Kang Min Hyuk Perfectly Cast as a High School Budding Musician in SBS Drama Entertainer

Even after Answer Me 1988 I don’t find Hyeri a truly talented actress (yet), but one thing she’s delivering in spades is chemistry with her male leads. She had loads of sizzle with both Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bo Gum, so it’s not a surprise to see her already looking compatible with both Ji Sung and Kang Min Hyuk in upcoming SBS drama Entertainer. I’m led to believe that any love line is between her and Ji Sung, which is what it is, but another reason for my interest in the drama is for my baby boy Kang Min Hyuk so I hope if he’s nursing a crush on Hyeri it doesn’t dominate his story line over the musical development aspect. Having Kang Min Hyuk play a high school student and a budding musician is straight out of perfect casting central since he’s a talented drummer in real life and so cute he can easily still pass for a high school kid. There’s a bit of Dream High quality to these stills which taps into fond memories for me.


Kang Min Hyuk Perfectly Cast as a High School Budding Musician in SBS Drama Entertainer — 9 Comments

  1. Think mostly everyone has extremely fond memories of Dream High so anything that reminds them of it is a good thing. Let’s see how this goes. I wish Ji Sung got an older, more compatible female lead and that these two were canon. But oh wells.

  2. This definitely looks more promising than epic fail of My Lovely Girl. First off, krystal is musically talentless and sucks at instrument while playing a gifted and aspired composer/songwriter. Secondly, she had such bland chemistry with Rain that the whole loveline just looked really off. CNBLUE are recognized by Kpop industry and also international music critics such as Billboard as very talented and charismatic rock band. This band turned me into a Kpop fan. I’m very much looking forward to Min Hyuk’s drama project as a musician himself.

  3. Have always been a big fan of Minhyuk in both CNBlue (my bias!) and his acting roles so far. He has this really natural feeling to him on screen most other idols can’t pull off (Hyungshik does that well too). Hope his character isn’t too much based on his crush on Hyeri focus is given to his musician dream too.

  4. the good news is they found the right cast for band musician.Kang minhyuk can sing and play instruments. In terms of acting, he did well in his last drama so at least is a plus point. out of 4 main cast, i’m more worry about hyeri as i find her a bit bland, maybe she improved in this drama

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