Jo Boa Up for MBC Drama Monster and Goes Sleek and Edgy for Elle Korea

I quite like that K-actress Jo Boa isn’t all that popular yet, I feel like some IT things peak too early or for the wrong reasons. Jo Boa has been on the radar since Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, and was one of the best things about the silly Surplus Princess. She went dark for Missing Noir M and is now one of the cast members in the popular weekend drama All About My Mom. It’s a solid if unbuzzy career, and one waiting for the right role to launch her to the next stage, a move I totally expect for her because she’s a fantastic actress that is never self-aware and always willing to push herself.

That she’s so easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt, those huge wide bambi peepers are drool worthy to any woman, and she usually frames with luscious long locks. Her recent Elle Korea pictorial is the first time I’ve seen Jo Boa visually shake things up and I super love it! She’s channeling Bae Doo Na, with a bit of Go Joon Hee thrown in. With AAMM wrapping up it’s long run this February, reportedly Jo Boa is in talks to join Monster (Tyrant), even if it’s likely not the female lead but her presence adds more reason to check out that drama which will headline Kang Ji Hwan.


Jo Boa Up for MBC Drama Monster and Goes Sleek and Edgy for Elle Korea — 8 Comments

  1. Jo Bo Ah is the real deal – a natural beauty* who has no shortage of acting chops.

    I actually DON’T want her to take this role, but that’s because I want her to score lead roles instead and not spend six months slogging on a second lead. Those are usually never good news for actresses.

    *this doesn’t matter to me but since netizens like to attack actresses for having surgery, I’m glad she can’t be attacked on hat score.

  2. Yup! First seen her in SUFB and thought she’s pretty and cute. Then saw her in a movie with Jang Hyuk which she did a fantastic job portraying an obsess student. With AAMM, She can cry like a drop of a hat and convincingly so. I’m sure for the actors and actresses, it’s not always easy to cry on the spot. But with her it’s so believable that I’m crying with her on certain scenes.

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