Disaster and Romance Combine in First Official Poster for Descendants of the Sun

How nice of KBS to start off Monday and the first day of February with a nice jolt courtesy of the first official drama poster for upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Descendants of the Sun. What do you guys think? The poster may not be an immediate fave of mine but does combine the two seemingly disparate thematic elements of this story – disaster combat zone and romantic K-drama trope. It’s so nice of time to stop so that commanding officer Song Joong Ki can check on the ankle of army doctor Song Hye Kyo. Kidding aside, the money invested in this baby looks like no joke, and hopefully the quality visuals and backdrops are there to accentuate the drama rather than prop up a lackluster story or anemic acting chemistry. I can’t believe January flew on by and February is here, which means DoTS finally readies for premiere at the end of this month on the 24th. As far as K-drama productions go, this is definitely the longest I’ve followed along from concept to casting through completion of filming.


Disaster and Romance Combine in First Official Poster for Descendants of the Sun — 16 Comments

  1. The poster is horrible. Sorry, not sorry. A woman in a medical profession in a war zone sits there helpless in shorts?! So the guy can do what? Tend to her ancle, like she couldn’t that as a doc?! Or does he tie her shoe? For sure the female lead will not be that helpless, will she?
    I fear for the worst.

    • But why you don’t look to this moment from different perspective…. A doctor who is trying her hard to save lives here and there and risking her life every moment to help others..doesn’t notice herself even for a second and won’t stop even she is injured/traumatized or losing blood…but captain yoo’heart is always worried and wondering is she OK in every moment ..and when he get a moment to check on her he didn’t miss it
      Oh by the way if you feel so much feer for this drama…it is easy don’t watch it and don’t feel free because it is gonna be great

    • lol this IS a Kim Eun-sook drama…the worst will surely come. Tying her shoe in a war zone will seem reasonable compared to what’s in store. Poor SJK.

  2. Whenever I see this drama mentioned my first thought is: “Man, if this one flops, KBS is going to be so pissed off!”. All the money they’ve put into this sucker!

  3. Both good looking leads possess pretty decent acting skills and watchable. But I feel like the teasers so far are a bit uderwhelming.

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