The Charismatic Four Leads of Uncontrollably Fond Attend Drama Wrap Party and Share Selfies

Acting chemistry aside, Suzy does look good with any leading man by her side. Here she is sharing the latest selfie from the set of upcoming KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond, and whether it’s with leading man Kim Woo Bin or second leading man Im Joo Hwan there’s no worry about any visual mismatch. The drama wrapped filming a week ago and heads into post-production along with submission for Chinese broadcast permission. It’s also the perfect time to take a breather for the hard working cast and crew which reunited this week for the ritual drama wrap party. Spotting heading into the party site are the three leads along with the first time I’ve seen second female lead Im Joo Eun around this drama. I’m growing more than fond of this melo romance from one of my fave screenwriters in Lee Kyung Hee, summer is too far away to wait for its arrival.


The Charismatic Four Leads of Uncontrollably Fond Attend Drama Wrap Party and Share Selfies — 15 Comments

  1. I’m guessing if this drama becomes successful, Kim Woo Bin will join SJK, KSH and LMH forming the F4 of the Hallyu wave

    • It annoys me too but apparently its only that colout when you have flash on. Almost all Korean artist in both side of the gender has been caught sporting the same look.

      Hope one day they’ll do something about it, i thought it was a fashion trend the Korea likes until I was told otherwise

      Both Suzy and the 2nd male lead looks much younger in the 2nd photo. Wonder what filter they used.

  2. Im Joo Eun, sigh. She’s so pretty and she’s capable of various roles, I really hope she can be the female lead next time. I thought she was really good in Hon. Suzy is glowing as like always.

  3. @nara,you forget Lee jonk suk is already part of them,he is popular though and he will be having a new drama with a strong female lead(hanhyojoo)and with a good writer and fabulous production crew

    • Is he really though? I hang around on China sites and they barely talk about him. LMH, KSH and SJK all have major hits, LJS hasn’t had a major hit in China.

      I actually feel like neither LJS or KWB is going to make it big this year in China. Probably in another year or two when the SJK has died down they’ll look for a new hearthrob to drool over.

      • It seemes u don’t know LJS was the chosen as the most anticipating actor in 2015 by reporters after his hit drama Pinoccio and Of course the most buzzed korean actor in china in the last content power index ranking in china in 2015 (KSH & LMH were after him,u can search this one and will find it the most legit ranking about stars’buzz in china), no need to mention he is the highest-paid korean actor in china, his baidu, the number of hashtags related to him & in many other criteria he is after or higher than LMH & KSH, even the growing number of his followers in weibo & instagram were more than them in the past year! There’s a lot to say but I don’t think there would be any benefit in saying them….

  4. Lee jonk suk is the man of 2015 in China,and the current weibo hashtag ranking,he top lmh and his baidu fandom is more than kim soo hyun,so is only kim won bin that is unlikely not to make it in china

  5. And Pinocchio is his major hit that gives him the spotlight in China
    2013-lmh(the heirs)
    2014-ksh(my love from another star)
    2015-ljs(Pinocchio syndrome)
    2016-sjk(descendants of the sun)
    Waiting for who will hit it big in 2017

  6. for gods sake, can all this LMH, KSH, SJK, LJS and ect. fans just piss off from not related to them threads. can you all go and compare how long their d*** in other place.
    on the other hand, i’m so excited.

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