Lee Jun Ki Films K-Bu Bu Jing Xin and Showcases Modern Appeal in Allure Korea

There’s good and bad in everything as the universe naturally has a balance. That’s why I don’t think there is a cut and dry answer to the live-filming versus pre-produced divide in K-dramas, and even with the success of Descendants of the Sun I don’t think can be attributed solely to the drama being fully produced beforehand. That means upcoming pre-produced K-drama adaptation of popular C-novel Bu Bu Jing Xin isn’t guaranteed a clear path to success despite how DotS has been received.

I think Bobogyungsim: Ryeo has the ingredients to be hit starting with leading man Lee Jun Ki. I don’t think there’s been another K-actor who has done as many sageuks as he has which isn’t all that surprising since he debuted as in The King and the Clown. He’s always convincing in any sageuk role but I do miss his modern day allure such as in Time Between Dog and Wolf. He’s deep into filming for K-BBJX but last month Allure Korea ran a new Jun Ki pictorial that’s all sorts of gorgeous and broody and totally worth sharing for the eye candy.


Lee Jun Ki Films K-Bu Bu Jing Xin and Showcases Modern Appeal in Allure Korea — 13 Comments

  1. Oh.. la la.. I swoon for the 3rd pic.
    So true koala, K-BBJX isn’t guaranteed to have a good ratings and hype that DOTS have, even they are both pre-produce drama, overall they have a different genre and setting. I will past this remake, I want to see Lee Joon Gi in modern drama.

  2. CITT was 50% pre-produced and they still messed it up. Pre-production is definitely not a guarantee for ratings success and really neither is quality as many quality productions don’t become huge hits. Sometimes things just hit right with the public like the Song/Song couple, that writer and also I think a male fan base because of the action in DOTS.

    I doubt BBJX will have the success of DOTS but this drama isn’t riding on LJG’s shoulders because it is very female centric and, if I recall correctly, the first 1/3 of the drama 8th prince is basically the male lead at least in the C-Drama. There are a lot of fusion historicals going on this year and I think it actually might end up hurting a lot of them with the exception of Saimdang the Herstory because the actress is so beloved.

    LJG looks great in the pics. I love his historicals but am a huge fan of The Time Between Dog and Wolf and Two Weeks so, yes, would love to see him in a contemporary drama or movie next.

  3. I honestly can’t see BBJX flopping, what with the budget they have, the hype they’ve created, the cast chosen, the PD, the media play that’s bound to come, etc. It’d be pretty awful if it flops. The only weak link (and I guess it’s a big one) in this drama is the writer, who only has two dramas to his/her name, one a moderate success and the other a complete failure but both terrible, but a weak/poor plot hasn’t stoped other dramas from becoming hits before.

      • I addressed this in my original post, “a weak plot hasn’t stopped other dramas from becoming hits”.

    • I’m really surprised with the $ being spent they went with such an inexperienced writer but noticed that the writer and the director worked together before so that’s probably why that happened.

  4. hi koala,

    excited for this drama!! on a random note, have you seen the celebrity bromance episodes of ji-soo and nam joo hyuk. it’s a must-watch. hehe.

  5. Korean Drama carry the word ‘sun’ ,’star’ or ‘moon’ for it’s title is very / extremely successful. So,in order to be as successful as DOTS or METS or YWCFTS,they should stick to the original title of ‘ MOON LOVER’…haha

  6. RAWR! He is so YUMMY! I hope the writer is able to make a good writing for LJK sake of course. Pls… writer-nim!

  7. thank you for sharing!!! he’s very convincing and handsome whether it’s a sageuk or a modern drama/attire he’s in!!! I too missed seeing him in a modern movie or drama but we will be able to see him in the modern world with his upcoming movie “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”!! 😀 and I really hope the drama does well but that won’t have much to do with the drama being pre-produced, it’s more about the story and how well delivered to us viewers!!!

  8. I have a feeling this drama is going to be great. but you are right. hopefully his next drama will be set in a modern era.

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