C-ent Buzzing About Feng Shao Feng Dating 18 Year Younger C-actress Girlfriend Jelly Lin

The new lunar calendar year of the monkey brings the first juicy dating news to liven things up. It’s kinda scandalous but I’m all about letting pretty people do their pretty thing so this unexpected couple is fine by me. Feng Shao Feng currently has a hit C-movie in theaters The Monkey King 2, which is doing head-to-head competition with the blockbuster Stephen Chow directed fantasy movie The Mermaid starring newbie Jelly Lin (Lin Yun) as the titular mermaid. How much more entertaining it is that the latest dating on dit is that 37 year old Feng Shao Feng is dating wee 19 year old Jelly!

It’s as true as investigative journalism (i.e. paparazzi) and fan photos reveal – the two on a date recently and Jelly snapped last week preparing lunar new year eve dinner in a kitchen that eagle eyed fans recognize as Feng Shao Feng’s kitchen. Setting aside the 18 year age difference, fans are still mourning the now broken up couple of Feng Shao Feng with Ni Ni, so his moving on will likely cause some waves. I’m cool with this new couple but must point out that Feng Shao Feng clearly has a type as Jelly and Ni Ni totally resemble each other.


C-ent Buzzing About Feng Shao Feng Dating 18 Year Younger C-actress Girlfriend Jelly Lin — 29 Comments

    • Age doesnt matter to me. As long as they have things in common and enjoy 1 another. There’s nothing wrong. Infact they look great together. He doesnt look his age. Very handsome man. Best of luck to them.

  1. Heard the news but never saw the pics. These pretty much confirms it.

    He doesn’t look 37 at all. I guess as long as they’re happy together. But he looked so good with Ni Ni.

  2. ew, when will creepy older men stop preying on young women. She’s 19 years old and he’s practically 40. gross, apparently his last girlfriend was 10 years younger than him as well.

    • To answer your inane question with an equally inane answer, they’ll stop “preying” on young women once young women stop going along with it (obviously setting aside pedophiles). You act as if no young woman in the history of the universe has ever been legitimately attracted to older guys. Are you as stridently opposed to older women “preying” on young men?

      That being said, 19 is way too young to be involved with someone 18 years older. But they’re both legal so… carry on, I guess?

      • How are you going to insult her question and then agree with her judgement? And great straw man argument with trying to shift focus to older woman-younger man arrangements.

      • Lulz. My problem with the original comment is the generalization of all older guys involved with younger women as creepy predators (that reminds me, I need to tell my hubby what a dirty old man he was for marrying me) – such an assertion is both unjust to men and infantilizes young women who are above the age of consent in their societies. I otherwise agree that differences in maturity and life stages do imply failure going forward. The points are not contradictory.

    • Never, what are you talking about? Life lesson: Men, regardless of their age will tend to find 19 yr. old girls attractive. Deal with it! haha

  3. I really like his acting.His personality seems to be soft and demure type too.So I was a bit shocked with this news.Not that I care for age difference,but 19 years old is waayy too young for him. Many think it is a stunt for their movies.I REALLY REALLY wish it is fake too.

  4. Agree with some comments above. It’s not the gap per se that’s offputting, but the fact that she’s still 19 years old. Of course there will be arguments that women tend to mature earlier than men, and she’s probably way mature than her peers — but still, life experiences and such. If she’s in her 30s, or even mid 20s, and he’s 40s/50s, nobody will give a dang.

  5. I dont know if 19 is a good age to date someone over 10 years older however if they both like each other and are consenting adults who are mature enough to make it work then good for them! I

  6. Wow. I’m her age, and I cannot even begin to imagine dating someone 37. Honestly, they’re at two very different stages of life. I can understand if she’s mid twenties with an 18 year gap but at the moment… Plus 37 is only 5 years younger than my stepmommy. Holy cow…

  7. Is that our business to judge? Are we the girl’s parents and care so much about the age of the man she’s dating? Geeezzzz…It seems netizens always have a fetish of gossiping about celebrities’ private lives. I know neither one of this couple but found some comments above nothing much different from tabloid. Very amusing…LOL

  8. She basically just became legal and they started dating. Of course, the age of consent may be different in China, but at 19 I still felt like a child and would call someone in their late 30s uncle…Also, even if she’s younger, I feel like she’s a step down from Ni Ni.

  9. Well, Jay dated Hannah when she was young too. And look at them. Married and they had a beautiful girl.

    19 years sounds young but it’s her life and her choices.

    • Ya, Jay Chou & Hannah came up my mind when I saw this. He was dating her when she was only 16,17 when he was like 32,33. It sounds a bit icky cos I know I wouldn’t date a guy that much older than me when I was at that age. But if the gal is matured for her age while the guy is actually childish, the communication btw them could actually works. What matters is it must be legal.

  10. lol who cares! i’ll take him any day. if a man is 10 years or older and look like FSF, Nicky, or Jay heck yea ill take them lol.

  11. I hope they are okay,
    my cousin is beautiful young woman and married a guy 15 years older, he dated him for 3 years since she is 23 I think , she is 10 years older than me which make her hubby is 25 years older than me,
    Idk how that happen but the guy older’s son is older than me 3 years and call me auntie,
    well some people work in different way, but people’s word and gossip is really hard to hear, they said she could just marry the son,
    just want a to share a story

  12. wow this guy is a pervert for going after a girl that not even 20 yet.
    man japan/china guy sure love dating young girl. something must be wrong with their brain if they think dating girl young who could be his daughter is ok.

    • Calling someone a pervert might be going too far especially when you don’t know if she approached him first or not. Besides that she is legal so Idgi

  13. I keep hearing these successful actors dating these younger, newbies. Why are they all going after people who have little success? This only makes it look like the younger, newbies are dating someone more successful to better their careers. ‘Jelly’ probably has a lot more people now caring about who she is than before. Still can’t believe she willingly goes by ‘Jelly’

  14. I find it doesn’t matter to date someone older. I was 12 years younger than my husband. We got married had 4 kids and now we’ve have been married over 30 years.. and he died.. in 2013.. so we had a good marriage and kids.. all the children are adults now.. So if they can make it work, nothing wrong with it.

  15. Borderline pedifile status to me. What is wrong with you for thinking this is ok? It isn’t, she is still in her teens for God sakes.

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