Lee Jong Seok Rocks Classic Burberry Attending London Fashion Show

Burberry is an iconic British fashion house and Lee Jong Seok found a great fit in joining the celebs who rep the brand. I was wholly underwhelmed with his head-to-toe Burberry outfit from last October’s brand event in Seoul, but he’s redeemed himself and then some at last week’s Burberry fashion show held in London, England. Lee Jong Seok was in London last year for his photo shoot with Pinocchio costar and rumored girlfriend Park Shin Hye (both still deny the latter), and he’s a star who I think would rock the London punk look if he were to give it a whirl. Being jet setting and sartorially decked out is one of the perks of stardom so as long as he’s enjoying himself and looking so fine doing so then I’m thrilled for him. Up next is heading to Shanghai to start filming 1930’s era period C-drama Emerald Jade Lover with C-actress Zheng Shuang.


Lee Jong Seok Rocks Classic Burberry Attending London Fashion Show — 33 Comments

      • @shade probably had met him got kick on his/her face instead of an autograph…hence the hate.

      • Yeah, all celebrities have public personas. I’d actually say Jongsuk’s a bit less fake since he’s not overly sugar-y or ‘squeaky clean’ like the rest try to portray themselves. If you read his interviews, he’s always straight forward and practical.

      • @iforgotmyusername – nice username, btw.

        was there other “attitude” scandal about LJS aside from the airport incident? that’s all i’ve heard/read about. either, it never rubbed me off the wrong way. I don’t know LJS enough (i’m a fan though) to thoroughly defend his character. what I know is that he’s a every effective actor who knows how to portray a role with sincerity and dedication. that alone is enough for me to like him.

        heck, my top favourite actor (Yoo Ah In) has an even darker persona…

      • @yuki

        The airport incident (which was literally 2 seconds) is mainly what people like to hold onto in order to hate him. He does get some flack for being so straight-to-the-point though, like how his award speeches are always super short (generally around 10-15 seconds) so he gets shit for it lol. Honestly though, I prefer his short speeches in comparison to the ones who stand there for 10 minutes pretending to cry.

      • I’m not sure why no one pays attention that he had coffee in his hand when that fan was pulling his hand and let’s be fair it is a really natural reaction in this situation, and of course he wrote a one page apology for that incident, while that straight forward one was the translator’s mistake (He was asked what is his difference with the rest kings of hallyu stars which he modestly answered nothing special, maybe I’m a little more frank which was translated more honest and the other stars’ fan made a fuss over it that he means the other ones aren’t honest!!!

  1. @Shade what do you know about his personality you ignorant?? if yuk people like you will be yuked reading article about him then it ll be less yuk for you if you skip it..so yuk off from here

  2. I need him to have another korean project, drama preferably. i finished all his filmography the past two weeks, and I want more work from him. of course, I understand that there’s the high-budgeted c-drama, but i’m not too eager with the premise and time period. I want to see him in a sageuk, just so I can see how versatile he can get.

  3. As someone who is studying psychology I love observing people and reading stars’ interview or watching their Varieties are my favorite hobbies in entertainment industry even more than watching them in dramas and movies and I should confess I found LJS the most honest one that I’ve ever seen in a way that I shocked the first time that I read his interview!! although he isn’t my type at all but I really loved him as a person he is really down to earth and shy, meanwhile which made me sure that my thoughts about him were true was the things that his co-stars and the staffs around him had said, so I’m not sure why some people talk about him in this way? It’s really my question,why??!

    • It’s immaturity, plain and simple! The fact that they talk about entertainers like family member that they talk to everyday is INSANE. Lol
      I for one started liking his acting since School 2013. Since then when ever I see him in interviews he has always strike me as straight forward kind of guy and if he doesn’t have nothing nice to say, doesn’t say nothing at all.

  4. The name of fashion show was “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” so I think he has matched him with the name very well!

  5. I really liked the way he styled and presented himself in this particular event. More mature and manly look, and yet was able to maintain his cuteness too. This hairstyle suits him. I dont understand why he is criticized for his attitude though. I like him and so read few of his interviews to find out if he really comes across as arrogant. But instead of arrogance, I found self deprecation. He sounds so under-confident and lonely at times that I want to tell him to not underestimate himself and have faith in his abilities. But yes its also what I admire a lot about him, that he is always trying to improve himself as an actor, and to become more and more deserving of the love he gets.

    • It’s exactly what I felt about him, lonely, so under-confident to the point that I feel he is depressed! He always speaks about his shortcomings in acting, looks, having a charming personality and so on!
      And about this show I should say that yeah, he is fake, cause he tries to look confident but maybe in inner side he feels unconfident!:-)

      • So true… He always talks about what he lacks be it in terms of looks, personality or acting skills. He knows that he is loved a lot but is still not completely sure that he deserves all this love as an actor. Maybe he is confident at times, and nervous at others. Perhaps that is the journey he has to cover as an actor and as a person.

  6. I’m in London, which is why I’m baffled about this trend of guys not wearing any socks??!! Casual no socks, I understand. Summer no sock, I can understand. But it’s Mid-winter. He’s wearing a coat. Still no socks… Maybe Koreans are just harder than the rest of us!

  7. I utterly loved his outfit from last Oct’s Burberry event in Seoul!

    As to this one, he looked so freaking good sitting front row of the show. He kills with that dark blue jacket!

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