Cheese in the Trap Turmoil Behind the Scenes as Park Hae Jin Openly Voices Displeasure with Story Direction

Hoo boy, things are looking progressively more dire on the set of tvN drama Cheese in the Trap, which is actually ending soon but the drama offscreen is threatening to end things on a down note. The drama was super buzzy early on when casting since it’s based on a popular webtoon, and the early episodes premiered to great audience feedback as leads Kim Go Eun, Park Hae Jin, and Seo Kang Joon perfectly embodied their characters. I actually watched the early episodes intently but lost interest around episode 8, for no reason related to the quality or acting, just that this particular college age tale failed to fully engage me as it progressed.

I thought the drama was solid with its devoted fans so failed to read up until now on the increasingly frustration with the recent episodes, which bottled up over weeks and spilled over today with male lead Park Hae Jin openly and directly voicing his displeasure over what is a very douchey and unprofessional thing from the production. Apparently his scenes in recent episodes have all been vanished, cut down so significantly that he nets mere minutes per episode, and worse yet the scenes were actually filmed but simply not aired. WTF is going on in cheeseland?


Viewers are voicing their displeasure at male lead Yoo Jung becoming basically a side character as the drama has increased the screen time for second male lead In Ho. It’s turned into In Ho’s story more than Yoo Jung and female lead Hong Seol’s story, and that’s so weird I can’t even since Cheese in the Trap refers to Yoo Jung and Hong Seol’s interesting dynamic. Seo Kang Joon’s In Ho is my favorite character in the drama, don’t get me wrong, but hearing that he’s suddenly the lead in screen time is so much no I can’t even. That shit is wrong, if Park Hae Jin signed on as the male lead and the storyboard said he was the male lead then by golly keep it that way!

In Ho can come cuddle with me but there is no reason to shove Seol with him, or spend the majority of the running time on his scenes and backstory, especially at the expense of Park Hae Jin. He gave an interview today directly asking the production to explain what is happening, and I don’t blame him even if it’s a ballsy thing to do. Reportedly he was also not notified that the entire production was headed on an overseas trip after filming wrapped. He seems like a super dedicated and professional nice guy so I don’t know if he got on anyone’s bad side but I feel terrible about what happened on this drama to him, not to mention as a viewer it just sucks to see the story derail so spectacularly.


Cheese in the Trap Turmoil Behind the Scenes as Park Hae Jin Openly Voices Displeasure with Story Direction — 92 Comments

  1. Park Hae Jin got screwed just because he is known to be mild mannered and generally a nice person. I am glad he dares to bare his teeth this time. Take that Ms PD!

    “Who Stole My Cheese?” should be the title of the drama.

  2. I think drama viewer will love Inho character more because Jung never gets explain in the drama and they cut his scene.
    I feel bad for Park Hae Jin esp after remember that he doesn’t want to take the role since he feels he is too old but the PD and webtoon fans liked him then the drama turn into InHo Cantabile , smh

    • I personally HATE In Ho’s character. I didn’t like him for constantly forcing himself on Seol; and showing such a disrespect to her when she’s in a relationship; always pulling her alone. More than that, I could see him being forced down my throat in every episode start with 7–that’s when it began to irritate me. Seol also irritated me because she painted as woman who has no loyalty to her boyfriend.

      NOTHING, can convince me that a deal wasn’t made with the PD and someone backing Seo Kang Joon who saw this as an opportunity to promote him in a lead position. I doubt very seriously hat Park Hae Jin did anything wrong on set to tick anyone off. I think because he is such a professional and actors usually don’t voice their complaints that the PD thought she could get away with this foolishness. She was wrong. I don’t feel sorry for Seo Kang Joon because everything was done to benefit him which confirms he’s no innocent in all of this. I will avoid his dramas and movies in the future.

      • I can’t stand In Ho and his sob story either. Get that boring cheesefest flat pancake of a character out of my screen please.

      • Now don’t talk anything bad about my Seol. She is loyal but overthink things and just don’t want to make things complicated (which complicates things even more).

