Lee Seung Gi Enlists for the Military with a Buzz Cut and a Smile

I’ve never found Lee Seung Gi conventionally handsome, even if I’m not applying the ridiculously high standards of K-ent when it comes to their stable of flower boy entertainers. But what makes him so attractive to me is his megawatt smile and onscreen charisma whether in dramas or variety, he just has that It Factor and a fun personality to boot. That’s why seeing him head buzzed and heading off to the army feels less like sending a star off and more like sending the boy-next-door off. It’ll be a hard two years without his brand of charming presence even if drama and variety life goes on and there will always be something to interest me. He looks so darn happy and proud in his enlistment pictures, and as usual there are handfuls of devoted fans on hand to personally send him off. I’ll have to do it from my computer and an ocean away, but the Seung Gi reserved spot in my heart will remain empty and await his triumphant return with better abs and the nation’s commendation for doing his duty as a proper Korean young man.


Lee Seung Gi Enlists for the Military with a Buzz Cut and a Smile — 12 Comments

  1. I also fell for his smile, tbh, I admire him for staying natural, even tho he was bashed a lot for his look when he debuted as a singer in 2004. Even he said he was tempted to do PS. But Seung Gi’s charm is how he makes us adore him beyond a face. The more I see him now, the more handsome he is. And many who met him irl said he’s a lot more handsome and not photogenic.

    October 31st, 2017! Your Airens will wait for you Seung Gi. Be safe.

    PS, he’ll release a song in 3 weeks. Yaaay, I adore singer LSG

    • I have seen him twice and he is definitely handsome in person, just not as photogenic onscreen sometimes as he is handsome in person.
      But the megawatt smile is the same!

  2. Lee Seung Gi is always looking so bright in every occasion. He is just love! <33333 I adore him because of his warm and endearing personality. 31st October 2017 the day he will be discharged, wishing for him to safely return. Also, looking forward to his new movie GoongHap premier in the second half this year! May God bless this man forever and always 🙂

  3. He’s so cute. No tears either. He looked like a kid happy to enlist lol. I know he’s probably not, but still.. Only 21 months to go. 😀

  4. I don’t find him so handsome either. But he’s smart and well-mannered. And for me, smart namjas are more attractive than just handsome looks. There are three guys in korean entertainment industry that I think very bright as person from the way they give interviews or behave on any shows: Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yoon and Eric Moon.

    Hope he serve well and back with the more ‘fit’ body lol.

  5. He’s looking like a kid smiling brightly . He’s not extremely handsome but he’s handsome. He just as charming and cute that all his imperfections disappeared..I’m wishing you a happy army life and please return back safely .I bet his colleagues will adore him.

  6. Let’s just put it in this way. Seung gi hyung is not photogenic, but i’ve seen him in person already and as a man I can really agree that he is handsome in person.

  7. He looks cute with the short hair….and that megawatt smile is just love…. Was hoping for a drama before he enlisted. I guess I just have to be contend with his new song (with Psy!) and his movie in fall…. 🙂

  8. He’s just so handsome for me, not only on the outside but also on the inside. He never fails to inspire me with his good character. I just love that smile, that signature smile of his. You’ll know that is Seung-gi oppa just because of that smile and only him can pull that out. Return with honor oppa and always stay safe. FIGHTING!!

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