So Ji Sub Munches on a Cupcake and is Visual Snack for Fans in New Star1 Pictorial

So Ji Sub is one of those slow burn type actors, and for that he continues to carve his own niche in an industry where overacting is more prevalent thanks to the propensity for makjang plot lines. He recently wrapped up K-drama Oh My Venus, a ratings disappointment despite the combined big names in him with Shin Mina, but overall got a decent buzz with the viewing audience who did watch it. I liked it better than She Was Pretty, but the two was hilariously opposite in tone, with SWP spastic and shrill while OMV was somnambulant and low-energy. The shining win in OMV was the pairing of So Ji Sub with Shin Mina, their chemistry was fantastic and the love story consistent in their affection for each other. So Ji Sub’s latest Star1 pictorial is a nice way to send him off back to pseudo hiberation before he’ll emerge once again when he picks his next acting or singing project.


So Ji Sub Munches on a Cupcake and is Visual Snack for Fans in New Star1 Pictorial — 8 Comments

  1. I really loved Oh my Venus but the couple had a great chemistry but there wasn’t a real story… The drama rely only on Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub so it’s not enough to have good ratings.

  2. Gorgeous! I’ve read somewhere before that She Was Pretty was offered to him but rejected it and one of his reasons to do Oh My Venus was to help the new writer. Unfortunately the ratings didn’t do well although it went up by more than 4-5% than the preceeding dramas, Monster and Sassy Go Go.

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