        I actually like In Ho’s character and the growth we see (he starts off actually worst in the Webtoon but grows on you eventually) however he’s just a usual character. Jung is what is different in this story. The title itself refers to his trap to Seol. In Ho just serves as an interesting dynamic to Jung. He’s what Jung cannot achieve.

        Anyways sad this whole thing had to happen. Park Hae Jin did such a terrific job I couldn’t ask for a better Jung.

      • Inho does not grow at all. He starts as a self centered self absorbed back stabbing spy who rats on Jung to his father and has a complex about Jung’s popularity and talks trash about him behind his back. He has hallucinations about himself being a second Mozart and looks down on everyone with less talent and that foul mouth gets his hand crashed but he puts all the blame on Jung because he doesn’t see his own faults.
        He finishes the same; just being defeated by Jung in love takes a little wind out if his ballon self. Detestable jerk!

      • I’m glad that someone shares the suspicion I have had about this change of direction so I’m just gonna come out and say it: Inho must’ve sucked something with that Zoolander face of his. There, I feel better already.

  3. Personaly, I really love the drama and the story. In Ho is the character the most interesting because he’s maturing. I don’t understand why Seol fall in love with Jung because I’me not a fan of him, I don’t like the fact that he always acting behind the back of people, manipulating them. Even I understand his issue with his father ! I think they didn’t show scenes with the couple where I find the chemestry cute or lovable. So I’m happy that the story shows more InHo. I find the spirit of the manhwa in this adaptation.

    But I fully understand that people who read the story (I started but stopped in the middle) was angry. It could be frustrating.

    • He’s only maturing because they gave him Jung’s role. You’re not a fan of June because the PD deleted his scenes and gave them to In Ho. Jung is the one that always came to Seol’s rescue. He is the one that she told In Ho has always been their for her. The PD tried to make Seol and In Ho a couple and in the process made Seol appear to be a shady person sho didn’t reject In Ho firmly like she should have as a woman in a relationship–with a man she appears to care strong . The writer did a disservice to the actors (except the beneficiary Seo Kang Joon), the viewers and the writer of the original script.

    • The title refers to Jung and Seol’s so it makes no sense to make In Ho the lead. They made Jung in the drama that direct cause of In Ho’s hand. They manipulated the story this way. I’ve seen 12 episodes and in all episodes Seol showed Zero romantic interest in Inho how will they explain the change? It just doesn’t make sense in the story that In Ho becomes lead. The story is about Jung even if they break up in the end.

  4. I noticed that the story changed after episode 8 or so. Each episode focused more and more on the side character In Ho. It got to a point where, in a single episode, he’d get several useless scenes just playing the piano or moping around.

    But since they pre-filmed most of the drama I really didn’t think they’d have the balls to change the story and delete Park Hae Jin’s scenes.

    I’m very surprised and angry at all this. I didn’t expect tvN or this PD to be so cruel. To the actors and to the fans.

    As an ex-fan of the drama, I feel betrayed.

    • I saw that they deleted some park hae jin scenes, and refilm it with seo kang joon.. if that pd wants seol to go with kang joon, she should just do it in the original script. And not delete the scenes without the male lead knowing.

  5. I loved this drama through the first 10 episodes, but it started losing steam and flow in 11 and 12 because it was always supposed to be more about Yoo Jung and how he ended up this way and the journey he and Seol take together because they actually make each other stronger.

    It seems to me they opted to make In Ho much sweeter than he was in the webtoon for the purpose of shipping wars and they got what they wanted. Basically they didn’t trust their audience and they went with an overused, boring trope. So 11 or 12 were okay and by episode 14 I was actually skipping scenes; it was boring.

    So now I have that icky feeling that the last two episodes are a train wreck and there is no excuse because this was 50% pre-produced so they didn’t have to rush. Park Hae Jin has admitted he doesn’t even know how it ends because they film so much, but he doesn’t know how it was edited. He is being really candid which I find k-drama stars very rarely are so he must be unhappy.

    Sorry to go on so long, but I loved this drama and still cannot believe how sideways it has gone when it was so good in the first half.

