One More Happy Ending Unveils Fake Girl Group Angel and Male Lead Jung Kyung Ho

On my garsh does this drama look so silly cute! The first promo teaser picture is out of the four female leads in upcoming MBC drama One More Happy Ending, along with a surprise cameo by idol-actress Sandara Park. The four female leads played by Jang Nara, Yoo In Na, Yoo Da In, and Seo In Young, along with Sandara’s cameo character, were once teen idols in the girl group Angels. The group visuals are insanely syrupy sweet, and perhaps the fake in drama girl group could have added a layer of derpy much like the fake boy band A.N.Jell in that fun cracktastic K-drama You’re Beautiful.

Also new in One More Happy Ending teasers is a first official stills look at male lead Jung Kyung Ho, who is styled sanely and nicely thank the heavens. From the fan snap of him filming with Jang Nara, they are certainly going to look adorable together, and I’m just hoping the chemistry is crackling. It’s been awhile since Jung Kyung Ho did a straight up rom-com since Smile, You with Lee Min Jung, and I’m hoping for that level of effortless OTP synergy here. Happy Ending continues to chug along nicely in promos, and whatever the end result is at least the new drama year is looking promising so far.


One More Happy Ending Unveils Fake Girl Group Angel and Male Lead Jung Kyung Ho — 10 Comments

  1. i’m a silent reader here Miss K. lots of stuff in your blog, and loving it. missed your drama recaps too, it’s been a while 🙂
    i miss JKH in rom-com. soooo excited for this! he looks handsome in that hairstyle …heart..heart..heart.

  2. Isn’t it crazy how Jang Nara and Yoo Inna really look the part… they never seem to grow old!

    So looking forward to JKH in this drama 8)

  3. Can’t believe that Sandara Park is already 31! She still looks like Eugene from SES. Now I’m really looking forward to this drama.

  4. Jung Kyung Ho in a romcom again? Yesss! His chemistry with Lee Min Jung in Smile You was off the charts and even now they’re still one of my favorite pairings. Looking forward to seeing him and Jang Nara work together.

    And woah. It’s Seo In Young. Haven’t really followed her since her We Got Married days. I’m interested in seeing what her role is in this series.

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