Top Chinese and Taiwanese Actresses When They were 18 Years Old

A post has been recently making the rounds that collects the way back when pictures of the top Chinese and Taiwanese actresses from their earliest entertainment days. For this group it’s a journey of one to two decades of star ascension and with it plenty of growing sophistication in both style and the whittling away of fresh-faced ingenue aura. Crystal Liu, Yang Mi, and Liu Shi Shi are three current top actresses who started off very young and have dramas under their belts that forever document when each was 18 years old and enviably beautiful even then. Others epitomized cheeky cute such as Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang, not exactly screaming future screen goddess yet. It’s a nice picture memory of how even the top starlets now started off somewhere looking much more girl next door.

Zhang Zi Yi

Zhao Wei


Ruby Lin

Ariel Lin

Yang Mi

Zheng Shuang

Ivy Chen

Liu Shi Shi

Crystal Liu


Fan Bing Bing

Chen Qiao En

Zhao Li Ying


Tang Yan


Top Chinese and Taiwanese Actresses When They were 18 Years Old — 12 Comments

  1. Omg at Aries Lin’s chubby cheeks! And that’s the vibe that Zheng Ziyi gave off in her breakout film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

  2. Some has definitely being under the knife. Like Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Fan Bing BIng, Chen Qiao En. Those four has bigger changes to their looks. Some of the others like Zheng Shuang may have minor surgery done. Nose job is top of the list…

    • I really don’t see the big changes you speak of. Care to elaborate?

      I can see changes but more inclined to lean towards age and make up. At 18 their features aren’t exactly set yet, they still have their youthful looks.

  3. I really like Liu shi shi feature, it’s like familiar but she is better than the average, it just her and doesn’t resemble other

  4. Thank goodness for all these beautiful Chinese actresses who gave us so
    many enjoyable sometimes unforgettable dramas.

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