Marry Me or Not Goes Hot and Heavy in New Preview for Episode 12

I suggest viewers of Marry Me or Not have a fan handy for this Sunday’s episode 12, because the latest video preview gives a glimpse into upcoming OTP sexy times that had me fanning myself on mere seconds of footage alone. Leads Alice Ke and Roy Qiu said in recent interviews that it was the most intense and revealing onscreen bed scene either has ever filmed, and from what I saw there some redux of Mark Chao and Sonia Sui in Black & White. Major rawr.

Of course, if that comes after Huan Huan gets violated by Qian Yao’s loathsome older half brother then I won’t be able to watch it since I would have punched a hole through my computer screen. Happily the written preview for episode 12 says the turd merely tries to paw paw Huan Huan but doesn’t succeed. Whew! That means the upcoming obstacles for the OTP are merely reputation ruining gossip, which is what a good knight in shining armor boyfriend like Justin is around to do. Scoop up his honey for a Busan getaway!

Sexy times preview for episode 12:


Marry Me or Not Goes Hot and Heavy in New Preview for Episode 12 — 9 Comments

  1. Can your heart handle the above preview? This drama is sooooooooo great. I’m counting by the hour for episode #12. Do you feel the same way about it like me???!!!

  2. The “hot” scene is very similar to that of Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker [aka the Mentalist] in “Something new” (back in 2006), but way more awkward and less sensual.

  3. I just saw the full version. Although it’s not the hottest thing I’ve seen (watch Ex. 6 of ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ from 2011), I liked it because u can really feel their love for each other, and how long and much heartache they’ve been through to get here. Please please don’t have a suckie ending like lotta very good k-dramas!

    • I have faith that it’ll end well cause the drama is 100% pre-produced and pre-filmed.
      Plus I heard they edited the script like 16 times prior to filming while they were doing script readings

  4. Do loving this drama
    Tdramas usually cheesy thus is well crafted at times better than kdramas

    That last scene hotttt

    Shipping them but just for the show

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