Kang Ha Neul Looks Serious and Princely in Costume as K-version Bu Bu Jing Xin

I think imma going to like the stylings of Korean Bu Bu Jing Xin (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) now that I’ve seen the third of the first series of looks. Following on the heels of sneak peeks at leads Lee Jun Ki and IU in costume at the prayer ceremony, the production released the character costume fitting stills of second male lead Kang Ha Neul. This is way better than the Goryeo power rangers look courtesy of the recent fan pics, which leads credence to the talk that the cheap and colorful robes were just early prototypes.

I’m going to ask that black be reserved solely for Lee Jun Ki’s 4th Prince because holy momma I’m still fanning myself days later. Kang Ha Neul is styled less regally than I expected of the debonair and refined 8th Prince, but definitely looks better than expected yielding yet another sigh of relief. This novel and/or C-drama adaptation definitely has dedicated fans because there are already fan posters of the two leads from the brief glance at the prayer ceremony, the two best ones are below and really sell the OTP visually.


Kang Ha Neul Looks Serious and Princely in Costume as K-version Bu Bu Jing Xin — 19 Comments

  1. I hope I’m wrong. But I think most of the casts lack of charisma or aura as princes or princesses. Lee Jun Ki beside the wolf picture just not match, since he seems too flower boy looks. IU just looks like common teens in there. Kang Hae Neul laso the same. I think young actor that has aura as a prince is Yeo Jin Goo. And I don’t find anyone else beside him until now.

    Anyway, wish all the best for this since it’s really high budgeted one.

    • Lee Jun Ki’s picture with the wolf is just a heavily photo-shopped fan made poster. IU looking as a teen is just right because Ruoxi starts off as a teenager in the novel and presumably the drama. Whether the cast have charisma or aura, we will only know what we see the drama. However, with this director, we can be sure that the drama will be a treat for our eyes.

  2. I don’t understand why they’re making Lee Jun Ki looking like a teen who is in an emo or gothlic stage of life. Like, I understand that 4th prince was a cold person, but that doesn’t meant they dress Lee Jun Ki up looking like that. Hopefully, the drama will be good (though I have a bad feeling).

    • Really? A bad feeling? With all this miscast? It’s not as if we’re psychics, it’s just common sense. There’s a much slimmer chance for this series to rock our world than the opposite (I also hope to be extremely good nontheless). LJK’s “emo” statement is refreshing, especially in a period drama; too much colour on men’s outfits is quite distracting.

      • I fully understand what you’re trying to say with the clothing. However, with LJK’s outfit looking like that, he honestly doesn’t look like a prince that shows an elegant regal character(like 4th prince in BBJX), but rather a full-fledged martial artist bodyguard who is ready to throw out some punches when he is bully.

    • I read from other forums that it’s to cover a scar. But LJK’s hairstyle looks the same as Jang Hyuk’s in Shine or Go Crazy. I think they are playing the same character.

  3. I still think the costumes don’t look that great and none of them give off that regal feel but hoping it turns out well regardless of how they look.

  4. I don’t think it looks good,
    the cast is surely handsome
    but a brighter color will not hurt and Lee Jun Ki doesn’t need that much eyeliner,
    he looks fine the way he is

  5. I am not worried about the look of this drama. The PD did That Winter, The Wind Blows as well as Sung. Scandal. I had issues with the story of TWTWB but it was filmed beautifully, and I don’t remember having any issues with the wardrobe of Sung. Scandal. This drama will do well or not based on the writing. Even if the acting is only competent, I’ll be fine. I really liked the Chinese version but it certainly wasn’t perfect…the ending comes to mind. These are fan posters for us to enjoy.

  6. Am I the only one thinking KHN looks more manly and handsome than Lee Jun Ki? LJK is just too beautiful to exude aura of a noble man like 4th prince in BBJX….hahaha…

  7. I can’t take him seriously after watching Youth Over Flowers in Iceland. I somehow expect him to laugh heartily like his constant responses to whatever Ju Jeong Seok, Sang Hoon, and Jung Woo were doing.

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