Suzy is Simply Chic Modeling Sunglasses for Carin

Suzy‘s two year reign as Korea’s favorite little sister star may have serious competition this year finally. 2016 dawns with the arrival of Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, riding the success wave that is Answer Me 1988 along with her aegyo from last year, not to mention FNC Entertainment pushing AOA‘s Seolhyun like she’s a tasty vitamin treat and all of Korea needs a dose. It doesn’t help that Suzy didn’t have a hit drama or movie last year, and if you really want to be honest she’s still riding the fondness from Architecture 101 for the most past.

That’s one long ride so good for her, but this year she’s got to deliver or else that throne is totally up for the taking. That means upcoming KBS summer melodrama Arbitrarily Fond with Kim Woo Bin has a double load of pressure, for him it’s to prove his leading man chops on the television screen, and for her it’ll be to partake of yet another successful entertainment vehicle. It’s got famed screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee delivering the script so the story isn’t going to be weak, that’s for sure. Until the drama arrives, Suzy continues to churn out CFs and do it prettily, like this recent sunglasses spread for Carin.


Suzy is Simply Chic Modeling Sunglasses for Carin — 43 Comments

  1. Well, some celebs might have hits but it doesn’t guarantee they will get many CF offers. I mean, we know how Joo Woon or Yoo Ah In got high ratings drama/ box office movies but still in terms of CFs, they can’t surpass just say even Lee Kwang Soo.

    In terms of acting success Park Shin Hye could be the one in her generations but still she can’t won over Suzy until now for CFs list.

    I don’t have intention to compare this celeb with that celeb, but people have their own charms and lucky to be loved by many, no matter their professions.

    • Park Shin hye is modest, simply and not greedy person. She choose her CF with quality brand and success.. Even GLOBAL, VISA, ROEM MAMONDE.. So dont compare her with your Suzy.

      • Thumbs up. suzy is fine. But she is not on the same level as Park Shin Hye who is a trully goddess.

      • The original post wasn’t even comparing, they were making a statement on being one field does not equal to the other.

        No need to get on your high horse and put down another artist for it.

        You guys are the reason why I can’t be bothered to check out Park Shin Hye films, filled with so many rude fans who can’t deal with anything but praise.

    • Most of PSH’s CF are more than just Korea… They are in China, Thailand and most Asia countries
      And they have almost the same amount totally actually. I remember PSH has 14 this year. How many CFs does Suzy have right now?

      Just because Suzy is on Top Korea Cfs doesn’t mean she has more or earn more. CFs’ in China and foreign countries pay more.
      Just her Visa CF alone>>>>>>>>

    • And I didn’t want to compare… just want to show you that success in one field would affect another….
      PSH’s a big hallyu star while also popular in Korea so she has CFs come from all the places… where most of Suzy’s CFs are mainly from Korea

      In fact, PSH replaced both Suzy and SHK to be the face for Roem for both Korea and China. Suzy fans made a big deal of it on Roem IG that they have to deleted all the comments. Shows how classy some people are

    • PSH’s dramas mostly haven’t had high ratings though? Pinocchio did okay, Heirs was huge (and not only because of her). But the rest of her dramas have had pretty low ratings. I get that some of the dramas are popular internationally, but domesticallyn her dramas haven’t done that well ratings wise.

      • Pino was still in Top 10 rating last last year and Heir was huge like you said. But why aren’t they her dramas? I don’t understand your logic?

        Because if’s the dramas have low ratings it’s hers but if the dramas have high rating, it’s not hers? It’s like saying DOTS has huge rating but it’s not SHK’s drama???

        Do you really think Suzy’s dramas have decent ratings because of her and not the productions, the writer or the whole’s cast?

        Star power rarely works in Korea anymore. It’s about the scirpt/writer and some luck.

        There are some exceptions though, like KSH hasn’t failed nor SJK or star writer like KES or PJE.

      • If you have some time go back and look at Suzy’s dramas writer and PD.
        It’d explain the ratings….

    • Please don’t put Park Shin Hye’s name with this woman. The writer of this blog didn’t mention it. Park Shin Hye worked her butt off since 16 years old in TV dramas. She is not a Kpop idol. Suzy, Hyeri and Seolhyun definitely in the same league.

