Seolhyun’s Latest Hanbok Pictorial Copies Suzy’s Recent First Look Spread

I really want to have a talk with Seolhyun‘s manager because this is such a boneheaded move I can’t even. And don’t tell me the whole “didn’t know” claptrap, anything other than an intentional conjuring rings hollow. AOA’s Seolhyun has been quite the popular young idol last year, with her agency FNC pushing the whole “Next Suzy” bit, but in truth she is popular enough to rest on her own Seolhyun laurels and not try to ape Suzy’s thunder. Alas the comparisons are not going to stop any time soon with Seolhyun’s just released hanbok pictorial that is just like Suzy’s hanbok pictorial two months ago in First Look when she was promoting her movie Dorihwaga. Suzy’s movie was a flop but the pictorial was very well received and deservedly so, it was fresh and vibrant, with Suzy capitalizing on her visuals and stepping up from any tendency to look flat. It’s a shame Seolhyun couldn’t do her own hanbok pictorial without copying Suzy’s hairstyle, makeup, and worst of all, poses. I’m sure she was just doing her job but this really gives off a desperate vibe that she needn’t be saddled with.


Seolhyun’s Latest Hanbok Pictorial Copies Suzy’s Recent First Look Spread — 35 Comments

  1. it’s not a pictorial. I read that the latest pictures are actually Gmarket ads. and Seolhyun or her company probably doesn’t have a say in the ad concept as it’s decided by Gmarket. i don’t particularly feel anything for Seolhyun but it’s not fair to say that she’s copying Suzy.

    • Don’t know where this talking point about the company not having a say in the concept is coming from. But if anyone knows how Korean entertainment companies work, you would know that is not true. Her team signed of on the Ad, they just didn’t expect the backlash from the Suzy comparisons. Her company has been using the ‘next Suzy’ tagline to promote her all last year, and now when people call them out on it, her fans are like – what, no way, it’s not her, it’s not her company, blame everyone else. So they want to eat their cake, by benefiting from the publicity, and then have it too, by saying – oops, don’t blame us. It’s all just a coincidence.

      I don’t care about either girl, but these Seolhyun riding on others coattails has been so blatant. I’m not blaming her personally, cause it’s not like K-idols have that much say in their careers; I just can’t stand the apologists, who are acting like this is all just a major coincidence and the people who have noticed what they are trying to do are just making it all up.

      • what so great about Suzy anyway, that makes people downgrading their IQ, in defending her.

  2. A lot of pictures of actress wearing a hanbok are similar, the pictures of Nam Bora are the same style too.

    And Seolhyun just did what she was told…

    • Nam Bora’s pictorial looks nothing like these, not the background, the colors, materials AND styles of the hanboks, the hairstyles, makeup, the filters used, not even the poses (there’s only one semi similar but she’s in a chair). This is such a silly thing to put against Seolhyun, but I don’t know why the first line of defence rings along the lines of “Hanboks are boring, all look the same and can ONLY be photographed the same”. I mean I’m no expert, but even I notice the differences :/

  3. I don’t blame the people whose immediate thoughts are Suzy when they see Seolhyun’s hanbok ads because her agency has relentlessly been pushing her to be “the next Suzy” or “the new it girl” or the “Girl that replaces Suzy”. Had they not don’t that then the comparisons between the two in this case would likely not have happened.
    Needless to say Suzy rocked her hanbok pictorial and Seolhyun’s looks slightly like a cheaper version.
    I do commend Seolhyun’s on trying to push the boundaries and to trying out a new concept since she is mostly only famous for her body. However the hanbok concepts work better with people who know how to craft and tame their aura and Suzy’s to me resembles a pre-mature version of Jun Ji Hyun.
    Seolhyun might want to try high fashion modern concept first. Before trying a concept as difficult as hanbok. Or work on her Aura and facial expression first.
    I know I have already done it repeatedly but it might not be fair to compare Seolhyun’s and Suzy because Suzy has been modeling for over 6 years and has been in different different projects that give her an advantage in working a camera.

  4. Gonna agree tht this time you cant blame seolhyun or FNC because the advertisement are made by Gmarket.
    However, i do believe tht those behind the team must think tht seolhyun can even pull off this strong concept. Doing hanbok concept need alot of things to prepare, from makeup, the clothes as well as the enviroment . Sadly, Gmarket team failed to bring those killer vibe. Then it leads to knetz saying those things.
    But, they must show suzy’s innocent pose to seolhyun so she can copied those things but let be honest seolhyun are made for sexy pose , innoce pose just kill herself.
    But next time FNC should stop bringing seolhyun as suzy’s 2.0 .

