Descendants of the Sun Premieres to Double the Ratings of Please Come Back Ahjusshi


I don’t know if there ever really was an entire era of the star led K-drama wave, when viewers tuned in solely for the actor or actress alone. That clearly is not the case in recent years, with A-list stars fizzing out on television drama ratings and newbies garnering top shelf viewership on the strength of the drama story. My gut tells me it’s narrative driven these days, but it doesn’t mean the popularity of a star (or many stars together) won’t induce audiences to tune in initially for a drama. With that said, the K-media wondering who among the upcoming Wed-Thurs bloodbath will bring in the eyeballs has the first results in.

The two dramas premiering head-to-head are KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, with Korean golden son Song Joong Ki and Hallyu star Song Hye Kyo, against Please Come Back Ahjusshi on SBS starring singer-actor Rain with tons of name recognition along with current K-drama ratings queen Oh Yeon Seo with a side of Lee Min Jung. Ratings for Wednesday’s episode 1 garnered a promising 14.3% AGB/12.6% TNmS nationwide for DotS while Ahjusshi started off half that at 6.6% AGB/8.0% TNmS ratings. Already airing MBC drama One More Happy Ending had no movement with the arrival of these two new dramas, remaining static at 5% ratings.

First off, a big congrats to DotS and the Song-Song pairing, not to mention another notch in screenwriter Kim Eun Sook‘s belt. Coming shortly thereafter to join the fray in two weeks is Moon Chae Won with her golden record of ratings hits alongside Lee Jin Wook in Goodbye Mr. Black. Will you check out any of these dramas for one or both of the leads, or will the decision be based on the interest in the story being told?

I like that the three dramas are totally different in genre and narrative, sometimes K-dramas get into a trend and a slew of same topic dramas get the green light at once. Here the three are soooooo different it almost feels like viewers are getting the short shrift in having to choose among them. Looks like the big budget medical and disaster drama has the momentum out of the gate, only time and additional episodes will tell if DotS can maintain it.


Descendants of the Sun Premieres to Double the Ratings of Please Come Back Ahjusshi — 62 Comments

  1. Isn’t it already predicted? Kim eun sok drama, big budget, song couple…
    I’ll be supporting Mr. Black and Come back ahjussi no matter what

  2. Isn’t it already predicted? Kim eun sok drama, big budget, song couple…
    I’ll be supporting Mr. Black and Come back ahjussi no matter what

  3. Wow DOTS gonna hit 20% by episode 2. Good
    I was expecting Ahjussi to premiere with only 4 or at most 5% just hope it won’t go further down from 6 to 3. I will be supporting it and Mr. Black no matter what

  4. WOW in today’s day thats a huge number. Congrats to team DOTS! Hopefully it keeps going up not down like Hyde Jekyll and Me….I’ll also be watching MCW’s new drama as well. I watched the first ep of Rain’s and it wasn’t my type of show. But best of luck to all three shows!!!

  5. I am kinda surprised DOTS started off so well, yes the anticipation was high, but at the same time, I wondered if there was already fatigue from the long promotion period. It certainly bodes well for pre-produced dramas.

    One More Happy Ending started off so well, and then lost momentum by episode 8. It’s one thing to have a love triangle, that is the status quo in Kdramas, but this one is so forced. What was the point in making the 2 male leads strong, best friends, and then going out of their way to demonize the boyfriend, just to make the lead OTP pairing happen. That’s were they lost the audience, cause how does one root for a relationship that is akin to cheating or at least 3rd party interference. Meh

    • episode 1 was ok and i hope episode 2 does well and the ratings pick up.

      im a guy so whenever i go to kdrama sites, im just amused at how crazy or so into it women can get for pretty actors/actresses and love stories. i think so long as cba has a good heartwarming/funny story i think it would be able to get male viewers instead to make a decent ratings show. i doubt they would be able to get the female veiwers away from dots an drama with an all star cast, production and writer that is geared for women.

  6. If i have to judge from acting skill alone….
    Actor :SJK >> LJW >> Rain
    Actress : MCW >>>> OYS >>>>> SHK
    Dont hate me i m just someone who love film or drma 😉

    • Wow… I think you’re new comer in korean drama. You like it or not Song Hye Kyo is A-list actress who already made high profiles dramas. Autumn in My Heart, All In, Full House, etc which was very popular in and outside Korea. She proved she’s quite versatile tho.