      • Yes. show some respect to Park Shin Hye. I still remember her performance on tree of Heaven with Lee Wan. She was amazing.

      • Wow, how condescending can you be? I like Shin-hye but be realistic about why she is popular. She is a cute girl who is a moderately good actress without any major scandals. That is it. She is not Kim Hee-ae or Jun Do-yeon. Just because someone is an idol doesn’t mean that they haven’t put in the effort or is destined to make money off of their image. Miss A is only relevant because of Suzy’s having “worked her butt off.”

    • @tyn123 I don’t know what you are talking about but the comment stated something that not true. It’s true if they compared in the CF in Korea but not general everything.
      And her fans have the right to defend.
      You don’t have to check her news or projects. It’s not like you care or like her in the first place.
      No need to use her fans as an excuse.

  2. They’ve should have used a different model, she rocks the black sunglasses but the white and brownish red ones are not her style. But she’s gorgeous as ever, to me she’s a legendary beauty. I repeat FOR ME.

    • I’ve read countless articles calling her (and a bunch of other actresses) that, so I always assume it was to refer to the favorites younger stars of the moment. Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung are called “little sisters” as well, for example.

  3. ”Suzy‘s two year reign as Korea’s favorite little sister star”

    What am I missing here? When was Suzy favorite little sister or Nation’s little sister? to correct you it’s Nation’s first love well I guess it’s an anti-article after all

    • I’ve read countless articles calling her (and a bunch of other actresses) that, so I always assume it was to refer to the favorites younger stars of the moment. Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung are called “little sisters” as well, for example.

      • Excuse me? Suzy was never called little sister at any point btw KSH and KYJ are young like what 15-16 while suzy is 22 even when she was 18 she was never called little sister or anything but ”Nation’s first all” get it right atleast what kind of journalism is this but I guess your writer herself anywayz. just respect ppl atleast

      • @Baahi
        I’m very well aware which silly title is Suzy’s, I’m just saying this wouldn’t be the first time she (and a LOT of other actresses and even idols) gets called “little sister”. To me it always came across as an affectionate nickname for all young stars, but it stuck with some celebs. No need to be so aggressive. Here’s an example and if you look you’ll find several news outlets (yes, including Koreans) referring to her like that:
        And she’s 21, she turns 22 this year.

      • Soompi is anti-website No korean news calls her that just soompi and here just stop and I know your the writer. relax over obsessing yourself over random celebs and dragging them will never give you any satisfation

  4. Yeah, a lot of people had a field day with the news of her super flop movie. I don’t know if she’s feeling pressured or not, but for her to shut up her detractors she needs not only a hit (because she’ll get called a one hit wonder otherwise) but improve upon her acting, if not she’s still gonna get dragged. I read she has been taking acting lessons prior to filming AF so hopefully that helps her. Anyway I wish her the best, she’s still bae to me.

    • I agree with this for the most part. But I do think if AF flops or under performs (because it seems like expectations are high) than I feel like it will be a lot more crushing for KWB than Suzy. I mean sure, a hit will be a lot better for her resume than a flop, but, for now, at least, she has the name recognition and image to continue garnering important acting jobs. Now, if she hits 23-24 and is still living off her 30 minute appearance in Intro. to Arch. without any other recent hits, that’s another story. Also, her mantle has been slipping for awhile now, given all the new idols and actresses entering the game, but that’s how the ent. industry works, she’s still doing better than most.

      IMO, the success of AF is a LOT more crucial for KWB. He’s literally done two mediocre Chungmuro films and lived off of his Heirs second lead fame for going on almost two and a half years (why his agency waited so long to put him in a drama is very interesting to me, considering you should strike while the iron is hot).

      For instance, Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min, two big names, had a totally flop drama in Hyde. However, Hyde is almost always referred to as Hyun Bin’s flop drama, not necessarily Han Ji Min’s flop drama. This is one aspect that benefits women more in the industry, dramas, for the most part, are inherently male centric. The leading man almost always were bear the brunt of the criticism when a drama/movie flops.

      • I agree that the blame for failure of AF will fall on Kim Woo Bin if it does fail, but he’s had 3 successful movies in a row, which rested on his name and not anyone else’s. And he’s doing another movie after this.

