K-ent Notices Top Child Actresses Kim Sae Ron, Kim So Hyun, and Kim Yoo Jung are All Grown Up


There’s a saying that kids grow like weeds, not as a negative connotation but a simile for how they sprout so quickly. It’s been a pleasure watching yet another round of this occur before our eyes as three very talented Korean actress child actresses have been vetted as nearly all grown up. The three Kims, so to speak, have dominated the child actress acting category for K-dramas and movies for nearly the last decade. There have been some competition here and there but for the most part they are the go to choices for child roles. This year marks all three as over 16 years of age in Korean years, with the youngest Kim Sae Ron born in 2000 while the year older Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun both ’99ers. K-ent is wondering which new child actresses will take their place, and how these three lovely talented ladies will blossom once they fully transition into adult roles.

It’s crazy how fast kids grow because the top picture is from two years ago and the bottom from this year, and in two years these ladies got all the curves in all the right places and piled on the sophisticated aura. I’d love to see kids grow at their own pace, but then entertainment industry kids are preternaturally mature and wiser beyond their years, so it’s not always a bad thing they are so composed. Of the three, I think Kim Sae Ron has the edge with her Chungmuro cred thanks to starting out in movies, but the other two owned K-dramas and that’s nothing to blink about. I love all three equally and can’t wait to see what the next phase of their acting career produces.


K-ent Notices Top Child Actresses Kim Sae Ron, Kim So Hyun, and Kim Yoo Jung are All Grown Up — 20 Comments

  1. I watch them growing up, too. The three of them are beautiful in their own right and I just hope they won’t undergo plastic surgery! I am not against ps but they don’t need it, they are already naturally beautiful 🙂

  2. Kim sae Ron can be a model with her height instead of only an actress. She’s so tall. Love three of them. very talented young actors. Wanna see Yeo Jin Goo having grown up romance story in a drama with Kim Yoo Jung when the correct time comes. Same goes to Kim Se Hyun and Sung Jae.

    • Yes yes!! And it would be even more magical if they had clips of these two when they were younger. You don’t need child actors/actresses for that. 😛

  3. I could totally see them dominating the k-drama scene in the next 5 years. I hope this means there are more quality dramas with strong heroine characters then there is currently to offer

  4. imo in terms of looks, image, and vibes:
    Kim So hyun- son ye jin, han ga in, song hye kyo
    Kim yoo jung- jun hi hyun, han hyo joo
    Kim Saeron- bae doona

  5. I’d love to see three of them in one production.. Imagine How great will it be!!! But off course I would like each of them playing different strong heroin character in it, they will have their own arch and love story, no one will outshine the other! Maybe a drama or movie around friendship and coming of age.

  6. I nominate Lee Ree (Please Comeback, Mister) as the next generation of child actress.

    Nam Da Reum (Memory, Tvn) for child actor.

    Both are great in SFD.

  7. I’ve always loved KIM YOO JUNG but I think Kim Sae Ron is quite talented as well. I haven’t warmed up too much with Kim So Hyun though. Nonetheless, all are very talented in their own right!

  8. the two kims from the moon embracing the sun are amazing, I don’t know much about the other kim so I am not judging her.

  9. kim sae ron is not that pretty although her acting is poor she still get as many fans Kim hyo jung and Kim so Hyunda are the best in acting and beauty

  10. I love Kim So Hyun. Fell for her in “Who Are You: School 2015 and Ma Boy” And the rest of her dramas are damn so great. Waiting for her next drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask”.

  11. Kim So Hyun is the most beautiful and most versatile in my opinion. She can do just about any genres, and can pull off both innocent/angelic and bad girl roles well. On top of that, she has a great personality! No wonder she’s the most in demand young actress of her generation, and many male celebrities have expressed their admiration for her beauty & acting, naming her their ideal type.
    Wishing you all the best Sohyunnie!

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