      And you like it or not, Lee Jin Wook doesn’t has any big hit till now. And some people know how bland he is. Even many want Kim Kang Woo as lead instead of Lee Jin Wook. Rain may not be the best actor. But he’s quiet versatile. He can be dorky and good in serious roles too.

      Don’t hate me. It just my opinion.

      • Yeah, the one thing preventing me from taking much interest in Mr. Black is Lee Jin-wook. I don’t have any opinion on Rain, but he would have to be pretty bad to be worse than LJW imo.

      • I know she is big star..but in my opinion..have succesfull projects dont equal acting talent. Its all about luck. She is honestly lucky have beautiful face and land many high profile projects yet i cant relate her acting or charactet honestly…and im stated this opinion as someone who watch her project for many years…sorry if my comment sound offending

      • haha, then you forgot that song hae gyo once failed with her drama with hyun bin. even with 2 superstars, world within only got rating 7 (?) and the lowest one was 5 i think.

        She’s popular, she’s A list actress, but it doesnt mean she’s the best actress there. in k-drama history, MCW has more stable rating than SHG. But i like both.. i watch both dramas.

        let’s respect every commentator’s choice here.

        LJW worked with tvn before and Nine Time Travel brought him an award from tvn too.
        both rain and ljw, their dramas didnt do well this past year, sooo.. let’s see.

        even hyde&jekill once got high rating at 1st episode but then… be the worse.. so let’s hope your fave will get the best one ^^

        im rooting for this song couple too. but im neutral here.

      • @Calm Down

        Sorry to butt in. Can’t help but to response.

        May I know what is your reality? Is there anything to do between how one thinks of actor’s acting and the popularity itself? The poster talked about acting and you brought up popularity instead and mentioned about reality. What reality? the first place is a subjective matter. You think LJW’s acting is bad and that’s a reality? Then what about those who don’t fancy SKH’s acting.. is not a reality? Because she is famous? Err.. sorry to say but how many big popular actors who are famous but just medicore when it comes to their crafts? Acting is not equal to popularity. Opinions also not equal to facts/reality.

        As someone who claimed not a fan.. your reactions def said otherwise. Just calm down and try to deal with others’ opinions that differ from yours.

    • Regarding lee jin wook…i dont have opinion coz i never watch his project..but i heard he is great kisser…at least LJW and MCW will have amzing kissing scene considered MCW also known as good kisser…. ^^

      • i agree, your on point in your thoughts on their acting ability.
        been a longtime fan of shk and became a fan of oys a year ago and i still think mcw is the better actress.

      • Great kisser doesn’t mean great on acting. Whoever actors go for TvN dramas almost show their ability to kiss are no joke lol. What I saw from his last projects, Lee Jin Wook tones and facial expressions were always the same. I’m not Rain or Song Hye Kyo’s fan. But it got me irritated whenever people always making down others without knowing the reality. You like it or not, Rain and Song Hye Kyo are bigger than Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook.

  7. DoS has a household screen writer, household PD, household name lead actor and actress. It’s no surprise their first week would do really good. They just need to keep the momentum.
    Interesting that Rain vs SHK and SJK vs MCW

  8. I must say that this is not surprising at all. KES alone can bring in the viewers and add onto it the Songs and it just keeps it up. I would be very surprised if CBA can even keep ratings in the 7-8%. I was thinks dots will do at least 16% on average if not more. If it does 20% on average I would not be surprised.

    I am not so sure that rain is a really big draw as an actor. And this kind of tom com, the writing could go anywhere to ok to downright bad. So it remains to be seen. The actors are only ok acting wise. I think dots the actors overall are much better.

    • Average of 20%? You… Are kidding right? Because if you aren’t, that’s one of the most delusional comment I’ve read in a while. In the past 5 years only 3 dramas airing on weekdays surpassed 20% in overall average. That would be Moon Embraces the Sun, My Love From the Star and Empress Ki.

      Not saying DoTS can’t do it, but the fact that anyone thinks that’s as easy to do that it won’t be surprising or at least surprise you? Come on now lmfao.

      • @Lovedramas may be right about the 20% average. Just take last year’s Yong Pal, it had an average of 18.3%. It had no hype, budget, actors with hallyu fandoms or high profile writer like DotS. So I won’t be surprised if DotS hits 20% consistently. I have not watched the 1st episode but the fact that it premiered at 14.3% already gives it a record headstart. People are going to watch it despite every thing.

