Domino’s Korea Strikes Out the Second Time Pairing Kim Woo Bin with Go Ara

I love Kim Woo Bin but it’s getting harder to ignore that his main assets might also be a major drawback in career advancement. The boy is known for his unique looks, compared to a dinosaur for his towering height and strong jawline, but overall definitely someone who sticks out among the legions of pretty flower boy twenty-somethings in K-ent. It took me awhile to warm up to his visuals but once I did there is no going back, I so dig his oddball looks. With that said, his looks aren’t always that easy to find complementary matches and so far Domino’s Pizza in Korea is two for two in striking out when it comes to matching Kim Woo Bin with a suitable lead lady to chomp down on pizza with. First there was teenager Kim So Hyun, which made me fear for her safety next to Kim Woo Bin, and now comes Go Ara, totally an adult and pretty as can be, but also gives off prey vibes around Kim Woo Bin. Now I’m even more impressed Park Shin Hye sparked so well with him in Heirs, clearly it’s not easy to mesh in the same shot as Kim Woo Bin. Pizza has never looked so awkward. 


Domino’s Korea Strikes Out the Second Time Pairing Kim Woo Bin with Go Ara — 44 Comments

  1. He looks fine with Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Won (in Heirs) and Lee Yoobi (Vampire Idol)….I think the trick is to get him a leading lady who has a strong enough presence to match him.

    Kim So Hyun looks like a kid (which she is, next to him) and Go Ara doesn’t match either, but I think someone like IU or Jung Eunji might work better. They don’t seem like obvious choices, but JEJ is kind of earthy and IU has a presence that doesn’t fade next to her male costars.

    • The big difference here is that he was doing a drama (or movie) with those ladies, and looking all smoldering and hot, not awkwardly smiling at the camera while holding a pizza slice. I have no doubt that he could have chemistry with KSH and Go Ara in a drama, just like I have no doubt he would look equally awkward in a Pizza CF with any of those ladies you mentioned. And if I have to be honest, it’s HIM that looks out of place in these promotional pictures not Go Ara or KSH, he just doesn’t seem to fit these type of CFs.

    • KWB would legit look terrible with IU or Jung Eunji, none of these people compliment each others looks tbh.

      However, I do agree that he looked good with PSH and KJW. I usually wouldn’t think that PSH and KWB look good together because they have such contrasting auras but they match really well in film and photos/events together. They definitely give off the cool bad boy with the pretty girl next door couple vibe to a T.

  2. He looks uglier than usual next to Go Ara.
    .I will never get his appeal. Is being tall that important? He can’t even act…always has the same expressions

    • I’m going to preface this by saying I like KWB, but I find it hilarious that young actresses get dragged through the mud for “playing the same character” by i-fans when all KWB has done is play the bad boy with the secret heart of gold for the past four years. The hypocrisy is unreal.

      He looks uglier than usual because he is the type that drastically changes depending on his hairstyle. He looks the best with his hair pushed back, not down and with bangs, which is how he insists to wear it most of the time. Look at his recent Calvin Klein event pics, he looks so hot with the hair pushed back and the amazing body, height, and voice definitely add to it. Literally his hair takes his face from a 5 to at least an 8 or 9 lol.

    • +2.

      No offense. This is my personal sense regarding aesthetics. His looks always reminds me of TyRex in Magic School Bus. The 2nd and 3rd CF pics look ok to me. But the rest pics look as if a carniove dino is grinning at cameramen. LOL

    • I love KWB but he shouldn’t be made to act “cute”. The concept is just bad. And yeah, I’d have to agree that being next to the always lovely Go Ara also didn’t help.

  3. So kinda ot, but not really, KWB and SMA were both dropped from Giordano and replaced with Yoo Ah In and Krystal. I was expecting once the contract was over for KWB to be dropped, and SMA to stay since she has been with them for yearssssss, but Giordano dropped both.


    • And people say dating “scandals” don’t affect a (Korean) celebrity’s brand, especially females. Suzy was dropped from a couple of CFs after her dating news got revealed as well, she picked up a new one this year but still. There’s a reason why most would rather keep their relationships on the down low.

