Retrospective: Gong Hyo Jin’s Designs for LA Project From 2012 Remain Fashionably Fresh and Fun

I love Gong Hyo Jin as an actress, and admire her as a fashion icon and occasional provocateur. I was going through old photos of her and came across her pictorial modeling the clothes she personally designed for LAP (LA Project), an indie brand with shops and an online store. This was back in 2012 around the Best Love days, and she even wore a few items in the drama. Clearly the collection is now heading towards vintage status, but looking through the styles it struck me exactly why I like Gong Hyo Jin’s eclectic fashion sense so much even as sometimes the clothes look unattractive to me and most of the time I couldn’t imagine actually wearing it. Gong Hyo Jin is basically the Korean Kate Moss, with the body type and casual confidence to wear even the weirdest outfits with model strut. That translates to their personal style as well, and for Gong Hyo Jin it permeates into dramas, for example I thought her outfits in It’s Okay, It’s Love must’ve gotten her input because so many exhibited her tastes perfectly. I think it’s so cool to have a personal and identifiable fashion stamp, even if there are occasional misses at least it’s not cookie cutter.


Retrospective: Gong Hyo Jin’s Designs for LA Project From 2012 Remain Fashionably Fresh and Fun — 4 Comments

  1. Personally, some of the clothes that come from fashion designers are so bizarre and better strutted on the runway. I can never see myself ever wearing them. Lol

  2. She is my all time favorite K actress. I am still waiting for someone to dethrone her in my heart but hasn’t found any so far. So it really doesn’t matter whatever she wears. Her acting and temperament always outweigh her appearance. She is tall and seems to have a model figure though. Looks really bright and light mooded in those dresses.

  3. She is one of the few Korean actresses I would actually call stylish, she’s very individual and unlike most other Korean stars she doesn’t look basic or like a dress up doll for her stylist.

    Bae Doona and Kim Min Hee also have great style, their awards ceremony red carpet choices are always interesting.

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