  6. Speaking more realistically, I have no idea why soel started dating Jung, she knew him but have not talked to him and out of the blue they start to date ,and if she is continually questioned her feelings for him and ?????
    Obviously she has feelings for inho but doesn’t know what she feels because she feels kinda of ” obligations ” towards Jung.
    The drama made Jung character so dull and just there .

    • because they cut down Jung’s back stories so people who haven’t read the webtoon never understand the motives or rationales/ psychology behind his actions.
      and more devotion to Inho character makes viewers also think Seol likes him without herself knowing. and here we go, a love triangle, lol

    • “Obviously she has feelings for inho but doesn’t know what she feels because she feels kinda of ” obligations ” towards Jung.”

      Have you been watching the drama? Jung Loves Seol and she also loves him!!! She fell for him because for the first time someone was really there to ear her, and help her and love her! The same way she is healing his wounds, he is healing hers. They are very similar and very different at the same time, so they complete each other.

      Jung and Seol <3

    • Of course you wouldn’t understand. Instead of showing Jung’s backstory we get to see unnecessary scenes of In ho playing the piano, In ho walking on the street, In ho doing push up, In ho taking out the garbage…

      • lol. couldnt agree no more. Jung’s scenes are deleted and they show only In Ho’s useless parts.

  7. PS: The only way I’ll forgive them is if they released a special DVD version. Kind of a Director’s Cut.

    The DVD should show the drama as it was originally conceived. And include all of Jung’s scenes. And cut out the excess In Ho scenes.

    • But it shouldn’t be director cut but we already have bad director’s cut airing right now. Maybe they should call it real webtoon version and release it after the webtoon is completed.

  8. I am also quite upset with the way the drama is turning. I was watching for Park Hae Jin and his character Yoon hung but since episode 12 his character has been completely shafted. Yoo jung appeared for 5! minutes in episode 13 and about the same for episode 14. I do like in ho but I am sick of the number of scenes dedicated to him..the drama has basically devolved into a love triangle between baek in ho, his piano and his hand LOL This is NOT what I wanted to see!

  9. They cut out the important seems where we are suppose to understand Jung and the relationship with his father and the reason why he is the way he is. They also gave some Jung scenes to Inho. Like it was Jung who save Seol and they are sweet Jung-Seol moments they turned into Inho-Seol so basically the Inho starting from episode 8 is actually Jung.
    I cannot believe the way they USED PHJ to promote this drama both in Korea and China. PHJ is really popular in China which is why it sold for so much money. Also he initially rejected this role but they continued to pursue him only to treat him like this!? Even not telling him who is the lead about the vacation trip. It messed up on so many levels. All this probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much if it wasn’t for the fact that they promoted the drama on the basis of how PHJ fit the role of Jung.

    Actors need to remember this director and stay far away from their future work.

    • I read the web toon a whole do I don’t remember all the plot details. Can you give examples of what were Jung scenes but now In Ho scenes in the stands? Thanks.

      • There is a scene where Seo fights with minsoo in the webtoon it was Jung who puts ointment on her face in the drama its Inho.
        The scene of Inho sitting in the hosital in the webtoon it was actually Jung who was with her holding her hand.
        The one who saves seol from a fall in the webtoon is Jung in the scene with sangchul.
        They also cut out a scene of Jung’s childhood that was suppose to explain why Jung’s father treats him like that. PHJ even confirmed that this scene was filmed but wasnt aired.

      • @lololo wow, those are pretty significant moments to change in favor of another character. so far the drama has only emphasized Jung as making things difficult for Seol and Seol accepting him despite that, but very little of what Jung offers to Seol and why she would like him. The moments they changed were of Jung actually giving something to Seol in the relationship. I mean they seem small but consider the impact it had when Jung was there when Seol ran away from home and felt so alone. Timing and being someone who can anticipate Seol’s needs are huge advantages. I can’t believe they would undermine Jung like that. thanks for the background.

      • It was Jung who tend to the wounds of Seol after the fight with Min Soo, It was him that saved her from Chang Sul after the incident with Jung Notes…

  10. I stopped watching around episode 8 too..or was it 9 when they Seol and Jung had a cool down. Basically thought they made In Ho rather prominent and I couldnt see how Seol could like Jung without his character being explained. Instead I feel like Jung was creepier by the second. There was so much focus on InHo and his piano that I did get bored…was thinking of picking it up again but now I’m not even sure I could watch it anymore without getting more frustrated.Still hope the drama has a decent ending considering the love it got in the beginning.

