K-netizen Posts Detailed Reported Ending Spoilers to Descendants of the Sun

Remember that spoiler from a few weeks back coming out of China from a netizen claiming to have seen the ending to Descendants of the Sun? Since the drama is fully pre-produced, and the complete series submitted to China’s state agency for approval to air, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for spoilers to leak since clearly people have seen the entire drama. With that said, that first spoiler made everyone wish it wasn’t true since it’s not exactly the ending most would want, unless one was a glutton for punishment. There were even speculation that the version submitted to China for airing may have a different than the ending for the Korean broadcast. Now there is a new spoiler coming out of Korea from a netizen claiming to be have connections with the production and has watched the ending. The spoilers after the jump as usual for those who don’t want to partake.


This new spoiler is very detailed as the netizen gave a detailed write up of what is reportedly the DotS ending, Shi Jin once again goes to the department store and leaves Mo Yeon during a date. He’s sent on a protective detail for the South Korean president. In the mission Shi Jin successfully protects the president and takes multiple gunshots in his stead. He’s sent to Hae Sung hospital and Mo Yeon is once again trying to save him. But unlike last time when he got shot, this time there is no easy save. Shi Jin manages to tease the crying Mo Yeon as she’s trying to save him, telling her that this is her sexiest look as a doctor. He asks her to stop trying to save him and then dies in her arms.

Mo Yeon cannot handle the death of Shi Jin and doesn’t want to stay in Korea where all her memories are now sad. She decides to go back to Urk as a member of Doctors Without Borders to work with Daniel and Ye Hwa. She takes the white rock from the island back there, and when she is on that island she gets morning sickness and realizes that she’s pregnant with Shi Jin’s baby. Their baby is her final gift from Shi Jin to keep their love alive. As for Dae Young and Myung Joo, they get their happy ending and the drama even shows them with a baby for a family of three. The netizen who posted this is claiming this is the real ending and wants people to go back to this post next week as thanks if the final episode does end this way.


K-netizen Posts Detailed Reported Ending Spoilers to Descendants of the Sun — 66 Comments

  1. According to Jin Goo, the ending is ‘refreshing’.

    If this type of ending with a dead lover leaving behind a pregnant lover is categorised as ‘refreshing’, the meaning for the word ‘refreshing’ will have to include words like ‘predictably Korean tragic melodrama’,’underwhelming’,’tearjerker’, ‘unimaginative’ and possibly ‘sad’. If the ending is such, then Jin Goo cannot be trusted and he probably should go back to school to learn the meaning of some words.

  2. I wonder why people posts spoilers like this? Is it to discourage people from watching the finale because of the “said ending”?I really hope this is not the case and the ending wouldn’t be such a disappointment to us fans.

    • They post because they want to feel popular and superior that they have such an in. In the end they’re just bragging. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if they just made it up for the attention. People do crazy things to capitalize on fame. Remember the girl who pretended to be a witness for the Sewol ferry?

    • I guess for some internet fame. People have been “spoiling” this drama forever. Not even one of them have been true.

  3. Jin goo said the ending wld be satisfying. Maybe this ending is real n to him it is satisfying cos he and his gal get a happy ending and MY is left behind w JS’s baby. We shall see.

  4. i can’t believe refresh ending be so predictable like this and prefer keep my faith in writer who can bring back a cardiac arrest patient with multiple gun shot wound in action.

  5. I don’t belive this end nobody knows the ending.I don’t belive because hye kyo says all episodes very romantic and Jin Goo says the ending is ‘refreshing’.

  6. Another thing, the previews go against this. Alpha Team get sent on a far away mission. And they all end up back in Urk (there are pictures of SJK in his camo uniform, and MJ as well). Come back and thank me when it ends with a SH and SJ wedding at the beach. They are no killing SJ lol

  7. I’m fine if he dies. It’ll give it the plot some much needed narrative and conclusion. But does he really have to get shot, again?? And does MY have to try to save him again?? And the baby is a huge cliche. Not all women need a child. The return of the rock thing I’m sure will happen. There’s enough sentimentality for that. I do hope we get to see Daniel again. Love him!

