Daebak Gets English Title The Royal Gambler and Pits Brothers Jang Geun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu Against Each Other

SBS is wrapping up long running Mon-Tues drama Six Flying Dragons next week and the following week will see the premiere of Daebak, which has been officially English titled The Royal Gambler rather than the literal Jackpot. I kinda like The Royal Gambler, has a nice ring to it and direct explanation of the main character and subject matter. Jang Geun Seok plays Dae Gil, the son of King Sookjong played by Choi Min Soo, which makes Dae Gil the older brother of Yeo Jin Gu‘s future King Yeongjo as both are the sons of Choi Sookbin played by Yoon Jin Seo.

Despite having the same royal paternal bloodline, their upbringing is night and day as Dae Gil lives the suffering commoner life while Yeongjo grows up in princely surroundings. Dae Gil was sent out of the palace at six months of age because he was suspected of not being the son of King Sookjong. Dae Gil is raised by adopted father to become the best gambler in Joseon, but when his father is killed Dae Gil vows revenge and learns the truth of his parentage. The two brothers become rivals and bet it all with the future of the throne on the line. Check out the new teasers which continue to look glorious with intense sageuk goodness.

New teasers for Jackpot:


Daebak Gets English Title The Royal Gambler and Pits Brothers Jang Geun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu Against Each Other — 9 Comments

  1. Joseon gamblers huh… I guess this would be one of those dramas that I pretend to understand the rule of the game.

  2. Is that YJG being a playboy!? Oh man..

    I like what I see from the new teaser. And I cannot wait to watch it…but the liveshooting though…

    • Oh i totally ♡ JGS. i watch almost all of his work except for Pretty Man – i’ll get to it one day even if i have to skipwatch it. Praying very very hard for this to be a rating success..

  3. Counting the days. Looking greater with every new teaser. With all the excellent cast I hope the story won’t go wrong.

  4. I always amaze on how saeguk can confirm someone identity when he has been long gone,
    I mean who really knew if the boy is the boy . . .
    they aren’t us, viewer

    dae gil as a name make me feel the rush of adrenaline, hope he has a good loveline fate . . . dae gil aah : forever running man in ancient times

  5. At first I thought Jang Geun Suk will played as second son of Jang Hui Bin, whose fate unknown after his brother died and give the throne to his half-brother King Yeongjeong. Then it said he is first son of Choi Sukbin (Dongyi), so it means that Daegil is fictional character, a supposed to be Dongyi’s first son if she is not having miscarriage before giving birth to Prince Yeoning (King Yeongjeong).

    Sorry I read too much wikipedia after watching Six Flying Dragons.

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