  11. No seriously that is such a shame… I had just started to watch the drama after catching up to the recent chapters and I quite liked it so far…

    Not that I don’t like In Ho but that’s quite a weird shift. That’s really not nice to Park Hae Jin

  12. I stopped watching halfway into episode 13 and really have no desire to watch this if now suddenly Yoo Jung is relegated to a side character. I have been liking In Ho’s story too but not at the expense of Soel and Jung’s romance. I feel betrayed also and am very upset on how they are treating Park Hae Jin. He is the reason I tuned in so I’m just going to tune out on this one.

  13. Now I understand why Seo Kang Joon was advertised on DramaFever for an x amount of weeks imploring people to buy membership to watch CITT. I can’t believe I stopped reading the manhwa because I assumed they would follow the storyline like they did in the beginning. Even the original writer is pissed at this team.

  14. Sad news.

    I really liked this drama, and lately I’ve been rooting for In Ho because I like his character and I can’t understand Jung… but to know that the reason I don’t understand the male lead character is because they cut scenes where his actions/feelings should have been explained is annoying. Poor Park Hae Jin.

    I hope the Production team corrects this mistake for the sake of the actors, fans and the original story.

  15. It does seem that they have great fun at the set and filming was smooth

    What went wrong?
    I was all in to defend episode 13, even though there was less Jung and more Inho. I liked SJK characterization of Inho and Inho remains my favorite character as well – simply because his story is compelling. So episode 13 shone for me but I thought that’s his swan song and show will get back to Jung which they always do.

    Ep14 got me a little confused
    And this? Wow
    The drama had such steady direction in the first 12 episodes – it always felt like it knew what story it wanted to tell. I’m surprised at this because any one who know cheese knows Jung is the centerpiece.

    And this is PHJ – he’s no newcomer.
    U see his name to sell the show
    U better make sure u don’t sell him short
    Simple logic right – who the heck messed up!

  16. I love Baek In Ho too and he was very much the most alive, engaging and interesting character in the show. But I also stopped around ep 8 because the story felt to draggy and without actual purpose. Now that I see this whole controversy blow apart, I’m honestly quite shocked. It sucks for PHJ, tvN and the production did him badly. So unprofessional.

    And to think everyone called Cheese the first successful drama to come out of the pre-filmed trend that’s started recently. Even Moorim School is so poorly done. So many pre-produced dramas are slotted to come out this year and it will be interesting to see their trajectory. Who would’ve though Cheese would go down so badly after such a good start?

  17. i didn’t know there was such controversy but a cheese in the trap fan at ep 9 i was wandering why i can’t see yoo jung sunbae more in the episodes it was so much frustrating feeling i wanted to know more to discover more about yoo jung something missing it just feels the story is incomplete #disappointed

  18. Park Hae Jin has become the male lead who exists only in the previews.
    Cutting out scenes which are not shown to anyone is one thing, but cutting out what was promised in the previews is treating the viewers as FOOLS.

    • I personally love Inho’s storyline. But I do feel for Park Hae Jin, because this is obviously not what he expected or signed up for. Yoo Jung – as written by the production- is an unattractive character to play.

    • There’s a whole lot going for In Ho and if you were watching the show or even just following the news which is everywhere, you would know that.

      • I’ve watched all episodes, but I’m not so into the show where I care about the characters or what happens to them, so I think I’m pretty objective. Seriously, other than the piano story line, what else is there about In Ho? If there was more, they wouldn’t be so fixated on the piano…He comes to town, struggles to get a job, likes a girl, has to run away because of guys chasing him..that’s it. That’s no character or story development. So, not sure what more is there.

  19. well that’s what happened when the production want to go for fan-service and crazy fan wars between two male lead. At least that’s what I thought happened to School 2015 when they shoved the second lead into every random situation with female lead just because he’s the most interesting character and lose direction of the story…poor audiences…they got played by the production.

