Kang Min Hyuk Transforms into Muscular Beast Man in January 2016 Edition of High Cut Magazine

Holy growth hormones, what do we have here? I’m not accusing Kang Min Hyuk of using PEDs, not that he’s violating any industry regulations in doing so, but it’s genuinely jawdropping to see his latest High Cut pictorial where he shows off guns and pecs of steel. I’ve been bemoaning all last year about his lack of new acting gigs, but he must’ve been using the time off to work out because there is no way a flower boy slender type like Kang Min Hyuk could morph into an Asian Captain America overnight. I love the boy, whether lithe or all newly muscly, but it’s going to take me awhile to digest to paradigm image shift. I have the perfect upcoming drama for him to join – he should become a warrior Hwarang along with Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon, it would be so believable to see him wielding a sword with this new build, rawr!



Kang Min Hyuk Transforms into Muscular Beast Man in January 2016 Edition of High Cut Magazine — 23 Comments

  1. I think Hwarang: The Beginning cast are Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung-shik , not Seo kang joon
    Seo Kang joon is in Moon Lovers adaptation with Lee Junki

  2. Oh dear…reminds me of Hulk, the angle of the first picture, oh dear.

    I prefer him slender and busy with acting gigs. He should tone downthe muscles. Doesn’t look natural.

    • He is not overly bulked up. I think he looks awesome. He has just the right amount of muscles to ooze manliness and sexiness. Perfection

  3. Actually hasn’t he always been fairly muscular in the last two or three years? I mean this is like a more extreme version but he’s always been toned from drumming.

  4. He must have been really skinny before because he doesn’t look that bulky here! His diet (lots of protein shakes lol) and exercise regimen must have been intense for quite awhile. I’m always in awe of the dedication involved. Anyway, He looks good and I’m glad to see a young tan skinned actor.

  5. This is probably also his preparation for more meatier drama roles now that he sheds off his cute puppy look
    He has a lot of potential in acting ,given the right roles he can rise up

  6. he looks great! and i agree its fab to see tanned skin. i think kmh does what he wants. he also started wearing menswear in the past year…real menswear; not work out clothes and tennies all the time. proper shirts and proper shoes. it seems to me he’s decided to be the strong grown up male that he is. yay 🙂

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