HK Actress Janice Man Wows the Hong Kong Film Awards Red Carpet with a Sleek Black Gown

Talking about making a striking and unforgettable impression on the biggest stage of her life. Rising HK model turned actress Janice Man attended last weekend’s Hong Kong Film Awards after being nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the gritty movie Helios. Normally the uber risque and wildly inappropriate awards show dressing is left to the lesser named actresses, and rarely ever a nominee, but in this case Janice’s gamble payed off in more ways than one.

Janice was the surprise winner of the Best Supporting Actress trophy and wowed with a Versus black gown that was more cloth pined together than actual dress. This dress brings back memories of Elizabeth Hurley’s cloth pin dress twenty years ago which launched her career, and here Janice manages to not accidentally show a single private area while showing a whole of of skin. I can’t call it classy but she’s wearing the dress with confidence so for that she gets a win from me.


HK Actress Janice Man Wows the Hong Kong Film Awards Red Carpet with a Sleek Black Gown — 35 Comments

  1. This is the first time I can say, in one of your fashion edits, that a dress suits the wearer. She wears it well.

  2. I don’t know, the second picture from the top, the one after the cover picture doesn’t look too flattering. She has a nice body but I guess this is not my style. To each their own I guess.

  3. Was there any headlines about man wearing revealing clothes to an event? Why do they have to wear 3 layers for most of the time?

  4. As soon as you put model/actress, they can pretty much get away with wearing anything.

    Just imagine Tang Yan or YangMi wearing that….the news would not be so kind (sad but true).

    • maybe because she knows she’s flat, that’s why she was trying to direct the attention the other areas. Imho, the dress will only suit for some fashion spread where we could aim for some good angle, but really, some pic above really proved, that when she walked, we can see some unflaterring view, and the risk that she took if there was a wardrobe malfunction. But i guess, to each his own..

      • Because she is so flat is why the dress is so wrong. The neckline is ugly and only highlighting this fact…of course it could be worse, but I do not see it as a good choice, she is beautiful and could find something that makes her shine.

  5. I say “Whatever!” to the haters. The dress is really nice, and she totally rocks it! She’s got a nice body, and she can show it off if she wants to. She’s dressing for herself, not for others.

  6. Second picture wasn’t flattering. Dress like that are not made to walk! lol…But the other rest where she poses is striking pretty!

  7. Yes. She has the figure to wear this dress. Yes. She has the right to show off her figure if she wants to, but CLASSY women would not wear this dress.

  8. She looks gorgeous & sexy great body also. She’s a model so she can exposed any part of her body if she wants to. Not cheap at all!!

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