Kim Rae Won the Surprising Pick as Park Shin Hye’s Potential Costar in SBS Drama Doctors

This is an interesting casting possibility on top of an already interesting casting discussion surrounding upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors (formerly Female Gangster Hye Jung). The original title had more flavor but I can see the new title being selected for broader inclusion if the drama is about a group of doctors rather than focused solely on the main character. Park Shin Hye has been offered the female lead role and now her potential costar has emerged in seasoned leading man Kim Rae Won.

He’s 9 years older than her in real life and doesn’t look aged at all, but it’s still funny to harken back to the olden Hallyu days to imagine the Kim Rae Won who did Attic Cat in 2003 one day being a romantic interest to then child actor Park Shin Hye who did Stairway to Heaven that same year. This is a curious pairing and not in a bad way for me, more like never thought of it before way. For a drama about neurology doctors at a hospital, SBS could definitely botch the casting right off the bat and other than the unexpected element I think both Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye would be promising choices to headline.

Potentially joining Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye is rising actress Lee Sung Kyung who was recently in the much discussed drama Cheese in the Trap. I thought she delivered a memorable but highly grating performance, for what it’s worth she’s shown herself to be capable of full on immersion rather than being so flat at evidencing onscreen fire.


Kim Rae Won the Surprising Pick as Park Shin Hye’s Potential Costar in SBS Drama Doctors — 35 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to see Park Shin Hye in a new drama and i think Kim Rae Won is a great actor, so i hope both will accept.

  2. I somehow doubt that KRW will take this project… Park Kyung Soo has a medical drama airing right after this one that’s sure to be a heavy hitter.

  3. I don’t like neither of the possible leading ladies,they’re both weak,but at least the cheese in the trap girl has some volume and substance to her acting, can’t say nothing about psh because she’s been having the same blank facial expressions for years, like a wall with lips.

    • Don’t confuse between fact and opinion.
      And I’m not your sweetheart when you can’t differentiate that. My sweethearts would be smarter.

      People also said Krystal was better actress because they like her role than PSH too after Heirs until her own drama.
      LSK hasn’t proven herself yet to say she is a better actress.
      That’s some facts for you

  4. “…it’s still funny to harken back to the olden Hallyu days to imagine the Kim Rae Won who did Attic Cat in 2003 one day being a romantic interest to then child actor Park Shin Hye who did Stairway to Heaven that same year”

    Well dang, if you put it that way Koala, I feel old and a little unsettled lol

  5. This is originally a female centered drama so his name was indeed surprising.
    I do think they would make an interesting pair.
    Please both accept~

  6. Oh no. I thought this drama will be female centric. With Kim Raewon, I don’t think it’s possible.. He’ll surely get bigger part than the two ladies.

    • You must be new… PSH has acted with many older guys before she even turned legal and no one had problem with that
      Now she is 27, 8 years in barely anything…

      • So true. She acted perfectly fine with Joo Sang Wook in Kimchi Radish Cube actually one of my favorite. Also with Lee Wan in Tree of Heaven which i like too. I am sure she can handle 8 years age gap.

      • She had surprisingly great chemistry with Go Soo in The Royal Tailor and he is 37 (now that I can hardly believe!) so I think her and Kim Rae-won could do just fine. We’ll have to see.

  7. No. Just no. This is an odd pairing and PSH’s acting level isn’t on par with KRW. Definitely need a stronger actress if this is going to be heavily female-center. I wish KRW will reject this. I want a meatier role for KRW since he blew me away in “Punch”.

  8. It’s all about the actress’ level of maturity. KRW did Little Bride with Moon Geun Young and it was a big hit despite the big age gap! I dont think PSH is at level of MGY in terms of acting maturity, she has one note performances so far and have yet to reach level of seasoned actors, hope I am proven wrong if this casting is confirmed.

      • Oh gosh, i have nothing against Moon Geun Young. Seems she is having bad luck along with Jan Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye is a fine actress who is on the rising.

