Park Hae Jin Looking Handsome and Cheery Headed to China for Scheduled Activities

There are way worse things, even solely within the entertainment industry, than to have decreased screen time in a drama. I’m not as invested in the Cheese in the Trap meltdown since I stopped watching midway, but I think fans and audience members should consider taking a step back after fully venting and not keep the fanning the flames. The drama is about to end this week, not to mention it still plans to air overseas in whatever capacity. If Park Hae Jin‘s male lead unaired scenes get edited into the drama for airing in China or other countries which have purchased the rights, that means international viewers will eventually also see a version of the drama that might allay the bitter taste in the mouth left from the recent happenings. Park Hae Jin himself will be just fine, he’s not a newbie or even a struggling actor, he’s very well received in Korea thanks to You From Another Star, My Daughter Seo Young, Dr. Stranger, and Bad Guys, and in China he’s quite well known and has done C-dramas along with appearing on variety shows. He was spotted at Incheon Airport this Monday heading to China for scheduled events, looking super smexy, which may be the best revenge for getting shafted by the production of CitT.


Park Hae Jin Looking Handsome and Cheery Headed to China for Scheduled Activities — 23 Comments

  1. I am gonna finish up the drama and hope it isn’t a total disaster. I will in the future try to stay away from webtoon dramas where the webtoon is ongoing until the tv production is done. By that time, I’ll have gotten the lowdown on it. This could still end up being a decent drama depending on the ending; however, there will always be a “what could have been” for those of us who considered the first half totally awesome.

    • Actually there’s one very good webtoon adaptation; Misaeng. It had a good cast, good script, and great PD who didn’t try to be Creative or unethical.

      • You are absolutely right, but the writer of Misaeng also maintained a lot of control refusing offers by the big 3 Korean stations because they wanted a large love line, and he refused. That’s why I have trouble believing tvN had anything to do with how this went down.

        Oh well, it makes me think King of Dramas wasn’t a satire but a documentary.

      • Yes! Misaeng is still the best webtoon adaptation I have seen.
        Awesome cast and wonderful PD.

        Actually Misaeng is still my favourite k-drama to-date!

  2. the only thing that would lessen the bitter feelings I have towards this drama right now are if the international distributors actually got a version where Park Hae Jin’s filmed scenes are restored to their rightful place and things go according to the script (and not the PD’s whims).

    The drama writer is not to blame because she at least did her job, but I will never go near another drama with Lee Yoon Jung as the PD again.

  3. well, I think they do the bangs on the actors to make them look young, exposed foreheads somehow makes them appear more mature and… professional?… am supposed to use a different word here but oh well….

    totally unrelated to this, I finally saw Attack on titan and wasn’t at all impressed. so bummed! but rurouni kenshin adaptation was the best

  4. PHJ should give the pd middle finger for using him. will never watch another drama by this woman again. korean viwer should boycott these last two ep just to stick to this money hungry pd.

    • Agree. He was more appealing in the first few episodes. After ep 8 he became dull and boring.’

      But he looks damn fine in these pics. Never found him this attractive/handsome until I saw these pics.

  5. This type of situations is why I hate with a passion anything with “adaptation” attach to it, very rarely adaptations from of one media to another delivers.

    On another note PHJ I think you are a well manner human being and a top notch professional. I really like his character in Bad Guys. That been say… Why in the world is he outside wearing only a light jacket,T-shirt,jeans and a scarf when is snowing and is obviously cold as all get out.
    I know is pointless to do this here but still I hope he takes good care of his health

    • Lol you’re the first person I actually see pointing that out. I thought I was the weird one. I was like “This is not a runaway. Cover yourself!” LOL I’m glad he’s keeping himself busy. One bad experience shouldn’t kill your spirit.

  6. I totally agrea Park Hae Jin looks “super smexy”!!! 😀 He’s really a talented and a nice man and I hope we will see him in more deserving project away from money hungry people!!! I was really happy to read that chinese distributors got mad at the drama’s production team for Park Hae Jin’s decreasing screen time, they got what they deserved for trying to use his name to have more profits and then casting him aside!!! All the best Park Hae Jin ssi!!!! 🙂

  7. Inside the car is warm, so does inside the airport. So, perhaps he thinks that it was okay to be a bit freezing for a brief time on his way inside the airport he he … Cause I’m also like that, It was bothering holding heavy coat, and better to put it inside the bag. Just my opinion. I’ll be finishing the drama and will watch the rest, should there’d be another version

  8. Okay this is super stupid but… his phone cover has bright pink flowers… looks more like something a girl would have ^^” Not that it doesn’t look nice huh

    Anyway yeah he looks super good there xD

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