      • LOL, I guess the delusion is really strong for some peeps then. I’m honest and realistic enough to admit I’ll be extremely surprised if it happens considering there’s a reason it’s been so rarely done. But I doubt I’d have the chance to even be surprised. Premiering 14% is now considered amazing to the point where it’s not surprising to average at 20%? In retrospect, even Mr. Back premiered at 14% and we know what happened to that. Not saying DotS will get the same fate but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Premier ratings don’t ever tell a story as your example of Yongpal would suggest. How about lets see in 8 weeks time?

      • I think Dots will surpass the 20%. Only because it has Song Joong Ki, and lets be honest, the cinematography is breathtaking. The story is something new, and even the love line is the swoon worthy kind, something we dont see in nowadays drama’s. So yes, it will easily surpass the 20%.

      • @Marie67

        Err, I don’t think you read the comments carefully. No one is talking about surpassing 20%. We are discussing about AVERAGING 20% which is why I said it is so rare. Breaking 20% isn’t all that elusive; heck Remember just did so last week.

        I have no idea what I’m doing here arguing with peeps who don’t want to be realistic. Maybe some are too blinded by their oppa love or maybe they want to see roses and are refusing to see FACTS.

        My last comment on this topic and I’m tipping my hat and kaput-ing: 1. It IS surprising to see a drama average 20% despite anything and everything (I don’t care if even Won Bin is starring in it) because in this day and age it is as rarely done as 3 dramas in the past 5 years – one of them being a 50 ep Sageuk epic and the two other having wonderboy Kim Soo Hyun. 2. It is NOT surprising if DOTS breaks 20%. In fact, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t because THAT would be a major disappointment.

      • @Hmmm I am no deluded peep 🙂 I think DotS is overhyped and will likely be overrated but I just can’t deny that people love whatever crack or crap KES serves them. I read some knetz comments and everyone was gushing over how gorgeous and cool SJK looks and how pretty everyone and everything was. I don’t think Mr Back had viewers like these. Fans are not watching for the story.

      • I absolutely don’t think it will be easy to do and I didn’t say it would be easy. I also am not delusional in any way. I am not saying it will actually average 20% but I just said I would not be surprised if it averaged 20%. If any drama is capable of doing it, this one is it. It has a lot of things going for it, KES – a popular writer and good acting cast. Also the genre sets it apart from the two that are also airing. If the knetz latch on this one early on, I don’t think mcw’s drama will be able to debunk it in the middle.

        If it does well or not, I really don’t care. But I do think it will pull in good ratings for the cast and crew. I would be very surprised if it does poorly in the ratings. But I stand by my comment that I really would not be surprised if it pulls some amazing haven’t really been seen in awhile ratings.

        I plan on finishing all three dramas. 🙂

  9. I loved Dots! Song Joong Ki’s character is a decent version of Choi Young Do of the Heirs. He is badass player romantic alpha male lead material :P. And it surprised me, but he has chemistry with SHK!

    That aside, I dont think Moon Chae Wons drama will get high ratings, maybe if her male lead was Kim Kang Woo instead of Lee Jin Wook. Goodbye Mr. Black will have to go up against Dots for 10 episodes.

  10. not surprise BI drama flop. he acting is not going to get viwer to watch his show. DOTS will pass 30% with all this sux ass drama coming on. only way the drama dont reach 30% is KSH/LJS/LMH. have drama. seeing as how none of those three is coming any time soon. DOTS will kick butt big time. have no chance getting rating no one going to trun to watch LJW boring face. the drama might get good rating if KKW was the lead in at lease with him. u can watch for his acting. with LJW the guy going to trun u off with his face looking sad all the time.

  11. Though i find that Kim Eunsook’s drama are entertaining and sorta addictive but i do have to say that i dont exactly love them. All of her dramas(or most?) totally reeks of insta-love whereby main characters have this instant connection with each other from the beginning eventhough they have only just met. Though i guess this is just personal preference as i prefer slowburning type of romance story. And also not to mention that her male leads are almost always annoying because she always tend to write them as alpha males and having an ego as big as the ocean. And she also tends to insert cringeworthy scenes which arent really necessary to the plot but more of an opportunity to fulfil the female fantasies of viewers wanting a hot sangnamja(manly man) to sweep you off your feet. Lol. This is just the first ep and i have not watched it yet so i couldnt really judge it but im hoping that she will deliver something different.