  9. This is the forum for everybody to comment on all actor and actress, whether good or bad is ok no need to get angry.When the drama starts if can surprise so all of us enjoy the show !!?

  10. I think that PSH has chemistry with all the actors she played with. She was not good in kiss scenes so it was really frustating because the relationship was really good. But in Pinocchio she proved she can do it now.

  11. I hope park shin hye will accept the drama and I don’t care if some don’t approve her casting as in every drama casting choices some apears to insult and oppose her bcz their stupid reasons I don’t bother if they are screaming of anger what I hope is the strong writing material and I will be happy if KRW will be her costar .
    Age gab IU is accepted and LYB also but for PSH ithe won’t be suitable ….. !!!!

  12. My biggest concern right now is the writer not having any successful drama ….am I right?
    The actors can only do so much but the substance has to be there. The leads too matter because their performance feed off each other’s. Unless they click well together…..the drama very easily derails. The director for these reasons become very important too.
    I have no doubts about SH and KRW doing justice to their characters and their interaction………Unfortunately, writer and director can only allay the fears and concerns once the drama is aired.
    Lastly…….what’s the reason/reasons for Shinhye taking so long to accept this drama… yes……I definitely have my concerns too. Please take your time choosing because an artist has to really want to do a project for it to turn out well. I for one can wait more even though it’s been a long time since Pinocchio.

  13. Ok… this is a yummy pair ….something to look forward to he’s a seasoned actor..she’s undoubtedly a good dramatic actress but I think still lacking in the (passionate) romantic aspects of her acting so hopefully he can inspire her.

  14. Okay now that the main lead guy is KRW, PSH should take it!!!! lol…He is an amazing actor so this an awesome chance for her to improve her acting and romantic scene.

  15. This must be a very good drama to watch, since KIM RAE WON is noted to be a very good actor, if many have watch his last series PUNCH, everyone would agree how great he is his profession. Rest assure to watch it!

  16. I don’t get why people always pick on PSH’s kissing scenes over her acting. I’ve seen other actresses who kisses the same directive kissing scenes PSH emitted but yet PSH gets the most antis ever. PSH can do kissing scenes perfectly fine when it’s in the script of how she’s suppose to act. For example, in real life, if a person who you’re not dating suddenly kisses you out of the blue, wouldn’t you froze in place too? Or are you the type to kiss back passionately and start making out? Keep in mind, it’s a Korean public broadcast and they’re quite strict on what could be shown and what couldn’t. (If they show nudity or even sex scenes, they get a lot of blacklash. So think before you speak. It’s different than cable dramas like tvn, etc.)

    Anyways, Kim Rae Won’s name certainly came into a surprise. I’m fine with both actor and actress taking this project! It’ll be a total game changer for PSH too because it’ll be a completely different role judging by the original synopsis (provided SBS or the writer didn’t start changing the script). So far both main leads are awesome and PSH had acted with actors with bigger age gap than 8 years. Just because Kim Rae Won has been acting since 2003, same with PSH, doesn’t mean he’s old.

    What I’m worried the most would be the writer and the script. The writer tends to have ups and downs with her writing and SBS is infamous for changing a lot of things but only time could tell!

    P.S. it’s about time PSH returns back to drama land ><

  17. Perhaps a good and solid actor like Kim Rae Won could inspire PSH to be a better actress. She needs to step up her game as a leading lady just as what she has improved in Pinocchio. In all her dramas I’ve watched except for Pinocchio, she did not have much chemistry with her leading men even those guys were either extremely popular, talented, or charismatic on screen. I wonder why…with such good opportunities to costar with decent actors.

    • Can you please stop your pretending game?
      She has chemistry with all her costars even media called it out….
      If not why would she have many shippers with those costars?

      It’s just your opinion and we know how valid your opinion is when you blamed HS’s failure on her while JYH is your bias.
      Give me a break!

      By the way, more of those extremely popular, talented, or charismatic guys out there would love to work with her… no matter what they think of it.

  18. park shin haye is an actress I am looking forward to. she has the potential to become as good as song hye kyo in the near future.

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