  8. If I was KBS I would probably go after the person who spoiled the ending. How do they sell such a production when there are people are there spoiling it already? Those who watched it, maybe they edited the final product or whatnot should be under some type of oath but they go around spoiling it. Obviously if fans know this is the ending there is no possible way of surpassing the determined ratings for this drama.

    • because it’s most likely not true. the whole drama there have been no reliable spoilers. they have things on lock down.

  9. I don’t like this ending. It’s not refreshing in any way. Anyway it’s unlikely they will engage in premarital sex.

  10. If this was the ending, DOTS should have made the main leads suffer so much that we all just want them to die and not suffer anymore. Not give us those lovely moments and then kill them. Also, Shi Jin says he was traditional!xD I see the ending more like he getting “classified” as dead, followed with a fake ceremony where Mo Yeon places the little white rock on his coffin. Mo Yeon wants to relive their best moments together, therefore returns back to Urk. She goes back to the white rock island and meets Shi Jin there!

  11. OT: This happens to me all the time with headers on this website. I see one and the scene looks so good I want to watch it but I don’t know what show its from. I saw one today. It’s a guy and a girl on a rooftop in school uniforms. He guy has his back mostly turned and the girl has very long hair and is trying to hand him some type of drink. If anyone has seen this header and knows what drama it is from I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

    As for dots, loving the drama and hope it has a hea. 😉

      • Like many fans, I’ve been so emotionally attached to this immortal Big Boss that anything tragic would make my heart torn. LOL..fantasy shattered into pieces…

        Seriously, it’s not romantic at all to leave the heroine with a baby to take of on her own. A single mother, not even a legitimate widow???? C’mon, how’s that sound romantic? LOL…What would be the point for the cast to tell us it’s very romantic in EVERY episode if the ending sucked? I can imagine viewers would flood in all the DOTS forums with many axes to grind after ep 16 if the spoiler were true.

      • @draam2016

        Seriously! Plus, what happens to her career? She’s a busy doctor. She doesn’t have time for diaper duty alone even if it’s SJ’s baby. That would be such a terrible ending. It’s not nice or good for a woman to be left alone to raise a child she didn’t plan on having. Plus him dying just basically confirms all her fears the whole time, and basically ruins the whole fantasy of a hot solider loving you lol

  12. If this is going to be the ending, then I want to slap Jin Goo for hinting “the ending will be satisfying.” I’ve been always rooting for the main OTP, not the 2nd leads. If his implication of “satisfying” meant to be for the 2nd leads only, then I wonder if writer KES had a twisted mind this time to troll all the viewers for watching 98% rom com between the OPT until the last minutes by dropping a bomb. Well, sad as it might be, it would be more confusing and infuriating with this spoiler ending.

  13. LOL this sounds about right though. For those who are holding out for a happy ending, this is a MELOdrama! Melo’s don’t end happy, they play on our emotions and tell us that in life, happily ever after isn’t the norm. More often than not we are carried through the roller coaster of emotions and can only take it in our stride. Also, items that would support this. 1) The president got his own scene early on illustrating what a capable and righteous man he is, if the nation had to choose between ShiJin and the Prez’s life, it would choose the Prez b/c he is a capable man in a position to bring about peace, security and prosperity for far more people. A for the greater good if you will. 2) The satisfactory ending mentioned over and over fits with this, Shijin lives on in his son’s image idea. But honestly, how is it satisfactory when a woman is forever reminded of the love of her life through the child is a little beyond me. I see the other side that the spirit of the man lives on and all, but the tragedy is insane emotionally.

      • Not only in korea, in general melo refers to something sensational, not necessarily tragic bound. Most of this writer’s works are in melo genre due to her scriptwriting style. But she’s never had one tragic ending breaking her OTP apart.

      • Yes, people take melo to mean = tragic ending. It’s not like that at all. Even SJ said he wanted a “melo” with MY lol.

    • It’s a TW drama called In a Good Way! It’s a fantastic drama that’s a good slice of life/coming of age without going into the usual dramatic tropes. The acting varies, but its all charming. Koala recapped it here: http://koalasplayground.com/2013/12/03/in-a-good-way-episode-1-recap/

      And the scene in the head is of the male lead and the second female lead where she’s confessing her feelings to him (ep 9). Surprise, she doesn’t act like a crazy betch and spends an episode getting over her feelings, then coming back an even more awesome friend. anyways hope you get to check it out!