        It’s way more than what Suzy has achieved in movies, anyway. The resounding flop of her attempt to establish herself as a ‘serious’ actress who can carry a film, says enough. At least Kim Woo Bin has some modest Chungmuro success in movies he’s had to carry. All she has is media play from 4 years ago.

      • Also, movie success is considered more prestigious than drama success, I would say KWB actually did well to make his mark in movies first before returning to the small screen. Ratings have been in a slump for so long, any tv project would be considered a risk more than a movie would.

        Still, I agree that if this fails it’s going to be on him, while Suzy can just go back to endorsing things.

      • @forgotun @teacakes
        I’ll have to disagree with you both, she’s a female idol, OF COURSE people are gonna blame her if the drama is a failure. “This is why they shouldn’t cast idols”, ” since when was Suzy a leading lady”, “this proves she’s just a bubble ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”, “she’s just the produc of media play anyway”, etc. Maybe KWB would get flack from the international side and a few snide comments from Knetz from time to time, but the one left for the wolves (Knetz) would no doubt be Suzy. I mean her movie had Ryo Seung Ryong (in an equally protagonist role), making it his third flop of the year and no one said a thing, it was all about HER failure. With that said I highly doubt she’s gonna lose CFs or anything if the drama does badly, but the most likely to public humiliation and bashing (teacakes is already doing it) is Suzy for sure.

      • Her movie was marketed primarily oh her, not Ryu Seung Ryung. The months of media play all centred on her, not him – so guess who eats it when it fails?

        Suzy’s whole acting career is a triumph of image over substance, I don’t see what’s so wrong with saying just that.

      • @teacakes

        The movie market is notoriously hard to succeed in. There are so many options, and people are very picky about what they are willing to spend money to watch. Even established actresses like Song Hye Kyo, Ha Ji Won, and Park Shin Hye have had movies that flopped. Does not prove anything.

      • @omg

        Except, those three actresses you named have been in the business for 10 plus years and like you said are already established, they can afford having a couple of flops (maybe even more) here and there.

        @teacakes @ferG

        I should have clarified more. I meant that KWB would take the brunt of the criticism, but since Suzy is a high profile idol, people will definitely also criticize her for the failure as well. But, in the long run, it will affect KWB’s image, more so than Suzy – she’ll bounce back easier.

        As for KWB’s movies, they were mildly successful, but it’s not like he carried the movies on his shoulders. Twenty and Technicians and Friend 2 also had really strong ensemble casts. Meaning, it’s not like he pulled a Won Bin with Ajusshi and carried an entire 10 million audience attending movie on his shoulders.

        Also, Suzy got the brunt of the criticism for her flop film because the media play was on another level. Most people don’t check Korean news portal sites, regularly and I do. Once the trailer got released, there was basically articles trending every day for a month leading up to and even during the premiere night of the film. It was on another level of ridiculous.

        I don’t even see that much media play for a Ha Jung Woo film, partly, I guess, because he doesn’t need it LOL

        BTW, how was @teacakes bashing? I mean the language was maybe a tad bit harsh, but there was no lie detected lol.

      • @forgotun
        I honestly do not see how “serious” male actor with mildly successful movies (even if he wasn’t the sole reason for the success, like you say) to his name and a reasonable international fandom KWB is going to fare worse than “untalented female idol trash media play whore” Suzy. But maybe we’re just talking about different things, as I’m mainly referring to the public backlash and not their future career prospects. I hope none of our theories get confirmed though, I like both very much and wish them well.

      • @forgotun

        That’s absurd logic. The only reason those actresses have been in the business a long time is because people kept giving them chances even when they had flops. SHK didn’t have a hit project since Full House in 2004, but she has continued to get offered lead roles. DOTS is actually SHK’s first big hit since 2004. PSH’s first two leading roles (You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings) both had very low ratings, but she kept getting offered lead roles.

      • Did you forget about That Winter – it was a commercial and critical hit for SHG.

        Also, you’re comparing two actresses HJW and SHG who came up during a very different time and industry when they didn’t have to compete with random female idols trying to get roles in dramas/films. When they established themselves, it was a different industry with different types of rivals. As for PSH, she started off as a child actress, audiences give child actors more leeway for the most part in terms of chances because they have longer to establish popularity. We’re talking about a fairly young idol, she’s going to be judged with different standards.

