One More Happy Ending Readies for Wednesday Premiere with Press Conference and Fun MV Preview


My initial optimism that MBC drama One More Happy Ending would be an attempt at a classic K-drama rom-com continues to be validated, first by adorable drama posters and now with a long preview MV chock full of sparkling fun. The drama actually premieres today on January 20th so it’s a bit late to be posting news about it but there’s still a few hours to go before the show hits and what better way to whittle away some time then with a cute new teaser.

The preview is actually an MV of a song and performance by the idol group within the drama called Angel, which includes all four female leads Jang Nara, Yoo In Na, Yoo Da In, and Seo In Young, with a cameo inclusion of Sandara Park. The ladies are hilariously game performing an syrupy sweet routine, and the good stuff in the MV are tons of scenes from the drama including leading lady Jang Nara’s fun and flirty interactions with male leads Jung Kyung Ho and Kwon Yul. The OTP look especially good together and evidenced the same chemistry at the press conference, even if the whole cast looked like they group raided a second hand clothing store.

Angels MV preview:


One More Happy Ending Readies for Wednesday Premiere with Press Conference and Fun MV Preview — 11 Comments

  1. OMG!!! This is too cute for words haha. I have to applaud the ladies for owning their idol past. The look is cringe-worthy by today’s standards but since they are “aging” idols in the drama, I’d have to say the concept is appropriate as this was exactly the styling back in the days (SES, FinKL).

    Also, I so love that they actually did the singing themselves! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the drama will not disappoint.

  2. How I wish Sandara is part of the cast and not Seo In Young. She’s cringeworthy. Other than that, love the leads. Cute, cute, cute !!!

  3. Ihope it will good! After “oh my venus” finished, this can be entertaining drama for me.. Jang Nara & Jung Kyung Ho, fighting! ^^

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