      • I know right? The thing is, unless you are a hardcore fan of someone you won’t be following their CF deals/business interactions, so a lot of casual fans don’t get why public relationships are a big deal/the affect it has. Giordano is slightly different though because they were both the models and got caught dating EACH OTHER lol…I just assumed they would take KWB out, and keep SMA since she’s been there for an insane amount of time. I think for SZ the LMH relationship was probably an underlying reason, but she hasn’t been active in 2 years (unless you count the week long Miss a comeback and her film, which did really horribly at the box office), so I feel like it was a whole bunch of factors, plus other rising female idols getting a lot of the CF deals she was getting circa 2012/2013. An idols place at the top is very fickle I think.

        I just kinda feel bad for SMA, I mean she’s not a top actress, not a hallyu star, and her dramas/films usually flop so it’s not like Giordano is necessarily feeling bad, but she was with them for so long. I guess I hope this relationship lasts long and is worth it.

      • @idontknow
        Yes, I’ve noticed that as well. Everyone seems to think/say that “things have been changing” (about the attitude of celebs dating) but they really haven’t, they just don’t pay attention. I think you’re right about Suzy, it was definitely various reasons but the fact she was dropped from a brand, she has been endorsing for years as well, for some random models makes me thing her dating news was probably a big factor, and she was replaced by a bigger star for ROEM (Park Shin Hye) so that was more for her lack of activities I think.
        About SMA, I was surprised to find out she WASN’T a super top actress, I think she’s among the most famous in her generation, she just isn’t at the top and for some reason she doesn’t seem to attract the Chinese audience.

      • @FerG
        I mean, SMA is definitely a lot better known than most actresses, but she’s one of those actresses that got famous without a representative work/hits under her belt i.e. her company/sponsors pushed her until she got popular. She doesn’t have that one big hit, whether domestic or international, that people know her for – I hear more people talk about her face or body than I do about dramas/films of her’s they watched. She’s known and somewhat popular, but like you said she’s not at the top and doesn’t really attract international audiences.

        But, I mean, at least she got into a public relationship in her 30s instead of getting caught young, I think the public is more forgiving that way.

      • @idontknow- Shin Min Ah’s representative work is My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, it pretty much made her a star after years of being pushed by her agency. But on the film side, most of her filmography is indies and small budget movies like My Love,My Bride – which was her last movie, and unless the Korean Film Council is lying, it was a hit.

        She’s not at Jun Ji Hyun’s level but her career as an actress is secure, yeah maybe the dating news lost her and KWB the Giordano cf but in the long term, she’s in her 30s so it won’t damage her brand the way someone like Suzy (who is mainly/only about cfs) would be – she isn’t expected to be as ‘pure’ so to speak.

        As for Kim Woo Bin, maybe everyone forgot this but he was previously outed dating another model right before Heirs came out…. it didn’t do a thing to his popularity even though he continued dating that girl into 2014.

      • @teacakes

        “Shin Min Ah’s representative work is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”


        As for My love, My birdie, it reached approximately 2 million admissions, I would hardly call that a hit, more like a modest success at the cinemas. You have Korean films pulling 5, 10, even 15 million admissions. So yeah, it doesn’t exactly impress me much.

        As for her status in the industry, obviously she’s had her successes and has a secure career, plus the fact that this “dating scandal” happened at 31 helps, it really won’t affect her in the long run – she’s not seen as this young, pure virginal idol so it doesn’t matter who she dates. Like I’ve stated NUMEROUS times, this cf deal is not a big deal, it’s just an interesting observation since she has been with them for soooo long.

        As for KWB and his past dating scandal and this dating scandal – Obviously this won’t hurt him because he has a dick. If this was a trendy/rising female rookie actress that had been exposed being in two relationships within the span of two years, she would have been dragged through the mud by the entire country by now.

    • I think KWB and SMA were the ones to drop them, not the other way around. Dating is nice and all but I don’t think their agencies would think it’s a good idea to embed their relationship into the public’s mind any more than necessary, since it’s gonna be super awkward after they break up.

      • I mean, at the end of the day, we’ll really never know who made what decisions. But I really doubt it. For Korean celebs, a lot of the money they make comes from lucrative endorsement deals, KWB still hasn’t debuted his lead role drama yet (which he is currently filming, and it’s been two years since Heirs) and I can’t even tell you the last time SMA had a hit film/drama. They’re both not in any position to turn down CF deals, unless they get a more lucrative one which conflicts and they must pick one or the other.

        Like I said, the minute the dating news came out, I kind of assumed that one or the other would be dropped/agree to not renew because Korean celebs don’t ever want to be associated with their significant others, unless they are married. But, the fact that both were replaced, tells me both were dropped from the brand. I mean it’s one deal, it’s not that big of a deal in the long run, just unfortunate since SMA was with them for years, and she went out like this.

