Gucci, LV, Apple, Pumpkin… etc

    • A lot of times there are simply words that sound like their Chinese names, eg the first part of Lego’s Chinese name is Lee guo

  1. same question — did they know how funny and ridiculous these names sound? Or is it culturally acceptable among entertainers in Taiwan? I mean, come on, if my kids were to named Alien and Nylon, they would be coming home from school crying everyday from being bullied.

  2. IMHO, I think it’s more widely practiced in asian countries. From growing up in good ole Hong Kong, I remember the practice being quite popular amongst HK celebrities and public for decades.

    Some possible explanations (maybe..):-

    Rather than choosing meaning in their English name (unlike the profound meaning they attach to the character combination of the Chinese name), the Chinese prefers something that phonetically sound right to the ear…. I’ve had friends named Music and Apple.

    Another reason could be choosing an English name that sounds similar to their chinese name, so Kar-Mun would be Carmen and Hei-Kan would be Aiden etc.

    Or translating their Chinese name directly into English, so ‘Hoi-Sum’ would translates to ‘Happy’ etc. I’ve had a friend whose chinese name was Hong Kwok-Yan which phonetically sounds like ‘Korean’ so he chose Korean as his English name (He told me he stole the idea from watching a 1990’s TV Cop Drama!!)

    To be honest, Alien may sound weird now to our ears but so did alot of names that are popular now about 10 years back. River, Skye, India, Harmony, Summer, Autumn etc. Just need one famous guy to make it popular for the masses!

    • Wow that explains a lot of my questions for many years cause I knew some people in my school who were named Magic and Ocean, and I was like that is an awesome name how did they think of it.

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