    • I agree for the most part, except that Tae Kwang is actually an interesting character who should have been the lead. But in Cheese case, Yoo Jung is ten times more intriguing and worth the development than Baek in ho. Yoo Jung is the character that provokes all kinds of debates, the main subject of think pieces and psychological analyses of his actions and thought process. I and a lot of viewers tune in for this drama for the main couple’s interesting dynamics and Jung character, not for a basic sob story about a boy and his piano dream.

  20. This really explains my irritation with the last couple episodes. In Ho is a good but stereotypical kdrama character, where “less is more” should apply – his character is too predictable the more he’s shown; hence the story becomes boring and I find myself skipping alot of the scenes. I’m going to wait until I see the ending scene now to see if I want to spend my precious time on this show again. In the meantime, I’ll start reading the webtoon again since this show appears to be drifting apart from the original source.

    • I was kinda not like jung character at first but warm up after awhile when they show bit of jung back story but at the last 4eps I don’t know why I lost interest and ffwd every scene esp if no I understand.I sign witb this drama because of phj.start to read the web just to know what happend but after ep 8 the web update is slow compae to the drama. Tvn always have good record with thier drama and all but now I kinda hate then esp the pd and director.I agree with you.I will wait till it the comment if it save to watch and read the webtoon to clear everything.

  21. The lead actor of this drama was supposed to be Park Hae-Jin. Why they deleted his scenes and give more air time to SKJ? I started to watch this drama for Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun, certainly not for SKJ. I don’t think I ever want to watch a drama with SKJ – I am so angry.

  22. Thank you. The last couple of episodes felt off. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now i know it was lacking the scenes with Seol and sunbae’s developing relationship. It was a budding romance and then it seemed to hit a wall and focused more on Inho and his piano, hand and overcoming his inner demons. I’m not interested with this direction nor this face in most of the scenes. He looks to plasticky, like he had fillers in his lips to the light colored contacts (could be his real eyecolor) and dewy cushioned/bb creamed face gives me the creeps. Now i know why i stopped watching couple episodes ago when it used to be my monday and Tuesday night pleasures…..

    My new pleasure is Descendants of the Sun! Wowowow. Cant wait till next week!!!!!!!

      • Yeah but this might be the better of the two “cheeses”
        I rather have this cheese if it’s consistent than have a cheese that turned 180 and stinky!
        I have to admit i feel like a dirty ajumma when i see SJK and his sweet baby face. And SHK still can’t act. Let’s get some hot sizzling chemistry!

  23. I liked so much the second lead actor but i decided to drop the drama at episode 5 cause I wanted to save myself from seeing my ship sinking one more time in Kdramaland. I have the second lead syndrome and that explains a lot.Two weeks after I read that maybe my second lead became first and the first lead a second.
    Should I start watching it again ?Lol
    Changing the script does not help any side.
    I do not want people accuse actor who plays Inho for anything even if it s not his fault.

  24. sad that a guy like PHJ have to take back sit to a noob. he hardly have screen time in these last few ep. hell his screen time get so little after the writer make him leave school. so that boring ass face noob can get more screen time.if i were PSJ i would be unhappy to. when he was promise the lead role. never seem a lead guy have so little screen time as PSJ does have in CIAT.about

  25. Baek Inho is a terrible character and SKJ is a terrible actor. He is like the guy trying to hit on your momma because he thinks your momma is a whore and nobody would mine if he slept with her. His character is cheesey and hopefully he won’t succeed at the piano competition. There is no growth in his character. He is as he was before, he doesn’t respect boundaries and he has no intrinsic value except to show how fool can wreck havoc.

  26. It’s NOT a shame really. The drama got the downfall it deserved thanks to the mediocre directing and handling of the production. In ho is the most annoying, moping, little sh*t; the director obviously made him a priority so that it made him shine, but not by default, but because of manipulative directing tricks that shifted the attention toward his character. My eyes rolled to my back every time his scenes came up–101 on how to manipulate the audience. And buy it they did-with audience members thinking the actor portraying In Ho has been the breakout of the drama when, in reality, his talent is less than average. I’m a bit shocked you didn’t notice this Koala. Directing, writing and editing, all make a huge impact in the development of a performance. In ho is not a great character nor performance-its just a well manipulated one. The actor has been terrible in his other dramas–I like his personality, but This isn’t a breakout for him–this is a well crafted charade of a breakout role. A cliche even. I think you know it, Ms. Koala. Technically, you can lessen or increase the impact of your character if the director or the producers wish to do so. Just like that.

