Lee Jun Ki and IU Shine in Period Costume at Prayer Ceremony for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

Hhhhhmmmmm, looking good, leads of Korean Bu Bu Jing Xin! I can breathe a sigh of relief now that the first peek at the two leads of upcoming K-BBJX (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) can be glimpsed thanks to the prayer ceremony stills. I don’t know why this drama is still being referred to as Moon Lovers in some articles, that was a working Korean title but the production has gone back to the Korean pronunciation of BBJX so that’s what I’ll keep going with.

The production released the official prayer ceremony stills today, which is great and all if I splice away the top and bottom rows and just keep in Lee Jun Ki and IU in costume. The top has that disturbing giant pig head, which is traditional in all Korean filming prayer ceremonies but that doesn’t mean it needs to be shown and be front and center. The botton shows the colorful costumes of the other princes which have been universally panned in the fan pictures from last week. I’m going to focus on the positives – namely how hot Jun Ki looks in all black and with that hairstyle as well as IU rocking the Goryeo ladies garb.


Lee Jun Ki and IU Shine in Period Costume at Prayer Ceremony for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 19 Comments

  1. Lee Jun Ki is so pretty. I am almost shock at how pretty he looks.

    I’ve never finished because it wasn’t my cup of tea but I might check this out since I like both leads.

    They will look so cute together.

    Hopefully this will be better than their remake of In Time With You. They don’t have a good track record though.

  2. Minus that pig head pic yeah,lee jun ki looking great! Much much better hair style than SWWTN..hated his get up from that drama.This one looks more manly and cool,more like LMH’s costume from ‘faith’.IU looking pretty too.

  3. Dayum, the period costumes here are far better than the previous Goryeo Power Rangers 😀 I hope their actual drama costumes will be similar to these.

    • I noticed the other male leads aren’t in costume, I really hope they aren’t going to wear those Power Ranger potato sacks we saw from that early pic, in the actual drama. It’s a waste of Goryeo costume opportunities!

  4. Lee Jun Ki looks so hot and pretty! I like guys dress in black, makes them look so masculine and badass! lol….IU glows in those bright colors. I realllly hope this drama turns out well, especially when Lee Jun Ki is in there. I have a I like and dislike relationship with IU. Don’t know why but just do. I really hope this role will help me see her as an actress, rather than an idol.

    • I agree. The black outfit is so refreshing. Period dramas usually hurt my eyes with too much colour on men’s clothes. After all, we need more dark “knights”. 🙂
      IU (along with the star system around her) tries really hard but she hasn’t delivered as an actor yet. For now, she’s just another overrated idol with an excellent PR team ready to brainwash us time and again. However, I sincerely hope that this is the project that she will rise above herself and prove me wrong – at least, for Jun-ki’s sake.

  5. Oh my god, Lee Jun Ki’s eyes look STUNNING especially in that instagram pic goodness…he needs to pass those eyes on to another generation and *ahem* I volunteer as tribute *shoots hand up*

  6. It’s not a bad idea to use ‘Moon Lovers’. Looking at Lee Jun Ki’s styling, they don’t give a vibe that is anything like BBJX. Did I see wrongly? He’s wearing eyeliner, right? Probably, they are going for more romance and time travel hijinks. I just can’t see 4th Prince wearing eyeliner.

  7. hmm.. eyeliner.. reminds me of his previous drama… well.. i just noticed the tiny baekhyun… well.. i have no expectation about this drama. just gonna watch one or two episodes, if it’s good, i continue, if not, bye bye. the cast isn’t my cup of tea but since this is an adaptation of my fave C-drama soooo.. hope it turns good. do well please. cuz the last adaptation, the time i regret watching it.. you know… 😛

  8. I really hope this drama is good. The last show of LJK’s that I watched from start to finish was Two Weeks. Only got through the first episode of Joseon Gunman and episode 3 on Scholar. Although it’s another period piece, I do miss him in modern times. But he does look good in his costume. Black suits him. Hair…hmmmm hope they fix that a bit.

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