Park Hae Jin the Only Korean Star to be Selected for China’s Release of Stamps Featuring 100 Most Influential Cultural Personages

Park Hae Jin just landed a new first in China for a Korean entertainer, and it’s all the more impressive considering just how popular over there some of his fellow Korean stars are. China’s Ministry of Communications and China Post is releasing a new series commemorating the 100 most influential modern cultural figures in China, and the first and only Korean star to be included is Park Hae Jin. The release will include limited edition stamps, pre-paid telephone calling cards, and postcards to mail.

It’s quite a feat for Park Hae Jin to be selected over Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho so consider me impressed. If this was Japan then I’d expect either Bae Yong Joon or Jang Geun Seok, but in China neither of those guys are anywhere as popular as the aforementioned three, and among those two it was Park Hae Jin that made the cut, most likely due to him having done six C-dramas under his belt with the most well known being Men Friends (Nan Ren Bang). Congrats to Park Hae Jin!


Park Hae Jin the Only Korean Star to be Selected for China’s Release of Stamps Featuring 100 Most Influential Cultural Personages — 16 Comments

  1. Not surprise. He’s something as an K actor in the C ent now. While I searched news about DotS and SJK in China, his name was often popped up in the news and polls etc. Idk how he’s doing in his own country. It surprised me a bit his co-star (the 2nd male lead in Cheese in the Trap) seems getting more buzz and love from female fans in S. Korea. I got this impression based on some TV news, interviews, and street polling in S. Korea. Could this again media play? Just wondering not assuming anything, I’m not a fan of either one and never made it to finish watching CitT.

  2. They have good taste in chinese drama world giving this talented actor so much love ,work compared to talentless flower boys.

  3. Read somewhere that he was picked because he not only acted in KDramas that were popular in China, he also acted in popular CDramas, involved in CVariety programs and even charity work in China. Most other Korean entertainers who became popular in China (due to KDramas) did only a few CDramas and some CFs in China. In this regard, they see him as really integrating himself into the Chinese market, like the whole package thingy.

  4. He was chosen not only for his entertainment work (drama, variety, CFs) but mostly because of his charity and volunteer work. He donates a lot of money and time to various orphanages and other organizations for the needy (especially children) in China (and Korea too, he’s recieved many awards and recognition for his charity work). He even had movies theaters who’s profits goes towards different orphanages in the country. He is recognized as a Korean actor who is more than just a drama actor who vines to shot a drama or CF or promote something then bounced like his more populr counterparts. PHJ is seen as someone who truly cares about the country and its people and values China and its people just as much as Korea (his second home if you will). That is why he was chosen over the others.

    • Thanks for the extra info., Lin! I was aware of his big participation in the Chinese market/ entertainment world and read about his charitable works in Korea (haha, I read that he volunteers with his anti-fans? What? Such an odd concept…) and China, but it’s nice to read about it again with extra details. Those are just more reasons why I’m such a fan of this man. He’s a charismatic actor, handsome, tall (sooooooo tall!), cute, and he seems like a genuinely kind person. Gah, I’m smitten.

      Btw, my first post on here! Thanks for having me at the playground, Koala! 😉

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