  12. The fight goes on.. I’ll just chill and watch One More Happy Ending with Jung Kyung Ho! I feel this drama was dealt the worst hand in terms of competition from beginning to end.

    I’ll check out the other two after some episodes air..

  13. I think as the female, i like fantasy love story. Thats why kim eun sook dramas are famous for love story line and liked by mostly female audiences. But you must have boundaries between the drama and the real life. Real life love story like that might not happen at all so we as female dreaming having love story like that eventhough its impossible. So i like watch kes drama coz its gives me happiness to watch it. So just enjoy the drama n don’t take it too far coz drama is made for everyone to enjoy it.

  14. Watched both dramas absolutely loved Dots the cinematography is beautiful the actors equally beautiful whereas Cba was just a bit bland nothing new.

  15. I’m still looking forward to GMB and MCW’s comeback. I will checkout DotS for SJK but it’s not my priority. Again: SHK scares me away a little bit.

    For the competition. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. DotS needs to keep the momentum. K-viewers aren’t as forgiving as in the past anymore. So it could go downhill no matter if it’s a KES drama or not. I don’t hope for that because should DotS turn out to be a rating fail in the end it would be terrible for such a expensive drama.

  16. Smh at you guys arguing over ratings. It’s not like you’re getting paid if the dramas are a success or not. Calm down it’s not that serious.

    • SAME. It IS serious in the industry but I don’t think it is for us, viewers, too. At the end of the day, the question is whether do you like the drama or not. And whatever your answer is is as it is.

  17. Congrats DOTS. As expected. SMH at people keep fighting for the ratings meanwhile I’m just here with my BiKyo and ChaeKi heart just so happy to have them four back on my screen and have this interesting ratings battle of the former partners.

    I’ve yet to watch both and even though I love Joong Ki and Hye Kyo individually (I’ve yet to get really attach with Hye Kyo’s acting but her beauty is out of the question to be a fan of), I don’t want give in yet with the hype and will probably just wait for comments until finale before I start it off. Just really scared this will be another Heirs. This maybe such a sad truth to accept as a Rain fan who really believe in his talent and acting potential but he just doesn’t appeal much to korean audience anymore ever since he left JYP, gone too holywood and had military scandal. FPB was mediocore while MLG was a major disaster added that on this comeback drama of him, they had Lee Min Jung that’s the extension of her husband’s scandal, it couldn’t really have a good start. But who knows too, right?

    Wishing both dramas the best!

  18. I love both Chae Won and Hye Kyo. So I will continue watch their drama. Still I like Hye Kyo character in DotS, she’s so pretty, made ne stuck on my screen. But sure in few weeks my pretty Chae Won will make my heart flutter again with her charming. Just hoping their dramas got high ratings.
    I won’t compare both of them because I love them in different way. SHK is my first love in drama land with her Full House, and MCW is my true love with all of her charm acting until now. They always my top priority in my drama land. So, I’ll be waiting to the time when both of them facing each other in same slot, and may be my heart will decide at that time… whose I love more… it’s hard to think about it

  19. All I know is I am staying out of here and soompi. Why are fans so defensive over their actor bias or drama? It’s as if only one sort of view is allowed. I will be watching all 3 because frankly they are thankfully all different enough for me to try.

    But the fandoms are really hard to bear. If your actor is good they good. Based on the merit for this drama. Past performences are not a necessary indicator of good acting. Good writing and directing. Ok- and a good soundtrack are factors too. And so far it’s too early to tell. But I hate having to curb what I notice just because some people are so sensitive and can only accept certain views on forums. Like seriously- that’s like on allkpop only.

  20. My IG @l0vekd review, I posted below

    What the £#<€ ?

    I wanted to watch at least 2 ep before I made up my mind but….. It is a hot mess (and hot refers to #rain #6pack only). Even heaven ? cant save this drama unless writer makes deal with the devil ?
    #kimsuro and #honeylee are so mismatched. They show younger self as same age but older!!!! Did not know gangster can age rapidly ?

    And I am not even gonna talk about rest of the cast because I JUST DONT CARE to watch it any more !!

  21. if u go to soompi dont bad mouth rain. u could get ban. my frind got ban. for saying rain acting suck. or LMH. his crazy fangirl will report u if u say his acting suck.

    after first ep DOTS is the one am sticking with. CBA is not my liking.

    my only beef with SHK is she too short. i perfer SJK with moon. they were hot in TIM.

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