Song Joong Ki Reunites with A Werewolf Boy Costar Park Bo Young to Support Director Jo’s New Movie

Now this is what sweetly sincere and useful synergy. Top young actor stars Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young reunited last week after doing their hit movie A Werewolf Boy together four years ago in 2012 with Director Jo Sung Hee. This reunion was specifically for Director Jo, namely to support and cheer on his upcoming new movie Phantom Detective (Korean title┬áDetective Hong Gil-Dong: Disappeared Village). Phantom Detective is a period noir movie using the name of the famous Robin Hood-ques Joseon folk hero Hong Gil Dong, this time as a dark and twisty detective embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy. Starring Lee Je Hoon and Go Ara, I wouldn’t even know about this movie but for the cuteness of seeing Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young back together and adorably bantering like old times. Check out their cute support video below and then watch the movie trailer for Phantom Detective which actually looks sleek and exciting.

Song Joong Ki-Park Bo Young Cheer On Director Jo:

Phantom Detective trailer:


Song Joong Ki Reunites with A Werewolf Boy Costar Park Bo Young to Support Director Jo’s New Movie — 13 Comments

  1. This is really good gesture from both promoting a movie they are not starring in lmao. talk about being sweethearts. They surely did that director really good

  2. Super love this pair in AWB. Park Bo Young is so adorable and a great acting talent. I hope to see her more on small screen. Thanks Koala for covering a lot of SJK update nowadays. In the past, I can read blogs about other K actors only without feeling much relevance.

  3. Ever since I noticed their chemistry in Running Man years ago, and in A werewolf boy, I always want this couple to date for real. If not, I want to see them again in a movie or drama. A rom-com drama sounds nice too!

    • They are sweet and comfortable each other very well until now..I guess they really treat each other as siblings like song Joong Ki and park Bo young said in an interview.but still I want them to make another project together..thenmaybe that siblings thing will become ??epar Bo young is not a young anymore,she is 26 now..

  4. so cutee. i wish i understood what they were saying ­čÖü like what did sjk tease bo young on? just watch AWB last month, and while it has its faults, the end just killed me.

  5. Aww it’s so nice of them. They are both great n humble people. I hope that in 2017 they could do a drama together. I really enjoy Bo young in Oh my Ghost. I’m sure their reunited chemistry would even outshine werewolf boy.

  6. SJK’s acting is amazing in this movie. As if the role was tailor-made for him. Couldn’t believe that he didn’t get any awards for that role.

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