        Also, I literally have been saying a flop or two won’t be hurting Suzy’s career anytime soon. Chill.

  5. Look like people forgot her gu family book drama and dream high. Architecture made her nation first love but her other dramas were really good too even her in big got a good response from netz (except the drama was suck). But people always drag her one flop drama

    • Dream High and Gu Family Book had really strong and varied ensemble casts though. AF is her first true leading lady role in terms of the story completely revolving around her romance with KWB. DH and GFB had a lot of different storylines and characters, so you weren’t necessarily tuning in for Suzy and the male lead. I watched DH for Taecyeon, IU, and Woohyun, and didn’t pay much attention to Suzy/KSH. As for GFB, she didn’t enter the drama until like ep. 4, by then you should already have your main viewership down. AF is a whole new ballgame.

      But, like I said, she’ll be fine. It’s KWB that has to make sure this is a hit.

  6. I don’t think Hyeri will stay so much, she is riding her reply 1989 fame, and it soon will die, as for Suzy, she might have less CFs but she still has good cfs and her recent colad did very well, so I don’t think her fame will die soon, her movie flopped but I was just reading how many movies flopped with awesome cast !

  7. Personally I think it’s too early to give Hyeri a nations title. Right now Hyeri is probably in the same level as the other lead actresses of reply. Eunji’s second and third drama as a lead flopped. I don’t really follow the ’94 actress but she hasn’t really done a drama since then. Also she may have a lot of CF’s right now but they rely on her ability to sell the products.

  8. I wonder people who talk a lot about her movie, did they ever watch dorihwaga and know who have the most scene there?
    It is so funny when it comes to suzy, they made headline like it is bcs of her fault, Joen doyeon and gong yoo movie have pretty bad viewers, KSH & DO movie too, but they made tittle Do’s movie flopped,why not Kim so hyun’s movie? Arent it is their movie. Not to mention jung woo sung and kim haneul movie. Basically you just like Knet Double standart mindse.

    Honestly i feel bad for suzy, she is just silently working, even she is hospitalized during AF shooting. Too many media putting her down, not to mention FNC always use her and bringing her down. like her dating mader her down. Her colab got CAK, She got 2new cf, she became didier dubot model for china,korea,taiwan and hongkong.
    As for AF fighting kim woo bin and Suzy. Waiting for it.

  9. Suzy is still the Best . None of those 20s and 30s actress can reach her level . Suzy already has etablished herself as a great actress .

    • may be one of the best definitely not the best but it won’t last. probably by age of 30, people would say suzy who? kpop idol is a product of mediaplay becoz they only popular among elementary students in korea, that’s why many idols branch out to become actor because they know it wont last, just look at superjunior.
      Suzy only has beauty as her asset, her movie flopped because she no star power or may be it flopped because audience got tired of her mediaplays lol but I agree with some of the commenters, if AF flop KWB will fare worse than her because she is not that popular. but pray for AF to be successful because it’s KWB!

  10. Suzy achievement speak for her ! She’s one of a kind ! That type of artist is rare in the k industry .That’s why Suzy will always attract people . She is indeed a rare gem . Doriwagha is the perfect exemple of her great versatility , and it did pay off , her performance won her critical acclaim from critics and the public ! Korea loves her because she’s a real rare beauty with great talents , Suzy excel in all forms of arts . She’s quite a rare Gem for the world ! UF will be a success , woobin and suzy this summer will slays ! All the jealous pumpkins here ( they will recognize themself) will be crying and hiding in shame !

  11. I think Suzy’s reign is winding down more for just how long she’s been on top than someone else surpassing her. Even before A101 she was apready talked about a lot, she inly got more popular through the years, thats like 6 years already. Most consumers tend to get bored after a while so they are looking for something new.

    Unfortunately neither Hyeri or Seolhyun is ready to take over. Hyeri has a hit drama but has been out for a few years already and Seolhyun has not have a ratings hit in anything. Suzy is also a decent singer who has hit songs while neither Hyeri or Seolhyun has.

    I think Suzy really lucked out with her projects at the start then being able to bring a wholesome image to herself really helps.

    Until a new face can achieve the same feat she’s likely going to stay put.

    AF failures might be blamed on her but will likely affect KWB more since Suzy at this tage is more established in the industry than he is.

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