    • I feel the same way about in Ho–I hated his character. It was frustrating when they kept adding more scenes to him and had Seol interacting with him in a way that question her loyalty to Jung. After hearing what happened behind the scenes–I’m completely turned off of Seo Kang Joon.

    • +1
      yes, i tried to restrain myself on commenting about his acting but I think I have to agree with you on this. don’t get me wrong. I like SKJ but I’ve followed many of his dramas so far and I don’t think this is a breakout role of him, yet. The story is manipulated so that his character gets spotlight and then people praise his acting. He is good in this drama but not to that extent. Sigh~

    • I don’t really agree
      I felt SkJ was on point right early in the series.
      I remember as early as ep2, most recaps and pole praise him in his role, enough for him to be a breakout even without the extra screen time in the second part of the series. I try not to fault the actor since we don’t know what went on behind the scenes. No matter what his job is just to act his role which he did

    • MTE. Seo Kang Joon’s performance is extremely overrated. I found webtoon In Ho much more interesting tbh. He feels like a real person instead of a cookie cutter drama second lead. He’s loud, rash, annoying, childish, has violence tendency but as the story goes on he matures a lot and I love his growing friendship with Seol. However, this type of character is not “cool” and “droolworthy” enough for you to root for in a love triangle, hence the tragic whitewashing of drama In Ho.

  27. Below are just my opinions, but this is how the pieces are falling into place for me.

    I have a feeling that when the truth comes out, we will learn that the intent was to keep the scenes with Park Hae Jin in the drama. That’s why there was such a good vibe at first. However, there was some backdoor deal made, probably around episode 6 (when they cut communication with the writer), to start focusing on Seo Kang Joon. Give him more screen time. IMO it was around this time when a lot of people didn’t understand Jung’s character. As we all know, we were waiting for the scenes to give us a little more insight into his personality. So Jung was receiving some flack, especially by those who had not read the webtoon and In Ho was being spoken of sympathetically with the actor SKJ being praised for his acting….some even wanted SKJ with Seol.

    I think this is when certain people supporting Seo Kang Joon saw this as an opportunity to make elevate SKJ to the lead in this drama by editing out the real lead. I honestly believe they were under the foolish assumption that with SKJ’s performance of In Ho which it seemed more people liked than Jung, that they would get away with it and the fans would be on their side.

    They are now seeing this was a huge mistake and one they are paying for dearly. When the cut scenes are shown, I think it’s going to really whip up a frenzy. Even the people that didn’t like Jung because they couldn’t understand why he was so “evil” (which he’s not by any stretch of the imagination), looked at the treatment of Park Hae Jin as beyond anything that Jung would have came up with and it was happening in real life.

  28. This proves that pre-filming does not necessarily guarantee the stable quality throughout the whole drama. Things can still go apeshit in the middle like in this case. They could not change the script live so they went ahead to shot multiple scenes and chose from them. I do not see how this can enhance the quality of the camera. Even worse is that the actors had to work their butt off for extra work that we will never see. (I hope at least they get paid by hours!)

  29. The story became boring when YJ and Seol made up and broke up, made up, broke up. And the whole unnecessary stalking guy spoilt the fun in the drama. They have also made Jung so dull as what. So yes, I used to root for Yoo Jung, but now I am all team In Ho. It also helps that Seo Kang Joon is nailing this role, even more than Park Hae Jin.

  30. I was so surprised my self, not much Sunbae in the new episodes. It gets me boring as to wait when will Sunbae turn on screen with Seol. I watch this drama,and read the webtoon solely because I fell in love with Jung-Seol. When I re-watch the new episode, I also fast-forward it. 4 last episodes was boring, no heart beating (sighs!!) … Bring bang My Jung-Seol couples. Hope the 2 last episodes will not disappoint us

  31. the pd is a cult. that all i got to say. she just use PHJ. so the chinese fan will turn in to watch the show. PHJ should do what LDH do. left the show. when he saw his screen time go down. then go on sns. say he left cuz the pd is being a cult to him. by cutting him out of the drama.