  14. Chinese netizens already declared:

    “We China will war against S. Korea if Big Boss dies at the end.”

    LMAO…OK, I’m trying to amuse myself amidst this ominous sentiment of the ending spoiler.

  15. not refreshing at all… maybe Korea and China have different endings? I prefer a happier ending. I remember a scene with YSJ and KMY both wearing white shirts sitting on the boat in the island… hope I will see this scene again in Episode 16 ending

  16. People who gave away story plot spoilers are attention seekers? why do they need to publish such narrative reports on a pre-prod drama? They juat wanna be internet sensations?????DUHHHHH? people should get hold of themselves and let the story unfold.on its own. Thats the selling point of dramas? unless of course if its a novel based on true accounts nevertheless DOTS still make my heart flutter?

  17. I think this is untrue. The netizen just saw the preview with that hint at an upcoming bedscene so she created this crazy spoiler. Why didnt she come up with this earlier?
    Besides, that scene with MY asking: Did we have a happy ending? I think that must be a rethorical question and hinting to a break up at the last episode only to reconcile again at that beach. And that will be the answer to this question. This is my take. I mean seriously this writer wont repeat SJ getting hurt again, and these stupid netizens need to stop with spoiling everything for people. I used to like spoiling the ending of books/movies for my sister. Until one day a friend of mine spoiled the ending of Harry Potter 5: “You know Sirius Black dies”. I learned my lesson.
    But because of this spoiler I dropped the drama at episode 6. I want to pick it up but only if it has a happy ending.

  18. Err. Sounds like the usual Hong Kong tvb drama kinda ending. Which is.. Meh. maybe the writer borrowed some inspirations from there lol

  19. Manager Jin have been asked by the female host of Ent weekly.. She asked him to sum next week’s eps (ep 15 & 16) in ONE LINE.. He seemed hesitate to answer, repeated ‘one line?’ and female host encouraged him to speak.. He answered in one line “it’s totally lovey dovey”

    Even though i hate manager jin, but i believe him. Actor jingoo too. All the spoilers are non sense.. Pfft

  20. Maybe the Spoiler saw a red herring. Maybe there are several red herrings trolling for leaks. The production team has to know that a pre-produced show will be vulnerable to spoilers… though it could also be a great marketing ploy to boost the ratings for the last episodes. We saw pics of AM88’s Hyeri in a wedding dress that didn’t air, and there’ve been other situations where multiple endings were filmed. I say Shi-Jin lives. Well.
    Cuz that’s how it’s gotta be.

  21. according to the antagonist, i forgot his name, the one who ate the diamonds… he said the ending would be ‘lovey dovey’ soooo… i trust him and jingu oppa hahaha…

  22. It’s funny though that people who love DotS would probably only love the spoilers when it would say Mo Yeon and Shi Jin are getting married. Which would be as equally boring as Shi Jin dying in the end. But spoilers for a possible sad ending for their OTP (!!!) can’t true.

    For me refreshing would be if in the end they don’t stay together as a couple. But DotS is so vanilla it will definitely get a vanilla ending (aka a happy ending or a melodramatic ending).

    • Why wouldn’t they stay together though? They continuously work out their problems, and find middle ground and work together… unlike the other couple which break up every week. Them not staying together is stupid.

    • You prefer an IRIS 2 ending?!!! It sucks after the writers trolled us 90% of the time with rom com and cheesy quips. LOL..It is not refreshing. That is lame.

  23. I will not believe a single word with unsure thing like that
    Some netizen doing crazy thing to get attention from others what do you want popular like DOTS actor&actres?oh come on shame on you.
    Just wait till wed&thurs come if it’s true the ending cap yoo will die I will not forgive the writer I will not watch anymore korean drama by writer KES.
    Capt yoo dr kang they fought earthquake m3 virus together in urk how come when happines will come the writer kill him is not fair isn’t it?

  24. Wow…. This is called a sad ending not a lovey dovey. Hope it’s not true… Still believe that all will get a happy ending. Not just dae yong n myong ju. Too many spoilers like this will make the rating goes down. Don’t believe at all that the ending will be like that. Each episodes of Dots are always interesting, funny and refreshing…. Unpredictable stories. So how can the ending is easly predicted by netizens.

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