Lee Jong Seok Immortalized with Fuchsia Wax Doppleganger at Madame Tussauds

Help me mommy, I feeling a little bit frightened here. Korean actorLee Jong Seok was in Hong Kong over the weekend to meet up with unveil his waxy doppleganger at Madame Tussauds famous museum. It’s no surprise that he was getting a wax figure since the media covered him getting measured back in late 2015, but the end result still gives me the unintentional heebie jeebies. I love Lee Jong Seok but even then I still don’t want to see or be near his wax figure, basically confirming that I have an aversion to waxy molds of anything, especially of any star that I particularly like. Objectively Lee Jong Seok’s wax replica is a pretty good facsimile, in fact better than many of his K-star brethren who have been immortalized at Madame Tussauds before him, but decking it out in the same satiny fuchsia suit that he wore to the measuring dials up the awkward visuals tenfold. Oh my eyes, it hurts and needs some rest now.


Lee Jong Seok Immortalized with Fuchsia Wax Doppleganger at Madame Tussauds — 16 Comments

  1. Ah… Dear koala, what about writing about his latest photo shoot for HighCut, after an eye attack, we can rest our eyes with his eye-catching poses n looks :-).

    • And his interview was endearing but borderline bittersweet. You see some lack of self-confidence but also the will to insert some positivity in his life.

  2. OMG that fuchsia suit is so aweful! LJS ah please remove that suit from your wax replica.

    No wonder he smiled nervously……the wax work I meant lol.

  3. Ms Koala!! Completely off topic but I just saw your ‘Currently watching’ list and I see ‘Go Princess Go’, what are your thoughts hahahaha, its a ‘so bad its good’ kind of show for me!!

  4. It actually looks likes him, also does the eyes of the wax figure move because i swear theyre looking at a different position in two of the pictures, lol

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