J-ent Buzzing Over Surprise Marriage of Kitagawa Keiko and Daigo

Not one but two big Japanese stars are off the market at the same time with the surprising announcement that actress Kitagawa Keiko and her rocker boyfriend Daigo have tied the knot. The two held a joint press conference on Monday morning to announce their marriage, having registered it officially and plan to have a ceremony later with family and friends. I swear the entire thing went off like deja vu and then I realized it’s just like the press conference whenย Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu registered their marriage a few years ago.

At the press conference, Keiko revealed that she’s starting off her 30’s in a new stage of her life as a wife, and I couldn’t believed that Keiko is even 30, oh how time flies! I love how they look at each other during this press conference, with plenty of loving body language and eye contact. This marriage is nowhere near as shocking as the news a few months ago when Horikita Maki randomly married Yamamoto Koji, so I feel less discombobulated and way more ready to lob congrats and confetti on the happily married and quite visually gorgeous together couple. Now go make pretty babies and help boost up Japan’s declining birthrate, heh.


J-ent Buzzing Over Surprise Marriage of Kitagawa Keiko and Daigo — 30 Comments

  1. Congratulations to the happy couple – I don’t tend to watch jdramas or jpop but wish them all the best!

    However, what died on his head? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I wish them a long happy marriage!

    As for Horikita Maki’s marriage, I just read an article about it and apparently the guy tried to ask her out many times and she refused… so then he just proposed and she accepted. So basically they got married without even dating. Weird!

  3. I think they make a cute couple and I’m happy that she found someone who clearly loves and adores her compared to her ex dead fish eyes who cheated on her.

    I’m still skeptical about Maki’s marriage, Koji seems to worship the ground she walks on and she does seem happy enough. I just have no idea if it’ll last.

  4. Quite surprising, but this doesn’t top Mizushima Hiro’s marriage announcement a few years back. That one was quite a shocker.

      • but i think this couple already announced that they r getting married few months before.

      • It wasn’t a shotgun wedding as Ayaka gave birth to their first daughter 6 years after their wedding. Perhaps it was because of Ayaka’s Graves’ disease, just my thoughts.

      • It wasn’t a shotgun marriage. I was touched and cried buckets when Hiro married Ayaka back then. Ayaka was diagnosed with Graves disease and had to stop her music career.. I believe he wanted to be with her, taking care of her during the worse time of her treatment. Pure true love that a guy wanted to marry a girl in a short dating time, knowing her health condition. Zettai Kareshi remains my fave Jdorama… Ayaka sang the OST and Hiro was the supporting actor in that drama.

  5. Never knew she was dating Daigo! who is pretty weird on variety shows with all the abbreviations he comes up with and the wish~ hand gesture.. -.-

  6. They’ve been dating for awhile so it wasn’t a surprise at all! Just happy for them both! Hope all unions no matter how odd, surprising or untraditional others think they are, last!

    A big congratulations to everyone!

  7. This isn’t surprising. He proposed to her after the 24 Hour TV marathon last year and that’s when they were engaged. It was never a secret that they were dating either.

  8. the way she looks at him totally tell me that she is very in love with him. Good luck their marriage. They look compatible with each other.

  9. Well J-ent surely is eventual these days!
    Becky and that guy, SMAP disbanding news. At least DAIGO and Keiko news is a happy one~ and they seem very in love.

  10. whatup with japanese/their old dude marrying woman almost 10 year their age? i swaer japan is thonly that have so many old dude marrying woman younger then them.

  11. waahh.i watched daigo on tv since few years ago.and he definitely never smile like that.he must love her so much.
    congratulations.they make a beautiful couple

  12. Awww. Congrats to Kitagawa Keiko. Saw her in “Detective vs Detectives” and was impressed at her acting. Then I decided to check out her role in “Hero 2014” and she also blew me away. Two different roles and she excuted the role perfectly. Congrats once again. ๐Ÿ™‚

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