        But, I definitely agree with you, I’m glad for both their sakes that they are no longer filming advertisements or commercials together. People thought all those commercials with her touching his butt was super cute, and I was just sitting there like “Yeah, it’s cute. But this shit is going to be super awkward in about six months to a years when they break up.” LBR, this relationship is not going to be a keeper for either of them unless there is an oops baby situation lol.

      • You realize SMA still makes way more money than KWB from her investments, right? She doesn’t need Hallyu, and SMA has plenty of assets that one CF isn’t that much of a big deal, and KWB is doing well for himself with other CFs that Sidus isn’t gonna risk his image to secure one deal out of many others. If Giordano was really dissatisfied that they were caught dating, I doubt they would’ve run so wild with their couple TV commercial – it was so obvious that they were cashing in on their real-life couple image, which they hadn’t done before.

      • I was referring more to status and reputation in the industry then money. Listen, I’m not claiming they’re hard up for cash, obviously they’re doing well – I wouldn’t know about SMA’s personal investments, but I guess I’ll take your word for it. And, yes, she doesn’t need Hallyu to make money, but I brought that up in terms of status in the industry – it’s not exactly about the money, it’s about putting cf deals on your resume to look more lucrative in order to get high profile roles, other high profile cf deals, etc. It’s not about the money, it’s about elevating your brand/name as an actor/actress.

        Also, Giordano has always done super couple-y advertisements. Have you seen the SMA-SJS cf where they are rolling around the sand making out? I doubt they tried to play up the couple aspect anymore than they did for SJS-SMA when they were the models.

        Either way, like I said originally, it’s not that deep of an issue for anyone involved.

      • See, I just don’t agree with you on CF deals determining their status in the industry – if anything your status determines the advertisement deals, and you’re right that it’s not big of an issue in the end, but I just think pitying SMA for one CF deal she likely dropped herself isn’t really necessary. She’s really not losing much for not doing Giordano, especially since she was the main reason the brand got well known in the first place. This isn’t really gonna affect her status as an actress nor as a CF model.

    • Which is cray, because I thought the series they did together produced some really, really good ad copy. You could tell that these were people who actually liked each other. Plus they both have a very unique look, which I wish we would see more of; I just don’t understand the Korean ad agency obsession with these plastic princesses.

  4. I feel like that SMA and KWB will tie down the knots and probably around 2017 while LMH will enlist that year and marries Sz and leaves behind a prego wife in SZ. his gone 2yrs while suzy will give birth and get her new Varity show called hallyu star raising kids etc etc chessy stuff the k-netz love to watch. life will keep continue slowly and nice for these invididuals wish nothing but the best. by the way I forgot to add that Sz will film 2 movies before 2017 and will accept one right after her drama shooting finish which is around feb or march.

    Only at

  5. This article isn’t even correct, Kim So Hyun replaced Go Ara, not the other way around, and Kim So Hyun is still with Domino’s – she and Kim Woo Bin just did another Domino’s charity event couple days ago.

    I don’t even understand the logic anyway, are you suggesting that Domino’s is replacing these actresses because they want to find someone who has better chemistry with Kim Woo Bin? Like what, Domino’s would have just found a new model to replace KWB in that case.

    • The author never said Go Ara replaced Kim So Hyun, she is just commenting on how the advertisement looks awkward whether KWB is modeling with Go Ara or with Kim So Hyun. Domino’s probably doesn’t care, lbr. It’s not like they’re Dior or Channel…they’re selling pizza.

      • She says that first there was Kim So Hyun and now Go Ara (who was replaced like, eight months ago), implying Kim So Hyun came first. I just don’t even see the point of this article, Kim Woo Bin’s had plenty of actresses with good chemistry, like Lee Na Young in Maxime and Shin Min Ah in Giordano, and plenty of actresses he’s acted with in films and dramas. Just because Domino’s has a terrible photographer who manages to look everyone and the pizzas look ugly doesn’t mean KWB should be blamed for it. Domino’s CFs look terrible even when KWB is by himself.

  6. I actually think Kim Woo Bin would make an interesting match with IU or Jung Eunji, sometimes it’s not about the looks or even individual aura, unexpected couples can match well too. You yourself mentioned Park Shin Hye as one such example….

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