Hyun Bin Makes Coffee at Brand Event When He Should Be Making a Drama for Koala


I feel greedy this week thanks to the news that Gong Yoo was making a drama land return in a Kim Eun Sook drama. Hyun Bin has already done a Kim Eun Sook drama in Secret Garden which propelled him to new heights of popularity, all he has to do is pick a future project that returns him to the same levels of buzzy glory. Binnie! Dimples! My cutie pie, please don’t make coffee, please make a drama for me to savor instead! Binnie went scruffy a few weeks ago for a CF look but is back to thoroughly clean shaven at an appearance last week in a coffee shop for a brand he represents, donning a barista’s apron and pulling coffee himself for the assembled media.

Binnie does a passable pour over but simply looks so sexy and gorgeous I doubt his customers would even care what the drink tasted like, they’d be drinking him up instead. He really needs to work with a reputable drama screenwriter for his next drama, may I suggest Lee Kyung Hee and whatever melo she has cooked up after Uncontrollably Fond. And maybe even a famous leading lady switch up with Gong Yoo – Binnie can pair up with Yoon Eun Hye while Gong Yoo and Ha Ji Won sell me some Kim Eun Sook romance. A koala can dream, can’t I?


Hyun Bin Makes Coffee at Brand Event When He Should Be Making a Drama for Koala — 17 Comments

  1. I want a twosome with him at that Twosome Place. And maybe we can then head on over to Gong Yoo’s Coffee Prince later for a threesome.

    Hyun Bin is looking good here.

  2. How he manages to look sexy in an apron and white button down is beyond me. ? I am so ready to stare at him for 16-20 episodes in something GOOD. His last drama which shall remain nameless (wish I could scrub it from my brain….) really tested my fangirl love. But with the right leading lady and a good writer, I would be all in.

    • So what? Is HB still big in Korea since most of his projects (drama & movies) after comeback from enlistment always flop? Don’t worry, I prefer YEH to be paired with another actor

      • To be very very honest, even with those 2 flops he is still doing much better than YEH who is in hiatus because of her scandal.
        He is filming a big-scale movie and has quite a few CFs
        I can bet you anything that korean fans wouldn’t be happy if YEH will be his next leading lady.
        And their opinions are more important than your or mine.

  3. He looks so hot! It’s good that he gain some weight. Not too skinny like when he did secret garden back then.
    Omoo, koala you have such an awesome idea. I would love to see ha ji won as gong yoo leading lady.

  4. He looks healthy and superbly handsome here!
    Although he was great in SG, I thought he was too gaunt and skinny with those razor jawlines…

  5. Oh my gosh, most good looking barista EVER!!! I’ll drink anything he serves me for sure!!!
    Yes, pls pls pls come back to dramaland with a good drama!!!

  6. What is going on here? Why do you keep trying to steal my boyfriends? I thought we agreed you get the baby jailbaits? He’s soooooo hot with apron without apron with clothes prob without clothes. Always hot.

  7. Love his drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. He’s an insanely hilarious and charismatic stalker in Secret Garden. And I can’t help laughing out loud every time Big Bang’s Secret Garden parody comes to play in my head. hahahahahahaha..

    I’m glad I didn’t even try to watch Hyde,Jekyll,Me thanks to all the bad feedback from viewers. So he still left in my the image of charming heroes from the earlier dramas. Hopefully his next drama comeback will pair him up with a capable actress and have an interesting screenplay.

  8. Koala uou never fail to amaze me thats whats been going on in my head for these past few days? Eun Hye can also be paired with SJK I bet that would be one hilarious romcom then? hope the writers will read and hear our pleas and ideas to have a concoction of talent and looks at the same time. A real seller I guess?

  9. HB is popular but never shoot a stardom as LMH,KSY and now SJK. He is manly enough to look 40. He better choose his project well since there are so many rising actors that will shoot at stardom anytime soon. Right drama and leading lady.

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