    • The thing is PHJ didn’t, wouldn’t know about it. It was pre-produced and it’s not like they’d cutted his script or stop filming him, he and his company did raised questions on why some important scenes were removed (not filmed) and was told that’s the way things are done. They continue to make him work and put his part in previews to lure viewers.

  32. I stopped watching when the characters were swapped vs the webtoon. I am a fan of the webtoon and was excited for a live version…I’ll stick with the webtoon. The live version has taken too many liberties with changes in significant moments and conversations between Seol and Jung.

    • Yeah. I was actually waiting for the scene when they both spent time helping out kids with learning difficulties. I thought that was one of the pivotal moments that defined who Jung is. Gah! Now I wish I had my own production company so I can produce my own live version with PHJ and the rest of the cats in it

  33. Seeing how immature that viewers are in the comments and even bashing The actor ,you guys went from cursing other female actress who could of played seol to cursing the second lead ,this is exactly what you guys deserve! AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

      • Yall got what you deserve now this is what happens when you curse others,you guys were so excited like ” I hope so and so don’t ruin this ” or ” inho is so annoying ,sjk is a bad actor ” etc now the drama is ruin because of the PD and I couldn’t be more happier because the viewers got what they asked for ,maybe you can go back to calling other people trash right ? Ha!

  34. LOL…It seems I made the right decision early on to drop the drama, around episode 6, simply bcuz the storyline was a tad boring. The female lead looks like a good actress although her character isn’t likable just as many typical weak heroines in K drama. The character of 2nd male lead is extremely annoying and that was the major reasons for me to quit watching. Now seeing all the backdoor ruckus, I am glad I don’t need to bother going back to watch again. BTW, I have a feeling that K ent encourages overacting as this has been a trend to give more screen time to actors with that tendency. Cheese in the Trap sort of reminds me of Dr Stranger in which they cut the screen time of the female lead to please other shippers.

  35. so the production team worked hard to get Park hae jin only to use his name as the male lead but then only show him for 5 minutes in the ending product? and they deleted his already filmed scenes? what is going on?!!! this is highly unprofessional and unacceptable!!! they are not only changing the story’s direction or the male leads position in the story, they are disrespecting an actor and his hard work!!!! I feel bad for Park Hae Jin (I’m supper angry actually for him), he’s really a talented actor and a really nice person and I’m glad that he voiced his displeasure!!!

  36. Well. I am super behind on all the dramas I want to see and this one was included but since they doing my Park Hae Jin dirty, I will just cross this off my list. He was the ONLY reason I wanted to see this drama.

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  38. It’s March 2017 and it’s my first time to watch this drama. I got interested to watch it when I saw a reaction videos on mnet at youtube where they showed how Kpop idols reacted to “bed scenes” of CITT. I did not realized it at first that the male lead was PHJ.

    I did noticed the similarity of Do Min Joo’s character on Yoo Jung based on appearance and personality. I was thinking, the creative team behind this drama is the same like those behind My Love From The Star. Because the cheesy atmosphere have similarities with these two.

    But since episode 8, I felt something wrong. Why the hell is Jung suddenly has less time frame appearances than the second lead In Ho? I got bored with the piano chenes. I think, the actor who played as In Ho had something to do with this or his agency/manager. This is not the first time that something like this ever happened in Kdrama. Also, I was thinking of the Knets. Maybe Korean netizens were shipping for Seol and In Ho during those time so they had to push and change the plot. I felt pity for Park Hae Jin. He’s a good actor. I didn’t liked his character in MLFTS, I find him such a nuisance on that drama, then it felt like I was betrayed when I see another more irritating and such a terrible nuisance second lead In Ho.

    Shall I say, all second leads are scene stealers? Lol.

    I thought the actress who played In Ha’s character is awesome because she slayed her character that I got pissed yet can’t help but kept praising how good actress that woman at playing bitch. Lol. She’s hilarious!


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