Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won Parlay Their Descendants of the Sun Romance to the Pages of Grazia Magazine

If there is one thing Kim Eun Sook does well that is nearly universally agreed upon, it’s writing standalone second leads with their own story that isn’t predicated on glomming onto the first leads. There are a few exceptions such as in Heirs when Kim Woo Bin crushed on Park Shin Hye, but even there his conflict with Lee Min Ho’s character and unresolved paternal angst played a bigger role in the story. But most of the time Kim Eun Sook second leads have their own love line or simply own raison d’etre in the story and that’s once again in full display in Descendants of the Sun.

Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo‘s star-crossed military couple is simply love for me, individually apart and yearning to be together. He’s so manly and restrained, she’s so assertive and cute, on paper it might feel synthetically characterized but their performances liven up the interactions to create a consistent three dimensionality. They are in the pages of the recent issue of Grazia magazine looking like Myung Joo and Dae Young eloped to the Mediterranean. If it only were so. I’ve always respected Jin Goo for being a very good actor but never warmed to him until now, and am happy that he’s finally getting due exposure thanks to this popular albeit lightweight fare.


Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won Parlay Their Descendants of the Sun Romance to the Pages of Grazia Magazine — 26 Comments

  1. KES has a pattern, but she deviates from it sometimes.In KES’s Lovers in Prague, the 2nd leads were both the batshit crazy type who couldn’t stop obsessing about their OTP former love. OTOH, the OTP themselves were both very likable, competent and grounded. I’m so glad that in DOTS, all four leads are likable for a change.

  2. for crying out loud stop killiny capt. Yoo..
    =(… its freaking me out…
    ps. I kinda like the second otp..they’re cute.

  3. This couple is so intense i’m so in love with them. Jingoo and Jiwon chemistry was unexpected, it feels more real to me than other otps.

  4. They do a good job at bringing the romance to life (even if I feel KJW overacts her attempts at chemistry), but they are such a typical drama pairing that you can kind of see how it’s going going to go down. Different social classes + meddling parents has been done to death.

    • Their story may be cliché but what did it to me was that nuanced acting, that subtlety in both actors’ interpretations. They made their love story believable and genuine, through the little gesture like stroking hand, or those longing gaze. just as i don’t like love-triangle trope but if it’s done right, it can still be such a treat. In this case, Goowon really won me over despite their limited screen time.

      • Like I said, the actors sell it. The limited screen time also helps make it have more impact than it probably otherwise would be. Jin Goo also mentioned that.

      • I’m glad it happened then, cause otherwise i’d have dropped this drama a while ago despite my love for SJK. the main otp chemistry just doesn’t work for me but that’s not the only problem.

  5. I have really fallen in love with this couple. I have never been a kim ji won fan. But this drama really made me like her. And my God! Where was jin goo hiding all these years. This is my first jin goo drama and his looks and gaze are something to kill for! Lol! But seriously both of them are tbh more than amazing!!!

    • Jin Goo has some good movies. Check out his movies too. I personally think he suits movie more. But once in a while watching him in a drama is kinda refreshing too.

      He was a lead in Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek in 2013 but that drama was so boring. I am not really recommending it unless you really want to see his drama.

  6. love kim ji won and jin goo their the best couple… i hope kim ji won and jin goo couple again for their romance movie… i hope so have new movie by kim ji won and jin goo.. love you

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