Taiwan Media and News Dominated by Coverage of a Most Senseless and Tragic Child Attack

I don’t even know where to start trying to write a news post like this. This is news news and not entertainment fluff news, but it’s so shocking and devastating that it’s taken over every single media outlet in Taiwan and for good reason. On Monday morning March 28, 2016, a senseless act of violence shook up the island and fractured the tenuous hope in humanity and goodness. The entire country is grieving today, and from an entertainment industry perspective stars are part of the collective mourning process as they post odes and hopeful words.

I won’t write what happened until after the jump for those who are squeamish, or simply did not come to this blog to read about terrible things happening to innocent people. But this news is noteworthy because it puts entertainment on the back burner and asks that we all take a moment to hug a loved one and do something good for our fellow man. Because evil lurks and it may strike at any time, any place. My most sincere condolences to the family of the victim, and for those who have not read about this news and wish to hear what happened then click further, but warning that a picture may be graphic.

On Monday March 28th, a little four year old Taiwanese girl was riding her bike to the nearby Metro station with her mother walking a few yards behind her, the two going to meet up for lunch with the little girl’s two older siblings and a grandparent. A random man stopped her at an intersection and used his meat cleaver to decapitate the little four year old girl right before her mother’s eyes.

The mother saw the attack and rushed to stop him but the man was too strong and pushed her off. The assailant was apprehended immediately and is reported an unemployed thirty-something who may have recently gone to the hospital for psychiatric treatment. After being arrested, he was assaulted by rabid masses who heard of the horrific crime and assembled outside the police station when he was being transferred to jail.

The parents of the little girl have publicly asked that their daughter’s death not become a talking point in the ongoing public debate about reviving the death penalty in Taiwan. The mother has posted a gutwrenching open letter to her daughter to express her grief, and the Taiwanese public has transformed the intersection of the crime sight into a massive and ever growing memorial to a four year old who never had a chance to grow up.


Taiwan Media and News Dominated by Coverage of a Most Senseless and Tragic Child Attack — 30 Comments

  1. I saw this in our local news last night. My prayers for the soul of the little angel,and to her family and love ones especially the mom.

  2. Oh my God, never occurred to me that this kinda thing happened…. God took you to his heaven so you can stay beside him, you were and still an angel… RIP

  3. I’m so shocked at what I read. I can’t believe this kind of horrendous crime could be committed in a mostly peaceful society outside ISIS territory. My heart aches. Such severe mental disorder is nothing different from demon possession.

    • I’m not sure evil is the right word for it; he was obviously not sane at the time.

      I can’t even imagine that poor mother’s grief right now. To have seen this happen and be powerless to prevent it– that is the worse possible thing for a parent to go through.

  4. I sadly just read about another woman in Russia having done the same thing to a young child she was hired to look after. She walked around town with the childs severed head until the police arrested her.

    She is very likely mentally disturbed but to hear two similar crimes half way across the world to each other is just devastating. I can’t imagine what the mother must be feeling, the horrific scene will likely haunt her for the rest of her life.

    Hopefully all those involved would somehow be able to move on from the ordeal.

  5. God grant patience and strength to hold on to the parents of the little girl. It is not even possible to imagine how the mother is feeling.

    God bless the girl’s little soul.

  6. Condolences to the victim family. How devastating to hear such sad news and to think that things like this doesn’t happen in one of the safest places in the world.

  7. Oh my goodness! I wasn’t expecting this at all in spite the warning. I feel so sorry for her parents, friends and relatives. R.I.P.

  8. R.I.P Little one, may your little soul be at peace and that heaven is full of beautiful angles like you. Condolences to your parents and family.

  9. We dont have TV in the house,an fb friend post an fb status of feeling devastated with the recent TV news. I check Taiwan’s local newspaper website and learn about this news. It was shocking and everytime I read articles about this incident,I cant help but cry. Am a mother of two toddlers living here in Taiwan. I push my younger one while the older ride his push bike. I cant help myself but feel panic and paranoid with this event. Mentally sick people and druggie men may be out there. I always close our door and never let my little one out of sight. My heart wrench painfully to the mother.I dont know how can she moved on with a terrifying memory. Huhuhuhu.

  10. RIP little girl.
    Why did I even read the article ? Stupid curiosity. It is just so horrible. How can a human do that ? She was so young ! And her mother … It must feel worse than hell to witness her death. No, I dont want to think about it. It hurts so much :'(

    • I agree, stupid curiosity . And I thought having no TV spare me the depressing news everyday but all the same I check it in the internet. Sigh

  11. The mother’s grace in her bereavement is a wonder and a miracle, and her love for her child and other’s has shone brightly through this tragedy.

  12. Such a tragic incident, may the sweet little girl rests in peace. Her poor mother who witnessed the attack must be devastated and her family deeply hurt and saddened by her untimely death. I am sure parents will be scared and wary for their young children! The culprit must be severely mentally sick, even so how can one understand such a crime just because he is sick. What a cruel world!

  13. There are so many mentally unstable individuals all over the world. Those who inherit mental illness, I cannot speak against. I’m voicing my opinion against drug abuse, alcoholism, horror films and books that so graphically depict acts of terror and horror, and of course we can’t forget the video games, that promote violence with guns.
    There are so many young minds that cannot comprehend these issues . It may seem like a harmless pastime . But think of the psychological impacts it makes on unstable people, who are exposed to these materials, they become so desensitized, then commit similar acts of violence while under the influence, without any thoughts whatsoever about innocent lives or any lives .
    I’m couldn’t finish reading this article. It broke my heart. This mother is going thru my worst fears .
    There is no why’s to answer . This man was insane.
    We can argue that even without these influences, there will still be crazy people out there. But without these influences, I feel there will be significantly less. As corny as it sounds, we need to save one mind at a time . Starting with our own kids. Promote positive self images , and empathy for life, and responsibility.
    Take set backs as a learning experience, not a reason to use drugs, drink or play video games for hours then blame others.

  14. This is just heartbreaking… my thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones. I’m crying just reading about it, her family must be devastated

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