Lee Seung Gi Confirms Military Enlistment on February 1 to Serve Active Duty


Major heartbreak alert! K-actor/singer/variety star Lee Seung Gi has just confirmed that he’s enlisting for his mandatory military service next month on February 1st. That’s not next month baby boy, that’s 10 days from now! Way to not give noona much notice to gird myself for the pain to come, which involves carefully saving all the Seung Gi dramas and show appearances in an easy folder to access anytime I miss him for the next two years. I seriously thought he was going to do one final drama before he left, but alas all he’s leaving us with is an upcoming period movie with Shim Eun Kyung.

His enlistment leaves the biggest hold in my heart among all the late 86/87 crowd that is slated to enlist one after another this year. I thought his would come later in the year but perhaps it’s best for him and his fans to bite the bullet and get it over with. He will be enlisting in active service, which means army, navy, air force, or even the marines. All I can think of is the first episode of The King 2 Hearts when his spoiled Prince Jae Ha finished his under duress military service, lol. I’ll send him off like a proud noona while holding back tears, but I know he’s laid the foundation of a very successful entertainment career so he’ll come back in good shape to dive back in.



Lee Seung Gi Confirms Military Enlistment on February 1 to Serve Active Duty — 21 Comments

  1. Most loved korean star after Yoo Jaesuk. I’ll miss him. I was waiting for one last drama before enlistment like Yoo Ah-in, but it’s ok.

  2. I know this day would come but it still hurts nonetheless… for a non-regular viewer like me, Seung-gi and the 1N2D crew were the ones that brought me into Korean entertainment… Good luck, Seung-gi ya…Na PD will kidnap you the moment you get out…

  3. Very sad how they have no say in if they want to join the army or not ,they’re basically forced.
    I don’t understand the Korean policy so I’m just speaking as an observer

    • South Korea and North Korea are technically still at war since no peace treaty was ever signed after the Korean War, only an armistice was signed in 1953 to cease fire.

      So I would assume that most young men in South Korea do not question the need go through compulsory military training to be prepared to defend the country in the event that Kim Jung Eun goes nuts and decide that random nuclear and missiles testing is not enough and start shooting missiles into SK land instead.

  4. It’s a heart breaking news for me. Who is going to fill the void in the next 2 years? I am really not into the other actors, so it is back to watching 1N2D S1 and other LSG dramas. Seung Gi ah, come back safe , we will miss you and wait for your return !!

  5. He’s not a fave of mine but I always liked watching him on variety. 🙂 I recently rewatched TGL and although short, I absolutely thought his cameo in that was really fun 🙂

  6. He released a song to you noona and dongsaeng fans, mark your date Airens October 31st 2017 he’ll come back, I might get over kdramas by then and no longer be a fan of his, but I hope not, I really want to watch over his steps, he somehow unfluences me in a very good way. I’m thankful to him.
    Seung Gi, be safe and sound <3

  7. Ah the pain is strong. He is my favorite and I love everything He does and most of all how He is. Actually I was watching the Famous Chill Sisters (was having a Seung Gi’s drama Marathon and started in chronological order to watch all the Dramas He had made, maybe for the 100th time, I can’t get enough of him, mean dramas, reality, comedy, entertaiment, commercials, just mention something, I probably had watched it at least twice,even watched the insects narrating He did! hahaha), well I was watching the scene when his character Tae Ja leaves for the army and is kissing his wife Teng-chil through the glass of the train, when the news came out of his enlisting! Oh God, tell me about fiction being superseded by reality…and it pains, a lot, eventhough He wrote about his enlisting after his birthday so we get prepare and soo we knew it first through him, still it hurts. But I am sure He is gonna be fine and that He would serve with honor and came back to us even sexier than He already is and will smash the media with all the good work that is still yet to come. All of His fans, all the Airens around the world, will send Him good positive energy,love, blessings and prayers to God that they release him a little early. We definitely will wait for Him, and boy, He is SURELY the BEST one to wait for, we will be here for Him always.

  8. I’m glad he’s going because I know he’s been wanting to go, but I’m sad he couldn’t get a drama in before he did. Though I am glad he passed on Monster/Tyrant. I’m excited for his future, and two years isn’t long.

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