Ha Ji Won and Bolin Chen are Classic Lovers on a Train in Marie Claire Spread

Taiwan actor Bolin Chen has been making in roads into Korean entertainment and the boy is certainly not doing it half-heartedly. First came his Jeju road trip movie Bad Guys Must Die with Son Ye Jin, now he’s filming the second season of Chinese We Got Married with Song Ji Hyo, and coming soon is his Chinese-Korean movie Risking Life for Love with Ha Ji Won and Chun Jung Myung. Promotions are starting for the movie, which premieres next month in February, with the first magazine pictorial of the two leads in a Marie Claire spread that evokes tragic romance movies of old Hollywood what with the train shots and Ha Ji Won looking lovely and melancholy with a distant snowy back drop. Of course it’s worth noting the pairing up of Taiwanese In Time With You‘s male lead with the Korean remake The Time I Loved You‘s female lead, which means Lee Jin Wook and Ariel Lin should do a project together to balance things out. Love this pictorial to pieces, old school glamour is so my thing because the emotions are conveyed in the restraint.




Ha Ji Won and Bolin Chen are Classic Lovers on a Train in Marie Claire Spread — 7 Comments

  1. Curious, will they dub Bolin’s voice or have him speak Korean? It’s pretty easy for Mandarin speakers to learn Korean… Funny anecdote, while filming a Chinese movie Kim Bum wanted to speak Chinese, but subconsciously added a “sumnida” at the end… Soooo cute…

  2. Ha Ji Won is PERFECTION! How is it possible that she never age? Queen Ha Ji Won is flawless. Aigoo! I miss her so much. What she is going through is truly heartbreaking. It may take her a while to have a comeback but I’m going to wait for her to return to her throne when she’s ready.

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