  5. Aigooo. Why her makeup artist use so much foundation to seolhyun. Seolhyun has a darker face which is not fairer. Why drag this child to wear thick layer of foundation? No wonder seolhyun is known as seolthick , seolbbcream .

  6. Even if they were inspired from Suzy’s pictorial I don’t see anything wrong with it, it’s not like you can own a concept.

  7. Maybe instead on focusing who looks better in hanbok they should focus on giving better acting performances, both are incredibly dull and flat in terms of emotions. They are beautiful girls ,no need to compare,but lets be honest neither shines on the screen and although Suzy has more acting experience than Seolhyun, shes by no means better actress.

      • No they don’t. Seolhyun has only been a lead in one drama and I think she was a supporting cast in a movie. Suzy has been a lead for two movies and 2 dramas and is about to be a lead for a third one.

      • @Lolol Suzy wasn’t a lead in her first movie, and I didn’t know about Seolhyun’s movie. I guess Suzy does have more experience.

    • I disagree. Suzy isn’t a good actress but she is better than Seolhyun’s. If Suzy and like 2% acting range then Seolhyun’s has 0. When talking about shining on screen Suzy is a camera’s best friend. It grabs and captures her. It doesn’t make her a good actress but she shines on camera.her emotions are still dull but shinning on camera IMO doesn’t have anything to do with acting skill.

      • lol, whats good about Suzy on screen, Suzy’s teeth is bad looking compared to Seolhyun.

      • oh not only bad looking teeth of Suzy, also Suzy wide nose and charmless eyes, only good in make-up and editted photoshopped pictorials.

  8. This is such a reach. Suzy’s photoshoot is for a magazine with better makeup and editing. Seolhyun’s photos are from a promotion shoot for a super market, of course they will look low budgeted. There’s nothing original about Suzy’s photoshoot to warrant this dumb criticism against Seolhyun. Going by this logic, I can also say that Suzy is copying Lee Young Ae’s hanbok photoshoot because theirs look way more similar in terms of feels, poses, editing and the hanbok itself.

    • The reach is truly real. If I were using the same logic Seolhyun copied Suzy, who copied Nam Bora and Lee Young Ae hanbok photoshoots – similar poses, auras, looks, etc. I wasn’t aware that there was a copyright on posing with your head in your hand and looking straight into the camera while holding a bouquet. Also, even if it is copying, that’s the art direction teams fault. Most of these celebs just follow the directions/concepts given to them.

  9. Suzy’s pictorial is very beautiful and ethereal whereas Seolhyuns is just plain sad and ugly. Ugly makeup, ugly lighting, and ugly editing. They practically uglyfy Seolhyuns.

      • I’m not even a fan of Suzy. I find her acting and singing bland. And i think Suzy is actually overrated. I knew that Suzy’s photoshoot was a copycat of LYA but it was also done very beautifully as well. The execution of Seolhyuns was done very poorly and when it’s being compare to Suzy, one can see the difference.

  10. Well, I don’t give a crap about anyone copying anything, but they both look really pretty. They can’t act very well, but sadly, that’s not a qualification anymore.

  11. Seolhyun is no Suzy as she can’t quite capture that “girl next door” or “Nation’s Little Sister” vibe that people so love about Suzy or even IU. It’s too bad when Seolhyun is called the poor man’s Suzy. FNC should really re-think how they are marketing her if they want her career to last long.

    • @ DoubleFault. You sooooo right. Remember also, Seolhyun is not the girl that spent 3 nights in a hotel with a guy that she is been going out with for a month, and after all the guy does not even aknowledge or support her as someone he knows.That was SUZY(i am not a hater, but a fact reminder )” THE NATIONS LOVER”. Seolhyun always says she does not want to be compared with nobody, she wants to stand on her own, and she is doing it well.Thanks Koala.

  12. There’s no need to pit both girls
    And seolhyun’s pictorial is for GMarket
    Hanbok pictorial is not uncommon.Suzy’s was inspired from Lee Young Ae’s earlier pictorial anyway

  13. ewww Holly crap!! Jealousy people is damn scarrryyy, hatters gonna hates, i don’t care, I just Loooovvvee Seol Hyun!

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