The Sweetest of Romance in Busan in Episode 12 of Marry Me or Not Leads to Epic Noble Idiocy to Come

I’m seriously in a teeth gnashing state when it comes to TW-drama Marry Me or Not, and it’s a bipolar situation no less as I alternate between that and bouts of smiling like a loony because the OTP makes me so darn happy. I find this drama confllicting because it can coast so well on the fantastic lead characters and their incredible chemistry alone, even situating them in barely any narrative and it would still work, so placing these two beloved characters in the mess that was episode 12’s big bad debacle left me raging at the screen and actually wanting less substantive fare. Thank goodness Huan Huan was not actually violated by Qian Yao’s asshole brother, even if they both deserve to be dumped into a pit somewhere in the mountains and left there to suffer.

It did allow Justin to unfurl the full extend of his loving boyfriend capacity and HOMG was it something to behold. Every single scene in Busan was To. Die. For. The best romance sequence I have watched in eons and will place on continual loop from now until eternity. Thank you for making me believe in love again, you two, and for showing me that the ephemeral thing called onscreen chemistry can’t be forced but when it’s there then it’s an enduring flame as Alice Ke and Roy Qiu exemplifies so masterfully. I’ve also written off second leads Sheng Nan and Qian Yao, both are totally dead to me and exist solely to FF because neither has any excuse for how they keep throwing Huan Huan under the bus.

Marry Me or Not previews for episode 13:


The Sweetest of Romance in Busan in Episode 12 of Marry Me or Not Leads to Epic Noble Idiocy to Come — 7 Comments

  1. I hear you. Sheng Nan was so irritating. She’s the worst type of girl friend to have. So full of her own insecurities and she had to project them onto her friend (Huan Huan). I was hoping she would grow some self awareness but now I just want her off my screen. I can’t be bothered with her narrative at all.

    Huan Huan and Justin, on the other hand, I can’t get enough. Less angst and more OTP moments, please.

  2. The romance scenes in Busan was so so so good!! These 2 have so much natural chemistry I’m surprised they are not a couple in real life!

    JQY is such an awful person! I just want to mute my iPad anytime he talks.

  3. Thanks for your very entertaining article – love it. I just love this drama so much. From now on I will wait for the dramas finish airing before I start watching them. It’s torturing to wait for an episode each week like “Marry Me or Not?”

  4. I’m with you re the teeth gnashing. I also want to punch people, especially his mother. It’s nice to see Alice and Roy together again. I’m happy that this drama is 15 episodes…most TW dramas drag on and on. Love your comments.

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